ACRL Oregon Board Meeting
August 17, 2012
Portland State University

Present: Anne-Marie Deitering, Uta Hussong, Isaac Gilman, Tom Larsen, Kate McGann, Brian McGuirk, Amy Hofer, Jane Scott, Michele DeSilva, Emily Miller-Francisco, Karen Munro, Jim Holmes, Michele Burke, Kate Rubick, Robin Paynter, Stephanie Debner

Absent: Robin Champieux, Judith Norton, Jennifer Nutefall

[All positions have been filled, except for the community college representative]

1.  Minutes from last meeting (June 1, 2012)

  • Robin P. moves approval; Kate McGann seconds.  Unanimous approval from all voting members (new members are not eligible to vote at this meeting). 

2.  OLA Retreat report

  • ACRL-OR activities have been mapped to OLA’s Vision 2020.
  • OLA is working on more proactive advocacy activities and on establishing a state-wide library presence.
  • OASL (new OLA division): ACRL-OR should explore connections/opportunities between school and academic libraries.

3.  ACRL-OR Award for Excellence

  • There were 4 nominations for 2 projects (each were nominated by multiple people).
  • Jane S. made a motion to award two awards in 2012; Karen M. seconds.  Unanimous approval.
  • New avenues for publicizing the awards should be considered.  Currently, the awards are publicizied via the OLA Hotline, as well as receiving recognition at OLA and ACRL WA-OR conferences.
    • Consider preparing press releases for general/public media outlets to let the state know about innovative/interesting activities libraries are engaged in
    • Also consider similar publicity strategy to promote what libraries are doing in general, library services, accomplishments, etc

4. Meeting schedule for 2012-2013

  • ACRL-OR usually meets every two months, usually on the third Friday
  • Host provides room with dial-in or GTM capacity; usually provides a beverage/snack 
  • Sept 21: OSU
  • Oct: Menucha
  • Dec  14: OSL
  • Feb 15: Reed
  • Apr: (at OLA, Vancouver)
  • Jun 14: PSU
  • Aug 9: Pacific

5. Update on advocacy page on website


  • Creation of the page was sparked by events in the state, particularly around community colleges
  • Need to determine ways to promote it as a resource
  • Theme for upcoming OLA Quarterly and Menucha centers around advocacy
  • Putting something on the blog or sending to the ACRL-OR membership list may be helpful
  • Share with OLA roundtable chairs to discuss with their groups, possibly contribute ideas
  • ACTION: Karen M. volunteers to write copy for blog posts, etc related to promoting the advocacy site

6. General advocacy discussion

  • OLA is looking at developing an advocacy task force, and creating partnerships with other organizations and external people/resources 
  • Need to consider the “public relations” aspect, particularly for academic libraries that don’t interface with the community/public as much as public libraries already do 
  • Perhaps there are opportunities to connect with community needs related to the current lack of school librarians
  • Need to communicate better with the community/state about what academic libraries do, the impact, the number of students we interact with, etc – general information sharing with the public about the role and impact of academic libraries
    • Good idea for Information Literacy Month (October)
    • Look at getting people onto a radio/TV program (OPB, AM Northwest, etc) to talk about what libraries are doing
  • ACTION (Maybe): Potentially assign a couple of people to look into these ideas
  • Look at creating some short-term task forces, etc to help make progress on small-scale projects without needing to work around/within the structure of full board meetings

7. Budget report

  • Currently in the last year of two-year budget cycle
  • Budget is in good shape
  • Menucha and OLA pre-conferences are revenue sources 

8. OLA programs

  • Program proposals due September 28
  • This year is joint OLA/WLA conference
  • Preference for joint conference tends go to joint OLA/WLA-sponsored programs
    • However, ACLR-OR proposals won’t be required to get co-sponsors for programs because there is no academic WLA unit
  • RIG is looking into doing a pre-conference proposal that would be similar to its successful “how to” research workshop that focused on qualitative research
    • ACTION: Need ideas for potential presenters
  • Possible speaker/presentations:
    • Speaker from ALA on how to bring meetings to decisions points
    • Speaker about literacy/children’s literacy (connecting to students in higher ed)

(Michele B. will share names of speakers)

9. Menucha conference

  • Scholarship deadline is September 14
  • Discussion around focus of scholarships: new librarians/new to the area or open up to anyone, to make it possible for people with need who aren’t new to apply
    • Agree to open it up to anyone
    • Money in the budget for two scholarships
    • Priority can be given to first-time attendees, students, or under or unemployed librarians
    • Applicants must live or work in Oregon, but don’t have to be members of OLA/ACRL-OR
    • Create application form so that it’s comfortable for people to indicate need (e.g. use checkboxes, etc instead of a narrative)
      • OLNW form had options (check all that apply) for: employed, employed temporarily, unemployed, student, etc
      • Had optional textbox for explanation
  • Committee is looking for ideas to market the scholarship (see ideas from meeting agenda)
    • Add SLA Oregon as a venue
    • UW I-school list-serv
    • Regional (in-state) library associations (eg  southern, eastern Oregon)
    • Any more ideas, send to Amy H.
  • Volunteers for conference
    • Opportunity for newer librarians/new to area to get involved
    • May be limited things to do at Menucha (social media, photographer, etc?)
    • Relates to a larger question of how to encourage involvement from people without them having to be on the board
  • Speakers
    • Barbara Fister (keynote) & Char Booth (opens Friday)
    • Working together to coordinate presentations
    • Rachel Bridgewater will be coordinating Skype presentation from creators of Fair Use in Academic Libraries document; discussion afterwards on how librarians can use document/ideas to advocate for fair use, etc (how we shape the discourse around an issue – this is the way things should be, and how can we advocate for that)
  • Theme/tagline/title for conference
    • Isaac learns not to suggest a song title as a conference theme if he hasn’t heard all the lyrics
    • Unanimous approval of theme: “Libraries out loud: New narratives of enduring values”
  • Conference Notebooks
    • Two main options: notepad or notebook
    • $130 range (for 100), recycled material, preferably tear off/out
    • ACTION: Isaac will work with Jane to design sticker/conference logo
    • Discussion of other conference swag was tabled
  • Set up table at back of large room for pick-up materials, rather than pre-assembling packets (?)
  • Lightning talks
    • Tom, Emily, Michele coordinating
    • Recruit some talks to get good ones
    • Regular-length lightning talks
    • Deadline for proposals: September 21
  • Wrap-up session ideas
    • Move Char to end and have poster sessions of success stories in morning
    • Have speaker (e.g. John Helmer) come talk about communicating to non-library audiences
    • Have a session with practical ideas/tips for creating promotional/publication relations/communication materials
    • Vote-in final panel/discussion
  • Schedule


  • 1-2:30 Intro/Barbara
  • Break & Awards
  • 3-5 Fair Use
  • 5-6 Posters (advocacy, promotion, expression of values)


  • 9-9:30 Lighting talks
  • 9:30-10:30 Char
  • Break
  • 10:45-11:30 Small groups
  • 11:30-12 Back to big group for discussion

10. Recognition for outgoing board members: thank you for your service!

11.  Meeting adjourns at 4:12 pm.

Minutes submitted by Isaac Gilman