Leadership Development Scholarship

The Oregon Library Association is delighted to announce the new Leadership Development Scholarship.

Beginning Fall 2016, three scholarships, each up to $1000, can be awarded annually.

All members of OLA, regardless of position or employment, are eligible to apply for the scholarship with the intended purpose to support leadership development of the membership and contribute to the growth of leadership potential within OLA and libraries statewide.

Scholarship winners agree to provide service to OLA as a component of receiving a scholarship. A recipient might assume a leadership roles within a task force, round table, committee, or division; assist with Annual, SSD or OASL conference planning, or take ownership of an OLA Project.

What types of leadership development will this scholarship potentially support?
This scholarship is intended for professional development, including online courses, face-to-face seminars or conferences, or any other format available in the areas of leadership development, conflict management, and communication. Examples of these opportunities are listed here, however scholarships are not limited to these programs. Preference will be given to applicants and training opportunities that demonstrate potential for leadership participation within OLA.

What are the deadlines for this scholarship, and when can I expect to hear something back from the Leadership Committee?
The OLA Leadership Development Scholarship takes applications throughout the OLA fiscal year and awards scholarships three times during the year:

  • October 31
  • February 28
  • June 30

The committee will review the applications within two weeks after the deadline. An applicant should expect to hear back from the scholarship committee by November 15, March 15, or July 15.


Further information including the application and evaluation matrix are available here: