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OASL sponsors a mailing list to promote professional growth, discuss library media issues and strengthen communication among members. Participation in the OASL mailing list is a benefit of membership in the Oregon Association of School Libraries.

All OASL members are automatically subscribed to the listserv.

Only subscribed OASL members may send and receive messages via the mailing list.
If you are not a member of OASL and would like to join, go to our Membership page.


*Please follow OASL Listserv Netiquette when posting. Netiquette rules are listed below.
*Subject Lines should be brief but descriptive. If your post is aimed at a specific age group, such as ELEM, MIDDLE or HIGH, please indicate that at the beginning of your subject line. For example, ELEM : Booktalks
*To send messages to the OASL mailing list, use this e-mail address:


**You must send it from the e-mail address you have listed in MemberClicks. MemberClicks will not recognize you and your message will not go through if you send from a different email address**


Archives of listserv postings since June 2009 are found in your MemberClicks profile. Login to MemberClicks :
* Select Open your profile
*hover over the "My Features" tab
*click on E-Lists
* Click on the NAME of the listserv (OASL-ALL)


Login to MemberClicks and follow these directions :
* Select Open your profile
*hover over the "My Features" tab
*click on E-Lists
* Click Unsubscribe
* Click Unsubscribe again in the next box to confirm you wish to unsubscribe

----You should receive an unsubscribe message in your email----

NOTE : TO RE-SUBSCRIBE, go to My E-Lists and click Subscribe.
If you just don't want listserv posts delivered to your email, you may choose to stay subscribed and can read posts by visiting your profile in MemberClicks. Just open your My E-Lists tab and click the Edit button (by the little pencil). Then un-check E-Mail Delivery in your E-List preferences!
TO SEE ARCHIVED POSTS, just click on the name of the listserv in your Subscribed E-Lists.

If you have questions about the listserv, contact Kate Weber at listserv@oasl.olaweb.org
For questions about membership data, contact Susan Stone at membership@oasl.olaweb.org


Please observe the following requirements when posting and replying to the OASL mailing list:

1. Use informative subject headers.  Be specific, be precise, avoid vague headers. If your post is aimed at a specific age group, such as ELEM, MIDDLE or HIGH, please indicate that at the beginning of your subject line. For example, ELEM : Booktalks.

2. Keep messages brief, to the point, and meaningful.

3. Avoid using ALL CAPS.  This is the email equivalent of SHOUTING.

4. Sign messages with your full name, school or business name, location, and email address.

5. "Reply to" will automatically go to the original sender, so there is no need to restate the original post. If you feel your reply is relevant to the entire listserv, you will need to also address your reply to the listserv posting address at oasl-all@(at)ola.memberclicks.net .

6. When appropriate, send a summary of your replies in an email to the listserv to share the wisdom garnered from the group. Listserv members will not be able to see the replies sent just to you unless you send them out.

7.  Include all information within the email message if possible. Please avoid sending large attachments for these reasons:
     a. Receiving attachments via slower connections can be slow and inconvenient.
     b. Viruses can be sent in attached files.
     c. Some receiving email systems reject posts with attachments.

8. Vendor members are welcomed on the OASL listserv and are free to contact individual members off-list when issues of interest are raised (i.e., "Our school is looking for a product...") Vendor members should feel free to engage in discussions, but must refrain from promoting their own products or making negative comments about a competitor's products via the listserv. A vendor's signature line should only include first and last name so that sending any information out will not be construed as a defacto advertisement for the vendor's company. Other types of promotion, such as "free trial" information or a "see our Webpage" in a signature file are also prohibited. Commercial messages are not allowed and violators will be dropped from the listserv immediately.

9. Any Members who are uncertain if their post would be appropriate for this listserv should contact the listserv manager or, if unavailable, another OASL Board member.

Questions or concerns about the OASL mailing list to be addressed to
Kate Weber, OASL listserv manager (see contact information below)

For more information or assistance, please contact:

Kate Weber
or - kate_weber(at)soesd.k12.or.us

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