ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
May 16, 2009
Western States Chiropractic College

Present: Bill Kelm (by phone) Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, Robin Paynter, Anne-Marie Deitering, Garrett Trott, Janet Tapper, Stephanie Michel (presiding), Theresa Yancey, Elizabeth Petersen (by phone)

Absent: Dan Kelley, Robert Hulshof-Schmidt, Eliz Breakstone



Reviewed minutes from 2/29/08 meeting. Bill Kelm noted typo on agenda item 10. Scholarships for E-learning proposal, part e; minutes should read “All applications are “dead” if…”

Janet Tapper moved to accept the minutes. ? seconded.  Motion carried.


Budget Report

Current balance as of 3/31/08 is $16,515.40.


Next Board Meeting

The next meeting has been rescheduled to Monday, July 21st at Corban College.


OLA News

The OLA board met briefly at OLA/WLA and discussed the OLA membership dues increase and set a price for additional copies of OLA Quarterly.  The next OLA Board meeting will be June 6th at University of Portland


ALA Legislative Day update

Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon reported favorably on her experience at the annual event in Washington DC. Janeanne’s delegation met with the staffs of Representatives Hooley and Blumenauer and Senators Wyden and Smith. Janeanne focused on Orphan Works, the Skills Act and e-government issues.

Janeanne recommended that the board’s VP/President elect attend ALA Legislative Day instead of the past president.  This would have a greater impact on board leadership, awareness of library issues, and promote institutional memory of the event.  Board members agreed.  Stephanie will update the manual to include this change.

This prompted more general discussion of the board’s involvement in legislative issues at the local, state and federal levels.  In the past, Kate Gronemeyer was appointed as the board’s legislative issues representative, but this position needs a clearer mission. Janeanne recommended the formation of a subcommittee to define the parameters and expectations of the board’s legislative appointee.  Garrett and Janeanne both volunteered to be on the committee.  


OLA/WLA Annual Conference Debrief

ACRL-OR did not host its own reception this year, but did participate in the all attendees reception on Wednesday evening.  This did not provide good contact with ACRL-OR members and it was not a successful recruitment or promotional opportunity.  A separate ACRL-OR reception is a greater benefit for division members. 

Regarding the schedule, several academic hosted programs were scheduled at the same time which created conflicts for interested attendees.


ACRL-OR Elections discussion

Garrett reported that it was very difficult to get nominations for the Vice President/President Elect position.  Many qualified candidates feel they are already too busy to serve on the board. 

The board discussed ways to promote participation on the board. Robin recommended greater promotion among new academic librarians. Garrett suggested financial incentives such as covering the president’s travel expenses to OLA board meetings.

A list of past board members with name, position and dates of service added to the Wiki could be used as a source of nominations for VP/President elect.  We can also plant seeds of interest at Pack Forest and Menucha conferences.

Janet Tapper moved to approve the proposal to cover travel and lodging expenses to OLA board meetings for the board president.  Garrett seconded.  Janeanne called for more discussion before the vote.

Bill Kelm noted that when attending OLA board meetings the ACRL-OR board should not cover travel and lodging expenses if the president is already being reimbursed by the president’s library.

The board agreed to reimburse for mileage (from home) based on the federal mileage rate.  Additionally, if the meeting is over 150 miles from home, ACRL-Oregon will also reimburse for the cost of a hotel room (if necessary), based on the state’s per diem rates.

Stephanie called for a vote and it passed unanimously. 

Action Item: Stephanie will add to the wiki a list of past board members with name, position and dates of service and write up the reimbursement plan.


Ideas to help ACRL-OR Board be “green”

Some suggestions where

  • Using conference calls more often. ACRL-OR could cover the expense of conference calls if hosting library is being billed
  • Use projection equipment instead of photocopying
  • Choose one location for all meetings.  Central location could be chosen based on board member’s locations.
  • Use the Wiki for agendas and minutes
  • Reduce paper distributed at Menucha
  • Give reusable coffee mugs at Menucha
  • Arrange carpools to Menucha


Award for Academic Librarians

Although the Librarian of the Year can be an academic librarian, there is no award specifically for academic librarians presented at OLA.  The board discussed creating an award for academic librarians and where it should be presented.  Presenting the award at OLA would increase awareness of ACRL-OR. Presenting at Menucha/Pack Forest has the benefit of greater peer recognition.  It was generally agreed that OLA is the best place to present the award.

Suggested name for the award is “ACRL-OR Award for Excellence.”  The award will include one stipend to cover registration for award day at OLA and a plaque.  The award can be presented to an individual, program, team or initiative.  Membership in ACRL-OR is not required.  Members of the board are not eligible to be nominated for or win the award.

Stephanie distributed the OLE Award Procedure and OYAN OYEA! Award Procedures.  ACRL-OR’s award procedure will be modeled on the OYEA! award procedure.

Action Item: Robin Paynter and Bill Kelm will work on adapting the OYEA! award procedures for the ACRL-OR award. 

Action Item: Stephanie will work on making changes to the bylaws, timeline, and other necessary arrangements with the OLA board.

The goal is to announce the award at Menucha 2008.


Menucha Planning

Terry Reese of OSU has not yet replied to our request that he be a keynote speaker at Menucha.  Anne-Marie will contact him and ask if he intends to accept the invitation.  If not, other suggested speakers were Shirley Lincicum (WOU cataloger and reference) to speak about what’s beyond the next gen catalog, John Helmer (Executive Director of Orbis Cascade Alliance) and Jeremy Frumkin (Head Emerging Technologies and Services at OSU).  This speaker will join Kristin Antelman (NCSU Libraries) and Tim Daniels (Georgia Pines) during the Thursday afternoon session.

Action Item: Anne-Marie will contact Terry Reese regarding Menucha and report back.

Committee Volunteers

  • Robin will send out “save the date” message in early June
  • Registration Committee – Bill Kelm and Anne-Marie Deitering
  • Sponsors Committee – Janet Tapper. Contact Greg Doyle for possible sponsor contacts.  Sponsor forms are on the Wiki
  • Scholarship Committee – Elizabeth Petersen and a new board member to volunteer at July meeting. Last year’s forms are on the Wiki
  • Name tags, folders, handouts, invitations, lodging, meals:  Registration committee with assistance from Theresa Yancey
  • Party Committee: Wait until July meeting to allow new board members to volunteer. Robin will also assist with the party.

Oregon and Washington academic librarians interested in discussing information literacy issues would like an opportunity to meet at Menucha.  Possible times are before the conference, after the conference or just before/during the social event.  Creating “Table Topics,” including IL, during Thursday’s dinner was also suggested.  The common room in Creevy is another possible meeting location.


ACRL-OR Archives

Stephanie has received several files of ACRL-OR information dating back as far as the late 1980s.  She’s weeded the materials and found several things that are worth keeping.  These should be kept in the OLA archive. Janeanne has three notebooks of materials that might also find a home in the archive.

Janet requested the formation of a committee to look at broader issues of archiving and maintaining institutional memory.  Janet volunteered to form and serve on a subcommittee for this purpose.

Action Item: Janeanne will courier her three notebooks of ACRL-OR materials to Stephanie.

Action Item: Stephanie will bring up this issue at the next OLA Board meeting to discuss options and procedures for divisions who wish to add items to the OLA archive at the State Library.


Scholarships for E-learning Update (Dan and Janeanne)

No applications have been received yet.  The deadline to apply is June 10th

Action Item: Robin will keep an eye on the webpage for applications.


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Planning for programs to sponsor for OLA 2009

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