Fall 2007 Meeting Minutes

DIGOR Fall Meeting

Friday, September 17, 2007

Oregon State Library, Salem

Submitted by Pamela Roberts, DIGOR Secretary

Attending in person: Kate McGann (OSL) – chair; Roy Bennett (WOU); Carol Drost (Willamette U); Valery King (OSU); Jean Knutson (Portland State U); Erica Miller (Willamette U); Pam Roberts (Eugene Public Library); Tom Stave (UO); Alex Toth (Pacific University); Jey Wann (OSL); Arlene Weible (OSL); Laura Tucker (Lewis & Clark) and Vicky Beglau (Willamette Law Library) .

Attending by conference call: Don Frank (Portland State U); Rachel Hawes (Eastern Oregon U); Deb Hollens (Southern Oregon U); Sally Mielke (Easter Oregon U); Liz Paulus (Cedar Mill Community Library); Kelly Peterson (Oregon Institute of Technology).

Minutes of the April 07 meeting were approved as corrected. Ted will add the minutes to the DIGOR website.

Treasurer’s report (Kate) reported that our account balance as of July 31 is $984.76

ALA/GODORT/FDLP updates (Arlene)

Arlene highlighted two new resources from GPO, a redesigned FDLP Desktop: http://fdlpdev.gpo.gov/desktop/ and new chapters of the FDLP manual: http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/fdlp/handbook/index.html The best way to stay in touch with FDLP news is to subscribe to the FDLP-L email list. Subscription instructions can be found at: http://listserv.access.gpo.gov/scripts/wa.exe?SUBED1=gpo-fdlp-l&A=1

Tom suggested that we might want to share messages received from other government information email lists on the DIGOR email list. A list of these resources could also appear on the DIGOR web page. ALA GODORT maintains a list on their web site:


Arlene also reported that GODORT was involved with preparing testimony for a hearing to confirm Bob Tapella as the new Public Printer. The hearing was originally scheduled for Sept. 12th, but has been delayed indefinitely. In general, the library associations are supporting his nomination. Go to http://www.gpo.gov/news/2007/07news17.pdf for more information.

GODORT will be hosting a panel discussion at the Depository Library Conference in October with several journalists discussing how they use government information. The information is available at http://wikis.ala.org/godort/index.php/GODORT_Chair

This would be an interesting topic for an OLA conference program.

Arlene has been invited to participate in a panel discussion “Regionals at the Crossroads” at the FDLP conference to discuss Oregon’s new-shared regional model.

Centennial web site show and tell (Jey)

As part of the celebration of the centennial of the Oregon Documents Depository Program, OSL has made a web exhibit (http://library.state.or.us/Centennial/). The exhibit includes a history of the program, a collection of documents on eight key issues in Oregon politics in the last century, news and information about the Oregon Documents Repository, and "fun stuff"; a small collection of unusual or quirky older documents from OSL's collection. One significant document to be added later this year: a digital copy of a 1919 calendar by the State Accident Insurance Commission, which features World War I propaganda cartoons.

DIGOR Programs for 2008 OLA/WLA Conference (Arlene and Tom)

Arlene distributed descriptions of the DIGOR sponsored programs for the 2008 OLA/WLA Conference.. DIGOr cosponsor is the Northwest Government Information Network (NGIN) More details about times and location will be forthcoming. Here are the descriptions:

Description: An increasing number of government services are being offered exclusively via the Internet, and many agencies are encouraging citizens to go to their local library for assistance. New immigrants, who come to this country in all ages, races, and languages, are in particular need of assistance in identifying resources for obtaining citizenship, options for education and financial assistance, and information about community services. A representative from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will provide an overview of the services and resources offered by the agency. Public librarian(s) will join the discussion and offer creative alternatives and suggestions for libraries to use these and other resources when seeking to improve their outreach and services to immigrant populations.

Program length: 1 hour
Sponsors: DIGOR; Northwest Government Information Network (NGIN)

Ed Sale
Community Liaison Officer
Office of Citizenship
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Jane Salisbury
Supervisor, Library Outreach Programs
Multnomah County Library

Description: See how libraries are putting locally relevant web-based information into the hands of Oregon's and Washington's communities. Explore how libraries can work together to make the documents and statistics of cities and counties easier to find and use. This program will examine current cooperative projects at the UW and UO, and recommend other fruitful areas of collaboration.

Program Length - 90 minutes
Sponsors: DIGOR, NGIN

Janice M. Thomas
State and Local Documents Librarian
University of Washington Libraries

Ted Smith
Assistant Head, Document Center
University of Oregon Libraries

Pam Roberts
Adult Services Librarian
Eugene Public Library

Fred Ward
Manager of Library and Information Services
Municipal Research & Services Center of Washington

Tom Stave
Head, Document Center
University of Oregon Library

DIGOR /Web redesign /Content (Ted)

We discussed ways to improve the usefulness of our DIGOR member web page. The group agreed that having at least one short, newsworthy pieced added to our DIGOR news section each month would greatly enhance the value of our page for members, the library community, and the public who visit our web site. Kate agreed to develop a contributor’s schedule.

We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of moving the DIGOR server from the University of Oregon to the Oregon Library Association, looking for the one offering easiest updating.

DIGOR Continuing Education Programs (Tom)

We agreed to explore conducting a continuing library education program treating aspects of government information, aimed at non-specialists.

Tom described a pilot workshop he conducted at George Fox University’s Portland Center last fall, which was attended by eight librarians from OSU, Willamette, PSU, George Fox University, OHSU and the University of Portland.

We agreed to appoint a small group to develop a plan for a program with these features: a) a variety of DIGOr presenters, b) a variety of topics, both general and specific, c) including 2-3 offerings a year, d) being open to all librarians in Oregon. These members agree to serve: Arlene, Valerie, Ted and Tom. Tom will convene. Arlene suggested we also invite Dena Hutto, whose experience teaching government information is vast. Tom has since contacted John Helmer, who has agreed to offer the resources of Orbis Cascade staff to manage the publicity and registration for us.

Lunch break

Regional transition issues and FDLP Disposal Process (Arlene)

Arlene updated the group about the status of the Regional transition. Senator Wyden's office is now working with Senator Smith's office to complete a joint letter designating the Oregon State Library as the Regional Depository. The letter should be completed soon. After the designation is finalized, PSU will relinquish its Regional designation, and revert to selective status. Then, Arlene will work with PSU, UO, and OSU to establish final housing agreements for the Regional collection. The basic outline for holdings, based on SuDoc class, has already been worked out (see handout) but details about retrospective materials and maps still need to be finalized.

The shared Regional collection model will also require that the process that depositories use to discard materials is revised. Arlene described the current process:

  1. Libraries prepare lists of documents to discard
  2. The list is sent to PSU to check against the Regional collection
  3. After receiving permission from PSU, the list is posted to the DIGOR email list and the documents are offered to other depositories.
  4. After a designated time period, documents not taken by other libraries can be discarded or offered to other libraries

After some discussion, it was agreed that the new guidelines would follow the same basic procedures, except that the lists would be organized by SuDoc class and sent to the appropriate library holding that part of the Regional Collection.

Other issues that need to be addressed in the guidelines:

  • should microfiche be offered?
  • any other types of documents exempted from disposal process?
  • timeline for Regional libraries to respond to disposal requests
  • guide that lists who needs to receive each list should be on web and easily accessible
  • OSL should be backup if depository is unsure where to send request

It was also noted that the list of Regional holdings will also be useful to depositories when they need reference assistance or in making referrals. Arlene would like to hear from any depositories making plans for weeding projects, so that workload issues at the Regional Collection libraries can be assessed and planned. Arlene will draft guidelines for the disposal process and distribute to all the depository contacts for comment by November 2007.

Other news

footnote.com is digitizing many holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration.

Next meeting date and wrap-up

The next meeting is in April at the 2008 OLAWLA Joint Conference in Vancouver, Washington.