ACRL-Oregon Membership Meeting
Pack Forest, WA
October 25, 2007

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

This meeting began with a short ACRL-OR board meeting.  

  • Stephanie Michel (ACRL-OR President) asked board to review minutes from August meeting and to approve them.  Minutes were approved.
  • 2007-2008 ACRL-OR meeting schedule approved.
  • Board meeting done and membership meeting began.

Stephanie went through activities of the past year:

  • Sponsored two attendees to this conference: handed out travel reimbursement checks to winners (Melissa Anderson and Krista Reichard)

OLA Annual Conference 2007:

  • Pre-conference
  • ACRL-OR Reception
  • Sponsored 6 other programs

Sent representatives to ACRL Chapters Council meetings at ALA Midwinter and Annual

Sent Robin Paynter to ALA’s National Library Legislative Day:

  • Robin commented that it was a nice program
  • People came in who knew how to talk with legislators
  • Did not have an opportunity to talk with either Wyden or Smith personally, they talked with their officers.  They have people in their offices who deal with certain areas
  • Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon asked if there were any opportunities to talk with them regarding issues that were relevant to academic libraries
  • Robin mentioned issues that were brought up, such as: censorship, copyright, how to improve information literacy in K-12 schools, etc

Selected programs to sponsor at OLA/WLA 2008 conference:

  • 2 pre-conferences
  • Other sessions that ACRL-OR sponsored

WLA/OLA 2008 - a lot of different groups that wanted to have a reception on the same day.  They combined them all into one session.  See how that goes, may do it differently in the future.

Upcoming Events:

  • E-Learning – ACRL-OR has extra money this year.  We wanted to use it to benefit members.  Decided to provide finances for e-learning for ACRL-OR members.
  • Menucha 2008 – what do you want in Menucha?  2 ideas have been presented: faculty perspective on Library, Next Generation Cataloging (sense of meeting, preferred Next-Generation Cataloging)
  • It allows ACRL-OR to touch on both the technical end of academic service and the public service end
  • May bring more people to conference who usually do not go
  • How can “tagging” which is beginning to show its face in the public scene, be used in the academic scenario.
  • What can be done with a catalog locally (through next-generation cataloging) that organizations like Summit cannot do?
  • It would be helpful to bring someone in who can discuss implications of worldcat, especially financial implications.  A catalog like this typically is not cheap.
  • What are the resources involved in changing a cataloging system, do we need to hire an in-house guru, is money needed, both?
  • What will the impact be of bib records showing up in Google?  Will the library get used more often, more books requested via ILL?
  • How will a next-generation catalog work with federated searching, will it?
  • It would be helpful to get an instructional perspective on cataloging 2.0.  Will instruction librarians teach it and use it.  Is it useful for the student/user or is it just easier/cheaper for the technical services team.
  • How would something like this effect distance students?  How would distance students use this?
  • Does this idea correspond to anything that ACRL-National is offering?
  • What would the implications of this be on collection development
  • What is the role of OCLC Worldcat in relation to Summit?  Is it intended to replace it?

Budget: ACRL-OR has healthy budget

  • Years that we have Menucha, we make money, and tend to lose money when we done, which is why we have a 2-year budget
  • There should be an expense for the OLA conference reception; it did not appear to be on the budget.
  • Should be $200
  • Stephanie will look into that, it could be an internal transaction

ACRL-OR decided not to sponsor someone for emerging leader 2008

E-learning scholarships are not on budget yet.  This issue is still under discussion by the board


  • Oregon reads 2009 adult book is “Stubborn Twig.”  Is there any way that ACRL-OR can participate
  • OLA is redesigning web-site.
  • They are making it a content management format so that departments can edit their own site
  • Sample is on the notes

Anything Else?

  • Two typos regarding date of ACRL-OR meetings
  • Jan 4th should be 2008 not 2007
  • OLA/WLA conference should be 2008, not 2009