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Q. What is the Oregon Library Association?

A.  OLA exists to promote and to advance library service through public and professional education and cooperation.  OLA's officers, divisions, committees, and roundtables help make OLA a vital, dynamic library organization with more than 1,200 members.  We have a record of successfully representing the interest of libraries and library staff and those they serve throughout Oregon.  Find out more at


Q. Who is on the executive board?

A.  Current members of the Board are listed at and the bylaws related to the Board are available here:


Q. What are your by-laws?

A.  Bylaws and the Procedure Manual are available at


Q. How do I contact OLA by phone?

A.  (541) 962-5824


Q. How do I contact OLA by mail?

A.  P.O. Box 3067, La Grande OR 97850



Q. How do I become a member?

A.  To join OLA, please fill out the membership form. Anyone interested in the association's activities or in Oregon libraries is welcome to join OLA.


Q. What benefits do members enjoy?

A.  OLA is your organization to help you develop your professional skills and develop your library.  Opportunities to network, attend continuing education programs and working on lobbying efforts for libraries are just a few of the benefits of being an OLA member.


Q. What does membership cost?

A.  Membership fees are based on a sliding scale.


Q. Are there student memberships?

A.  Yes! Becoming a Joint ALA/OLA Student Member costs $35.  If you just want to be an OLA member, you can join at the Students, Unemployed & Retired Librarians, Trustees and Friends rate of $20.00


Q. How do I join OLA divisions?

A.  You are able to join any and all of the divisions/units when you sign up for membership.  If you are already a member of OLA, you can add one or more affiliations.


Q. How do I get involved?

A.  Feel free to contact a unit's chair for more information about becoming more involved or visit our current list of projects to find specific opportunities to participate in OLA.



Q. How do I subscribe to the OLA Quarterly?

A.  You are subscribed when you join OLA!  OLAQ is a benefit to our members and a great way to keep current with Oregon library issues.  Archived copies are available


Q. How do I submit articles to the OLA Quarterly?

A.  The OLAQ offers members a great opportunity to gain experience with professional writing and editing


Q. How do I subscribe to the OLA Hotline?

A.  OLA Hotline is published on the 1st and 15th of each month, and distributed to OLA members.  You can join OLA today!


Q. How do I submit information to the OLA Hotline?

A.  If you have news to share with the Oregon library community, send it to us at [email protected].



Q. When is the next OLA conference?

A.  Information about the next OLA conference is available on the OLA Event webpage.


Q. What is the OLA/WLA conference?

A.  OLA/WLA is a joint conference with the Washington Library Association.  Upcoming conferences are listed on the OLA Event webpage.


 OLA Units

Q. What are OLA units?

A.  OLA Units are the divisions, committees, roundtables and task forces of the organization.


Q. What are OLA divisions?

A.  Divisions of the Association are created to stimulate interest of special groups.  General information about divisions can be found in Bylaw 2.014.  Each OLA division also has its own bylaws.

Q.  How do I join a committee, round table, or task force?

A.  You can join any OLA unit when you sign up for membership, renew your OLA membership or if you add an affiliation during your membership period.  To get involved with any of the OLA units, contact the chair of the unit to find out about meetings or sign up for one (or more!) of these current projects.

 My OLA MemberClicks Account

Q. I forgot my username and/or password - help!

A.  No problem! Click the link for Forgot Your Password? on the login screen, enter your email address and you'll get an email with both your username and password.  If you are still having difficulties logging into your account, contact OLA Association Manager at [email protected].


Q. What is MemberClicks, anyway?

A.  MemberClicks is the content management system (CMS) OLA uses for our website, forms, membership records and processing credit card transactions.  Find out more with this informative powerpoint.


Q. Who has permission to edit Web site, database and other content in MemberClicks?

A.  The OLA Executive board, OLA unit chairs, and their designees have access to edit the OLA website.  For questions and to request permission, please contact the OLA Association Manager, Shirley Roberts at [email protected]


Q. How do I create or edit a Web page?

A.  Instructions for creating and maintaining a web page can be found on the helpful hints page.


Q. How do I upload an image to Web page?

A.  Pages 8 & 9 of the document called "Creating and Maintaining Pages in Memberclicks" discusses how to upload files and images.