Annual Awards 

OLA Annual Nominations

Yes, it’s time to nominate your colleagues for OLA Honors & Awards!

Who has done an outstanding job or taken on a project or been responsible for a success in our libraries this year? Tell us about those talented, dedicated individuals whose commitment to excellent library service has made a difference. The OLA Awards Committee want to know who those individuals (or groups) are and we want you to tell us!

Nominations may come from all types of libraries and from all kinds of librarians, staff and supporters.

Nominations are open for the following awards:

                 Oregon Librarian of the Year
                 Library Employee of the Year
                 OLA Distinguished Service Award
                 OLA Anti-Racism Recognition Award
                 Library Supporter of the Year



Nomination letters (with no more than six letters of support) are due Friday, March 20, 2021

These awards will be presented to recipients at the 2020 OLA Virtual Conference April 23, 2021.


Here’s the details on each award:

1.       Oregon Librarian of the Year may be awarded to any Oregon librarian who has been working in an Oregon Library for at least two years in a paid professional position.  The nominee must demonstrate excellence in library service in his or her community and to Oregon libraries.  The nominee must be a member of OLA.

2.       Oregon Library Employee of the Year may be awarded to any Oregon library staff member who has worked in an Oregon library for at least two years as a paid staff member and demonstrated excellence in library service in his or her community.

3.       Oregon Library Association Distinguished Service Award may be awarded to any Oregon librarian or library staff member, who has been in the profession for 15 or more years, has worked in Oregon libraries for at least ten years, and is currently a member of OLA, for exceptional service over a period of years.

4.       OLA EDI Anti-Racism Recognition Award Award may be awarded to any Oregon Library or library employee with an outstanding commitment to anti-racism. Nominee must show a proven track record of creating antiracist change in their library or library system in at least one of the areas: 1) contribute to the success of an initiative that empowers oppressed minorities and disadvantage individuals; 2) help destroying systematic/structural racism in their library or library systems; 3) inspire and encourage Anti-Racism culture at their libraries, presenting, implementing or revamping EDI processes, procedures, terms, conditions and code of conduct to better reflect anti-racism principles; 4) advocate, participate in outreach and community work dedicated to oppressed minorities and disadvantaged individuals; or 5) create a pipeline for BIPOC to become library staff.  Award created in February 2021.

5.       Oregon Library Supporter of the Year may be awarded to any volunteer, volunteer group, library Friend, board member, government official, or other individual who is not a paid library staff member and who has demonstrated excellence in supporting and promoting Oregon libraries.

If you need more info, read the awards guidelines and let me know if you have questions.  Take a look at


Your letter (e-mail) of nomination should include the following information, if pertinent, and be as informational as possible:

      * Name, contact information, current position for nominee

      * Award for which you are nominating the person or group  

      * Description of why your nominee should be selected for an OLA Award  

      * OLA activities: committee appointments, etc.

      * Past positions held and summary of major accomplishments  (for Distinguished Service Award)

      * Your name and how you can be reached if the committee has questions


Please send nominating letters and supporting letters by Friday, March 20, 2021, to:

                Elsa Loftis, Awards Committee Chair

                e-mail:   [email protected]

                We prefer e-mail, but you can also send via mail to me at:

Portland State University, Millar Library
Att: Elsa Loftis
951 SW Hall Street
Portland, OR 97201



E-mail or call Elsa at 503-725-5780 if you have any questions.    We will be looking forward to your nominations.

OLA Awards Committee: 

Elsa Loftis, Chair
Leah Griffith, Retired Chair
Esther Moberg, Seaside Public Library
Sonja Somerville, Salem Public Library
Karen Muller, Hillsboro Public Library 
Susan Stone, Portland Public Schools
Emily O'Neal, Deschutes Public Library