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2021 OLA Conference
Date: April 21- 24, 2021
Conference Chair:  Lacey Legel
Applications are now being accepted for program sessions, please check out the following links
     Program Session Proposal form
     Tips on Submitting Session Proposals


Supporting Oregon Wildfire Relief

The Oregon Library Association would like to extend our thanks to everyone who has reached out to offer assistance to Oregon libraries impacted by the devastating wildfires in our state. Given the ongoing and widespread nature of this disaster, it will take time to assess the damage and needs as libraries and their staff recover from these events. We are currently investigating options for setting up relief funding. If you know of specific needs of impacted libraries, please share that information with us to help us plan for supporting our colleagues.   

We do know that library workers across the state have been forced to evacuate and in some cases have lost their homes. If you want to do something to help now, please support organizations that are providing assistance to evacuees across the state. Here are a few suggestions:

Red Cross - (Use “Western Fires” option to support efforts across the region)

Oregon Community Foundation has prepared a page Supporting Oregon Wildfire Relief for various geographical  regions. 

Even as they have been evacuating, library workers have been keeping their communities up to date with current information through their social media outlets. Oregon library workers are a resilient bunch and the Oregon Library Association will do everything we can to support our colleagues as we take on yet another 2020 challenge. 

Kate Lasky
OLA President
[email protected]

Arlene Weible
OLA Vice President
[email protected]



Attention Oregon Library Community

If you read the recent opinion piece in the New York Times, How Libraries Can Save the 2020 Election (published September 3, 2020), you might be wondering how Oregon libraries are meeting the call to serve as ballot drop off sites.

OLA has prepared a fact sheet, Oregon Libraries and Ballot Drop Off Sites  that describes the rules for establishing ballot drop off sites in Oregon. It is important to note that while many Oregon libraries serve as drop off sites, each county establishes the location of these sites within their jurisdiction. More details about the rules for establishing sites can be found in this sheet.

This fact sheet also provides information about how to find ballot drop sites in your area, what to do if you are asked to handle ballots, and some great examples of libraries working with their county officials to get more visibility for the drop off sites they host. 

If your library does not serve as a ballot drop off site and wants to host one, please contact your local county election officials as soon as possible to make a request. Decisions are being made right now for the November election.

If you have any other questions about voting and ballot return options in Oregon, please contact your county’s election officials or the Oregon State Elections Office.

Kate Lasky
OLA President



OLA COVID-19 Pandemic Resource List

The OLA Facebook page admins have been posting a nightly COVID-19 pandemic resource list. We appreciate how well the lists have been received, and this has provided the confidence to post one here. Last night's post had categories that include news & health, mental health resources, masks & mask making, spring into action, libraries, literary quotes, John Prine, and self-care. Older posts can be read for mask making instructions from household materials. Library workers can evaluate the resources for themselves, take what they need, and leave the rest. We say this because we are not experts, we are just trying to contribute and stay busy. (We are generalists, and don't want to argue with anyone.) Below the signature is last night's list, hopefully it renders legibly. We don't know how long these lists will continue, but for now it's all we can do.

A sign off one evening from KGW news was 'Stay vigilant. Stay safe. Stay home.' Makes sense.


OLA Communications


COVID-19: Information for Oregon Libraries
Resources about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for those working in Oregon libraries
Provided by the State Library of Oregon

During COVID-19, OLA is providing Oregon Libraries the ability to use their Zoom access to schedule staff, board, foundation, and other library related meetings.  The link here will provide you with a form to complete and submit to the OLA Association Manager for review and scheduling of your Zoom meeting.



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OLA provides advocacy, education, leadership and collaboration to continually strengthen Oregon's libraries and the communities we serve.  


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