ACRL-Oregon Membership Meeting
October 28, 1999
Pack Forest, WA

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Membership Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Anne Fox ran the meeting in place of Anne Christie, who could not attend the conference. We discussed ACRL's presence at OLA 2000, April 5-7 at the Portland Airport Sheraton. ACRL will sponsor or co-sponsor three conference programs: a program on assessment of services; New Learners/New Libraries, co-sponsored with OEMA, and Librarians at Bootcamp (a discussion of ACRL’s Institute for Information Literacy Immersion program), co-sponsored with LIRT. We particularly need people to help plan the assessment program; if you are interested, please contact Anne Christie ([email protected]) or Bonnie Allen ([email protected]). In addition, DIGOR and ACRL will be jointly sponsoring a preconference. The preconference will be held somewhere offsite from the main conference. The format (hands-on, demo, etc.) and other details of the workshop are being worked out; Arlene Weible ([email protected]) is the contact person for this program.

For our social event this year, we would like to extend our invitation to library school students in Oregon besides those in the Emporia State program (who have already been invited). The invitation will appear in the OLA Conference program.

Next year’s fall conference is again in our hands and will again be at Menucha. However, we continue to explore other locations that are retreat-style and inexpensive, but not as rustic. A suggestion was made that we poll the membership at large concerning the location of the conference—how many like having the conference at Menucha and how many would come if it were held at a more upscale location? We can poll the membership during an election mailing. The theme or topic for next year’s conference is also still up for discussion.

ACRL National awarded us a grant of about $1000.00 to conduct a program concerning consortia in libraries today. However, the time of the fall conference did not meet ACRL’s guidelines for receiving the award: the program had to have happened and reported by September 1. Our executive board decided against scheduling the consortia program in an event separate from the fall conference and the OLA preconference. We will instead decline the grant and reapply for it in the spring.

Anne Fox reported on her attendance at ALA Midwinter and Annual conferences as chapter president. During Midwinter, various chapters of ACRL shared their web presence. At the Annual Conference, ACRL sponsored a discussion about the recruitment of high-quality people into the library profession. The panel included Larry Hardesty, National President of ACRL and presenter at this fall conference, as well as some library school representatives. Another discussion at the conference concerned the issues surrounding an ACRL chapter incorporating into a state library association. The Oregon chapter is also the Academic Division of OLA; however, this is not the structure for all chapters.

Bonnie Allen was our representative to OLA’s Continuing Education Stakeholders meeting October 21 in Salem. She reported to us that the consensus was general satisfaction with the variety of programs available; however, there is a need to extend opportunities beyond the Willamette valley. There is a summary of the Continuing Education Committee’s activities on the OLA web site.

Sarah Beasley spoke briefly about the activities of the political action committee People for Oregon Libraries


The meeting was adjourned.