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OLA COVID-19 Pandemic Resource List

The OLA Facebook page admins have been posting a nightly COVID-19 pandemic resource list. We appreciate how well the lists have been received, and this has provided the confidence to post one here. Last night's post had categories that include news & health, mental health resources, masks & mask making, spring into action, libraries, literary quotes, John Prine, and self-care. Older posts can be read for mask making instructions from household materials. Library workers can evaluate the resources for themselves, take what they need, and leave the rest. We say this because we are not experts, we are just trying to contribute and stay busy. (We are generalists, and don't want to argue with anyone.) Below the signature is last night's list, hopefully it renders legibly. We don't know how long these lists will continue, but for now it's all we can do.

A sign off one evening from KGW news was 'Stay vigilant. Stay safe. Stay home.' Makes sense.


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COVID-19: Information for Oregon Libraries
Resources about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for those working in Oregon libraries
Provided the the State Library of Oregon


Attention Oregon Library Community

OLA has a Zoom sharing procedure so that members of OLA and/or library-related organizations from the Oregon library community can use OLA's Zoom instances for activities that support the work of Oregon libraries. 

If you have scheduled, or need to schedule, library-related meetings with participants numbering above the amount allowed by the free Zoom version, or are longer than 40 minutes in duration, there is a form available for Zoom scheduling requests on the OLA website.  OLA's instances can accommodate up to 100 participants.  Click here to schedule a virtual meeting.

Shirley Roberts is able to assist with any questions.  [email protected]


Conference has been Cancelled
2020 OLA Conference

Riverhouse - Bend Oregon
Cancellation Notice from Elaine Hirsch, OLA President



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OLA provides advocacy, education, leadership and collaboration to continually strengthen Oregon's libraries and the communities we serve.  


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