OLA Financials

Treasurer  -  Stuart Levy, Retired (email)

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Monthly Financial and Membership Reports
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OLA Units Contract Procedure

How to simplify your financial life with OLA and ERRFs 

Conference Planning 101   (pdf) 

Reimbursement Form (ERRF)

Reimbursement Form - Grants

Deposit Form

Budget Request Form

Reimbursements and Payment of Invoices
All requests for payment must be authorized by the appropriate conference or round table chair, division president, OLA Treasurer or OLA President. Please print out the necessary signatures.
Please note that requests without an appropriate signature (electronic signatures accepted) will be referred back to the committee,
round table, or division, which can result in significant delay in processing payment.

OLA members may send requests for expenditures directly to appropriate unit head and then the unit head can send onto the association manager either via email or USPS using the address below:

Shirley Roberts
Oregon Library Association
P.O. Box 3067
La Grande OR 97850

Email submission:  [email protected]

Authorized payments under $500 will be disbursed directly from Shirley Roberts.
Payments over $500 require a second signature and are forwarded to the OLA Treasurer after
Shirley has made out the check.

Income (payments to OLA)
Send checks directly to Shirley Roberts (see address, above), along with a completed deposit form (see links above).

It is the policy of OLA to reimburse mileage to board meetings only for that portion of round trips exceeding 100 miles.
When submitting reimbursement requests for mileage in attending board meetings, please indicate that you have subtracted 100 miles.

Thanks for your cooperation and assistance with these procedures.

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If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Shirley Roberts, or Stuart Levy.

Last updated September  2023