ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
February 11, 1999
Portland State University

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Web Site: New Look

Board members viewed and commented on the new look of the ACRL-OR web site. The following additions were recommended:

  • Link to the OLA Jobline

  • Include instructions for posting to lists

  • Include updated OLA Conference info

  • Update info for Nancy Henderson

What's New

Board members introduced themselves and gave updates of their libraries' activities.

Anna Beauchamp - SOU
Library Director Sue Burkholder will be returning from sabbatical in March. Harold Otness, Outreach & Extended Library Services Coordinator, will be retiring soon.

Arlene Weible - Willamette U.
WU just celebrated inauguration of the new University President, M. Lee Pelton. Other recent additions to WU include the new music center and new art museum. With recent administrative changes the library's place in the administrative structure of the university is uncertain.

Anne Christie - OSU
Currently working on TFAD article delivery through Orbis. The last of the book moves in the new library is complete. Three new librarians have joined the faculty: Paula McMillen and Joe Toth in Reference, and Valery King in Gov Info & Maps.

Janet Webster - OSU
Currently have simultaneous searches running for 2 new AULs: One for technical/access/collection development and the other for public services/innovative technology. Hope to bring candidates to campus end of Feb./beginning of March. Shirley Scott has recently taken over as the head of the Collection Development team.

Kit Dusky - PSU
Bob Lockerby, Asst. Dir. of Public Services will be retiring. Jeff Holland, Serials cataloger, is leaving at the end of March. Gwen Newborg, Gov Docs, will be retiring at the end of June. Business Librarian position search is underway to fill Christof Galli's post. Several librarians are expected to retire in the next few years.

Darcy Dauble - Blue Mt. CC
Passed bond last fall for campus expansion & upgrade to include library. Eastern Oregon Collaborative Colleges Center (EOCCC) is expected to offer Asynchronous Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree (AAOT) soon. Online classes for EOCCC are expected to begin spring quarter. The online format was created by Real Education.

Linda Cochran - Chemeketa CC
The new library building is being finished and the books will be moved over spring break. It's glorious! The Automated System Coordinator position is open. There have been a number of faculty retirements outside the library.

Anne Fox - WOU
The new library building is expected to be finished by spring 2000. It has drawn focus to the library from the campus community. It has given the university experience in raising more money than ever before. Newer professors seem more interested in the library. Carolyn Hall from Interlibrary Loan will be retiring at the end of the year.

Nancy Henderson - Pacific U.Also attended.

Orbis Update

Direct Orbis borrowing from OSU will be in place by April 1999. The records will be transferred to the Orbis catalog during March.


The issue of the OCLC/WLN merger was raised. PSU is migrating to OCLC and technical services is undergoing training. It's not certain when they will change over.

What are the political implications of having offices for OCLC Pacific, OCLC WA/OR, and OCLC Canada? Oregon libraries will lose political clout if they seperate from OCLC Pacific. How will prices be affected? Who is making these decisions in each library? Should ACRL-Oregon host a discussion of these issues at OLA Conference? What would be the best venue for such a meeting?


Minutes will now be included on the web site.

Budget Report

OLA Academic Division account currently has $9628.65. Menucha was the most recent expenditure. There will be some OLA expenses (about $2200) including the Wed. night party and speakers' travel. The preconference is expected to generate some income.

ALA Midwinter Meeting

Chapters Council Report
ALA Midwinter ACRL Chapter council meeting mostly involved representatives from ACRL national including Jill Holman, Editor of Chapter Topics. Selected Chapter members shared program and web site ideas.

Candidate Lunch
A good chance to get to know ALA presidential candidates Betsy Wilson and Pat Ward.

UC Berkeley & Accreditation

UCB library school is not going to apply for re-accreditation. What does this mean for library hiring and future education? Will other schools follow their lead? What do we think of library school accreditation? Has it kept up with the times? ALA is holding a Congress on Professional Education at the end of April which will focus on "the initial preparation of librarians".

OLA Board Meeting Report

At OLA meeting, Bonnie Allen reported on OLA Conference.

Nan Heim & Jodie Fisher gave a discouraging legislative report. OLA Board voted to go ahead with legislative requests anyway. Legislative Day had a low turnout. They felt the Internet issue was huge with conservative politicians, but issues of local control and money for education appealed to them.

ACRL-OR Board felt we needed more education on the bills OLA is currently supporting. Janet W. will go to the next legislative meeting and provide an update.

Nominations Committee

Nominations for Members-at-Large, VP- & President-Elect were discussed. Kit, Anna, and Nancy will contact potential candidates.

OLA Conference Reports

Meeting held after this board meeting. Anne F. will report back.

Everything is in place. Supplemental info will be mailed out to correct OLA flier. Won't go over budget for speaker travel. LCD projector will probably be borrowed from UO or OSU. Husband and wife team will present on metadata.

Conference Reports
Arlene will report on "Metadata & Web Resources", Anne C. and Anne F. will work together on reporting the preconference, Heather will find someone to report on "All Hands on Deck", Anne C. will find someone to write about the "New Learners, New Libraries" program.

Janet will check with Loretta R. and Anna B. about amounts of refreshments and supplies for the party. The location is in the hotel directly across from the convention center. It will be announced at the preconferences and Kit will invite the Emporia group via their listserv. Should we include other listservs?

Initiative Fund Proposal to National ACRL

1 of 2 options each year for ACRL funds. Several ideas were discussed including:

  • A preconference for OLA 2000 in Portland

  • Linking a program to Online NW or scheduling for close time

  • Sponsor an existing program

  • An applied issue

  • Advocacy

  • Consortial issues e.g. OCLC - bring in facilitator

Anne will investigate a discussion of consortial issues coinciding with Online NW 2000. She will complete the application and proposal - due March 15, 1999.

Reported by Heather Ward