ACRL Oregon Award for Excellence Winners


Congratulations to our 2010 ACRL Oregon Award for Excellence Winner:

John Helmer, Executive Director, Orbis-Cascade Alliance

About the project (from the nomination essay):
"John Helmer provides outstanding leadership for an organization embarking upon and embracing significant change. His organizational skills, ability to communicate effectively, eagle-eyed attention to budgetary matters and rapport with staff helped the Orbis Cascade Alliance advance a very ambitious strategic agenda. The Orbis Cascade Alliance has reached a natural stage in the development of the organization which involves significant changes to its relationship with the University of Oregon. Recognizing that continuing to exist as an unicorporated affiliation was not in the best interest of either party, John worked tirelessly with legal counsel, Executive Committee and Council to pursue the appropriate legal status for the Alliance. His ability to provide pertinent, clear, concise legal, financial and procedural information was invaluable as Council deliberated this significant and momentous change. Incorporation of the Alliance provides the organization and Oregon libraries with additional opportunities as the Alliance moves forward with initiatives in its strategic agenda, providing latitude for future decision-making. The opportunity to work together even more closely with the ability to hold assets is a watershed moment in the development of cooperative library initiatives. The work of the Alliance, and all its member libraries, continues to positively affect the scholars, students and communities served by academic libraries in the State of Oregon. I am priveleged to have worked closely with John over the last three years, and can categorically say that his work, and this project, are in great measure responsible for the success of the organization."