ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
February 12, 2010
Oregon Health and Science University


OHSU Library – Factoid - Built in 1991 as one of the “first paperless libraries”

Present: Rachel Bridgewater, Steve Silver, Camila Gabaldon, Robin Paynter, Margaret Mellinger, Jane Scott, Garrett Trott, Kate Rubik, Emily Ford, Miriam Rigby, Laura Zeigen, and Diane Sotak

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m.
Minutes of the December Meeting were approved as written. 

Diane Sotak updated everyone on the Blog. She passed out a list of 37 institutions that have not responded with a designated liaison. Rachel and Diane had made individual contact with all institutions initially explaining the idea of the liaison program and the desire to have a designated person at each academic institution.  The blog and website for ACRL Oregon were means of increasing communication statewide with the membership as indicated by prior survey results. Diane also included a page of statistics showing how many looks the blog receives weekly noting that there are spikes in the activity when new posts are made.  Diane will send another invitation to view the blog and to be a liaison via Libs-OR. 

Rachel updated the board on the meeting at Chapters Council during ALA Mid-Winter.  She indicated that she had also written a post to the ACRL blog. The biggest issue of discussion was funding to the chapters.  Currently funding is computed by the number of ACRL members in the state and then $1.00 per person is held for each chapter or divided between the chapters if there are multiple chapters in a state. The change that the council sent forward to the larger body (to be voted upon at ALA Annual) was to raise the amount of money held for each chapter from $1.00 to $3.00 dollars. For chapters to receive these designated funds they must claim the funds by submitting reimbursable claim forms for warranted expenses (not operating expenses). Rachel indicated that the other change that could occur would be to change the distribution process.  Discussion centered on establishing a cut-off date by which chapters could submit claims for designated funds.  Then unclaimed  monies could be used to fund grants to chapters in the suggested amount of $500.00 during perhaps the last two months of the year. Currently one third of all “set-aside” monies are not claimed by the individual chapters.   

The Nominating Committee is composed of Garrett and Miriam.  The positions open are VP Elect and 2 Members at Large. Robin will send out a call for nominations.  In addition, please give names to Garrett or Miriam of people that you think should be considered.  Garrett and Miriam will contact these people and see if they would like to run for the position. A minimum of two people are needed to run for each position. 

Award for Excellence: A call should go out for nominations for the Award for Excellence soon.

The committee consists of the President, Past President and one other board member.  In addition, Rachel will post an announcement about nominations for the OLA awards.

Research Interest Group (RIG): will hold its first workshop at the west campus of OHSU on February 19th.  Dr. Renee Heath, PhD. Communication Studies, from University of Portland, will be the speaker and will focus on qualitative research.  Laura reported that she had to turn people away.  Signup was limited to 40 and she had more people desiring to attend than space. Space for the workshop was donated by OHSU and ACRL provided publicity and the use of member clicks for registration. RIG’s first meeting was held in December. It was well attended and some partnerships for research were formed.  Greg Doyle from the Alliance was in attendance and spoke briefly.

IL Summit: The registration form is ready to go and will be publicized soon. The Summit will be held at Linn Benton Community College Library on Saturday, April 3rd.  Presentations are still being solicited. Co-sponsorship for this program is from ACRL and OLA Instruction Round Table.

OLA Executive Board: ACRL is a division of OLA and thus a voting member of the OLA board. Therefore the president or a designate attends each OLA board meeting.  The last board meeting was in January.  Agenda items of particular interest to ACRL were the following:
  • Member Clicks will be releasing a new interface and training will be provided
  • OLA has withdrawn from PNLA, information about that decision
  • OLA has created a new Oregon Readers Book Award to replace the PNLA Young Readers Choice Award.  This new award will have 3 grade level categories (4-6), (7-9), and (10-12). The award will operate in the same manner that YRCA does with children voting for the identified books in corresponding categories.  The first book awards will be presented in 2011.
  • The State Librarian reported that on Jan. 27th Gale and academic librarians will meet to discuss the dissatisfaction of the academic libraries with the Gale product.
  • The State Librarian proposed that the William Stafford Celebration in 2014 (100th) year have a concurrent All Oregon Reads book.
  • Both OLA and ACRL were invited to write letters of support for ACRL to meet in Portland in 2015.
  • The Vision 2020 Task Force continues to gather feedback to formulate a vision statement.

April Meeting at the State Library on April 2, 2010.
May Meeting at Corban College on May 21, 2010.
August Meeting is at OSU on August 6, 2010.

Legislative Representative: Emily Ford said that she will continue to add information to the blog about current academic library concerns that are being addressed legislatively.  Emily indicated that current hot topics include the broadband program in rural libraries in Oregon
and  the OST (Office of Science and Technology) expansion of public access policies.  
SPARC entered a statement during the comment period.   There was also discussion of including a legislative link on the ACRL website like there is on the OLA site with the addition of national representatives and senators.


Rachel passed out the new balanced budget and indicated that she would add it to the wiki.  Changes were as follows: Menucha registration slightly increased, scholarship money for e-learning was reduced and changed to group e-learning opportunities, and board travel significantly reduced. The balanced budget was approved.

Continuing Education Webinars:
Discussion about the CE webinars continued with the need for identifying sites.  Follow the link to see content possibilities.

The cost is about $295.00 for the webinar if sites and telecommunication equipment could be donated by the site.  Further inquiry and discussion will be forthcoming.  The idea of collecting canned food for the Oregon Food Bank at these webinars was also discussed as a potentially ongoing philanthropic project.

The majority of the meeting was spent planning the Menucha Conference.  Those ideas and committees will be posted to the wiki.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:00p.m.
Respectively Submitted
Jane Scott