ACRL Oregon Board Meeting
June 1, 2012
Oregon Health and Science University

PRESENT: Anne-Marie Deitering, Isaac Gilman, Amy Hofer, Jim Holmes Karen Munro, Michele de Silva, Robin Paynter, Kate Rubick, Jane Scott and Judith Norton

ABSENT: Stephanie Debner and Jennifer Nutefall Guest (phone): Janet Webster, OLA Legislative Committee

1. Agenda approved

2. Prior minutes approved

3. Regional Immersion Proposal: The board reviewed Michelle Burke’s proposal to create a NW Immersion Program in collaboration with ACRL-WA, the Orbis Cascade Alliance and other partners. Many questions and much discussion ensued.

  • Should ACRL-OR participate? Advantages are that a regional program would support local collaboration; tuition and/or travel time would be less; couldattract new members.
  • No definitive timeline.
  • LSTA grant; takes up to a year to commit funding, so proposal itself could take 2-3 years.
  • Should the ACRL-OR representative on the steering committee be a boardmember? Ex-officio member because of length of project and need forcontinuity.
  • How big would the conference be? 3-4 days.
  • ACRL membership at the national level required, as the national program facilitates access.
  • Some aspects to be addressed include funding, housing/dorms, organizational support.
  • Housing availability would affect schedule
  • Airport access should be considered in determining location
  • Look for institutional conference support
  • Should the program be open to all national members, or just regional?
  • What amount of funding are we committing to? At what level?
  • Should ACRL-OR send out a survey to assess interest? Could be included in a broader survey.
  • How many attendees would be required to make the Immersion viable?
  • Schedule in a non-Menucha year (but this would affect ACRL-WA).
  • Send follow up questions to Michelle.
  • Additional contacts for more information: Immersion Alumni List (Isaac); ALA lists; OLA Instructional Round Table.
4. Menucha
  • We will have two main plenaries
  • Identify a local speaker to talk on advocacy:
  1. “Strengthening the Community”
  2. how to connect with different groups
  3. educate stakeholders
  4. social media
  5. concrete list of successful campaigns (could be a panel, posters, case studies)
  • Final panel ideas:
  1. Invitational poster sessions: attendees vote on best; then winners present
  2. Higher Ed & legislative activists (Emily Ford is a possibility)
  3. Fact Book on Oregon Academic Libraries send to legislatures
  4. MCL representative to talk about levy
  5. OLA Legislative group
  6. Lesley Hallick – recommendations from the administrative POV
  7. Other mid-level admininstrator?
  8. Library Advisory Council members?
  9. Faculty Senate members?
  10. Donors?
  11. Sue Burkholder and SOU’s Hannon Library
  • Other ideas:
  1. ARL Code of Best Practices in Fair Use
  2. Lightning talks
  3. Open Education resources
  4. Marketing and Branding
  5. Perception of libraries from Dean’s POV (private and public institutions)
  6. Unprepared students
  7. Community Colleges
  8. Grants/Fundraising
  9. Self-developed apps
  10. Assessment/demonstrating value

  • ARL Code of Best Practices in Fair Use:
  1. Panel - different perspectives (Rachel Bridgewater)
  2. One really good speaker
  3. Debate?
  4. Should we make the Code required reading? Pull out key parts?
  5. Use scenarios for active learning (supply in advance)
  6. Guided discussions
  7. Was there any local involvement in developing the Code? Neil Netanel (L& C Law Review)?
  • Lightning Talks:
  1. Advocacy
  2. Tie in with poster session
  • Legislation (see Janet Webster below)Panel
  1. talk with Nancy Nathanson (former Alliance staff and current state legislator) and Suzanne Bonamici
5. Janet Webster (OLA Legislature Committee Chair)
  • Need to reach out to local policy makers:
  1. Get them into our school and academic libraries
  2. They do not understand the different libraries (public, school, academic)
  3. How can we entice them?
  4. “This is how we service our community.”
  • Janet is soliciting ideas:
  1. Include Government Relations offices?
  2. Work with PACs (ie, OUS lobbyist)?
  3. Meet and greet on campuses?
  4. Community Benefit Report for academic libraries?
  5. Issues Brief/Executive Summaries? (2 pp.)
  6. Governor will proclaim October is Information Literacy month
  7. Can we develop events around this?
  8. How important is an October event?
  9. Not a lot, especially with November elections
  10. Next legislative session starts mid-January 2013, so something before then