Chapter 11 - Children's Services Division Bylaws and Awards

11.01 NAME

11.01 The name of this Division shall be the Children's Services Division of the Oregon Library Association.


11.021 The purpose of the Children's Services Division shall be to promote and advance library service to children and youth through public and professional education and cooperation.


11.031 Membership shall be open to any interested members of the Oregon Library Association.

11.032 Dues shall be assessed for membership in the Children’s Services Division, the amount and conditions of which will be determined by a two-thirds vote of members present at a Membership Meeting of the Division.


11.041 Division general membership meetings shall be held twice a year or when called by the current CSD chair, a majority of the division executive board, or by petition of at least twenty division members.

11.042 In accordance with the by-laws of the Oregon Library Association, a quorum shall consist of a least ten percent of the current Division membership.

11.043 The incoming Executive Board will meet annually before the fall membership meeting to update organizational objectives, activities, and bylaws, and to consider other issues facing the organization.


11.051 The elected officers shall be Chair and Chair-Elect. The Chair shall appoint six additional officers: Secretary, Summer Reading Chair, Communications Chair, Mock Children’s Media Award Coordinator, Lampman Award Chair and Performer's Showcase Chair..

11.0511 All officers except the Summer Reading Chair and Performer’s Showcase Chair shall serve one-year terms or until their successors are appointed. The Summer Reading Chair and Performer’s Showcase Chair shall serve a two-year term. All officers shall begin their terms on September 1 except the Mock Children’s Media Award Coordinator, who shall begin on January 1.

11.052 Nominations and Elections of Officers

11.0521 The Nominating Committee shall consist of the current Chair, Chair-Elect, and the Immediate Past Chair. The Nominating Committee shall nominate at least two candidates each year for Chair-Elect.

11.0522 No person may be nominated for these positions unless he or she is an active member in good standing of the Oregon Library Association Children’s Services Division..

11.0523  Ballots shall be mailed or be made available by electronic means to each division member no later than six weeks after the Annual OLA Conference. These ballots shall be returned to the Nominations Committee within three weeks of the date they were made available. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected. In case of a tie vote, the successful candidate shall be determined by the nominating committee by lot.

1.053 Vacancies

11.0531 In the case of a vacancy in the office of Chair, the Chair-Elect shall fill out the remainder of the term and their own term.

11.0532 In the case of a vacancy in the office of  Chair-Elect, a special election shall be held to elect a new Chair-Elect.

11.0533 In the case of a vacancy in the offices of Chair and Chair-Elect, a Chair shall be appointed by the OLA Executive Board and the new Chair shall hold a special election to elect a new Chair-Elect.

11.0534 In case of a vacancy in the offices of Secretary, Communications Chair, Mock Children's Media Award Coordinator, Summer Reading Chair, Lampman Award Chair, or Performer's Showcase Chair, the Chair shall appoint a replacement to complete the term of office.

11.06 Duties of Officers 

11.061 Chair

11.0611  Assumes responsibility for the general direction and program planning of the Division. Is a voting member of the OLA Executive Board.

11.0612 Controls expenditure of budgeted funds; submits all bills and receipts to the OLA Treasurer.

11.0613  Coordinates Division workshops and conference plans with the Conference and Workshop Committees.

11.0614  Reports on the Division activities at meetings of the OLA Executive Board and represents the Division in Board activities; reports to the Division members at all Membership meetings.

11.0615  Oversees standing committees and establishes committees as needed, appoints their members, and keeps records of committee activities.

11.0616  Works with Chair-Elect in preparation for assuming responsibility as Chair.

11.0617  Appoints the Secretary,Communications Chair, Mock Children’s Media Award Coordinator, Lampman Award Chair, Summer Reading Chair, and Performer’s Showcase Chair.

11.0618  Informs members of Division activities; provides publicity to members, to the OLA Hotline, and other media as appropriate.

11.0619  Initiates discussion and appropriate actions on issues of concern to children’s library service at a regional and statewide level. Provides leadership in finding solutions to these concerns.

11.062 Chair-Elect

11.0621  Assumes the office of Chair after one year as Chair-Elect.

11.0622  Chairs CSD Executive Board meetings in the Chair’s absence.

11.0622  Assists the Chair; becomes familiar with the bylaws, policies, and procedures of the Association and Division.

11.0624  Serves as the Chair of the CSD Conference Planning Committee and as the CSD OLA Conference liaison.

11.0625  Serves on committees as appointed by the Chair.

11.063 Summer Reading Chair

11.0631  Serves as the Chair of the CSD Summer Reading Committee.

11.0632  Represents CSD at the annual summer reading program meeting with SLO Youth Services Representative.

11.0633  Distributes summer reading materials and information to Oregon libraries.

11.064 Secretary

11.0641  Attends membership meetings and Division Executive Board meetings and takes minutes.

11.0642  Maintains the Division’s records, including the membership list.

11.0643  Additional duties, if any, are to be determined by the Chair.

11.065 Communications Chair

11.0651  Maintains the Division’s websites and blogs.

11.0652  Manages the Division’s social media accounts.


11.066  Mock Children’s Media Award Coordinator

11.0661  Oversees planning and presenting the annual mock award workshop based around one of the American Library Association children’s media awards.



11.071 TThe Executive Board shall consist of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Immediate Past Chair, Summer Reading Chair, Secretary, Evelyn Sibley Lampman Committee Chair, Communications Chair, Performer’s Showcase Chair, and the Mock Children’s Media Award Coordinator. The Youth Services Consultant for the State Library of Oregon shall serve as ex-officio, non-voting members.


11.081 Standing committees of the Division shall be the Evelyn Sibley Lampman Committee and the Performer’s Showcase. Special committees may be appointed by the Chair or Executive Board as needed.


11.091 Amendments may be proposed by officers or members of the Division at Membership meetings.

11.092 Proposed changes shall be presented in writing for the purpose of discussion.

11.093 Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members at Membership meetings.

11.094 Bylaws revisions and amendments shall be submitted to the OLA Executive Board and the Parliamentarian for acceptance and for inclusion in the OLA Procedure Manual.


11.101 An award shall be given in memory of Evelyn Sibley Lampman (1907-1980), noted Oregon teacher, journalist, and author of children's books.

11.102 The award shall be given annually, if and when there is a deserving recipient. It shall consist of either a certificate or a plaque and shall be presented at the annual Oregon Library Association conference by the Chair or other member of the Children's Services Division at the traditional Lampman Award Ceremony.

11.103 Nominations for the award shall be accepted from the Division members, OLA members, members of the Lampman Award Committee, and Oregon residents.

11.104 The Evelyn Sibley Lampman Committee shall consist of the immediate Past CSD Chair and at least five additional Children's Services Division members, preferably with a geographic distribution around the State of Oregon. The Lampman Committee Chair shall have been a member of a previous Lampman Award Committee and may serve a consecutive term.

11.105 The Committee shall select the recipient. The name of the recipient shall be presented to the Division Executive Board prior to the annual business meeting, and to the OLA Executive Board prior to the General Session of the Annual Conference.

11.106 The award recipient shall be a person who has made a significant contribution in the areas of literature and/or library service for the benefit of the children of Oregon. Eligibility requirements are as follows:

11.1061 The person shall reside principally in Oregon.

11.1062 The award shall be given for personal accomplishments to recognize the individual's contribution and shall not be conferred upon an individual representing the accomplishments of many.

11.1063 Only living persons may be considered for the award.

11.107 The award committee shall keep written records of committee activities and justifications. The Division Chair and the Chair of the Honors, Awards, and Scholarships Committee shall keep a cumulative list of award recipients with the year in which the award was given. The list shall be published annually in the OLA Hotline following the annual meeting.

11.108 Announcements of the award recipient shall be publicized in the appropriate state, regional and national library news media and in local newspapers.


Last amended 2021