Chapter 15 - Support Staff Division Bylaws



15.01 NAME

15.011 The name of this Division shall be the Support Staff Division of the Oregon Library Association.


15.021 The purpose of the Support Staff Division shall be to provide a framework for information sharing, continuing education and moral support for all library support staff. Specifically, the aims are to provide a forum to encourage new ideas, discuss concerns and solve problems; promote awareness of library issues; inspire and promote professional growth through networking, conferences, workshops and mentoring; exchange ideas on processes, systems, and policies; provide a medium for the exploration of new ideas and technologies; foster cooperation among all Oregon libraries in all the various public and technical areas throughout the library; and to increase awareness in the library community of the evolving roles played by support staff.


15.031 Membership shall be open to any interested members of OLA.

15.032 A list of Division members will be revised monthly and provided to the Support Staff Division treasurer.


15.041 The elected officers shall be a Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

15.042 Nomination and Elections of Officers

15.0421 The Chair, and Secretary shall be elected annually. The Treasurer shall be elected every two years. Elections shall take place by ballots distributed to all Division Members. Officers appointed by the SSD board shall be Archivist, Digital Communications Specialist, two Members-at-Large, SSD Conference Chair and SSD conference committee.

15.0422 A list of members who may receive a ballot shall be the latest revised list of Division members.

15.0423 Only members of the Division are eligible for elected offices.

15.0424 Only members of the Division may nominate candidates.

15.043 Duties of the Chair

15.0431 Assumes responsibility for the general direction and program planning of the Division. Is a voting member of the OLA Executive Board.

15.0432 Controls expenditure of budgeted funds with the assistance of the Division's Executive Committee; has signature approval of all expended funds.

15.0433 Effects the annual ballot, together with The Nominating Committee, for the election of the officers.

15.0434 Coordinates Division workshops and conference plans with the SSD Continuing Education Committee, Conference Committee and the SSD Executive Committee.

15.0435 Reports on Division activities at meetings of the Executive Committee and represents the Division in OLA Board activities; reports to Division members.

15.0436 Establishes committees as needed, appoints their members, and keeps the reports submitted by committees of their membership.

15.0437 Works with the incoming Chair in preparation for assuming the responsibility of the Chair.

15.0438 Prepares midyear and annual reports to be sent to the OLA Executive Board. One copy is also sent to the Archivist to assist with the maintenance of the Division's historical records and one copy to the Digital Communications Specialist to be posted on the SSD Website.

15.0439 Assumes office of Past Chair after one year as Chair.

15.046 Duties of the Treasurer

15.0461 Has approval authority for all expenditures below $250.00. Obtains signature of Division Chair for all expenditures above $250.00 (two signatures are necessary for expenditures above $250.00). Submits bills and receipts to OLA Treasurer.

15.0462 Maintains records of all expenditures and profits for the Division.

15.047 Duties of the Secretary

15.0471 Records minutes of the Division's Executive Committee Meetings.

15.0472 Assures each Executive Committee member receives copies of the meeting minutes before the next meeting.

15.048 Duties of the Archivist

15.0481 Maintains all historical data, scrapbook and photo album of SSD conference and other events, including keeping conference programs and accompanying material.

15.049 Resignation of Officers

15.0491 Upon resignation of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall fill out the remainder of the term and his/her own term.

15.0492 Upon resignation of the Vice Chair, a ballot will be distributed to elect a Vice Chair within 90 days or at the next annual meeting whichever comes first.

15.0493 Upon resignation of both officers, the Division Executive Committee shall appoint a Chair and the new Chair shall have a ballot to elect a new Vice-Chair.

15.0494 Upon resignation of any other officer, the Chair will appoint a replacement.


15.051 Standing committees of the Division shall be: Nominating Committee; Conference Committee; Continuing Education Committee, Membership/Outreach Committee (all for one year terms); and the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall be made up of SSD elected officers, the Chair of each sub-committee, or their designee, Past-Chair, Digital Communications Specialist and two Members-at-Large. Special committees may be appointed by the chair as needed.


15.061 Amendments may be proposed by officers or members of the Division at the annual meeting held during the Division's annual conference.

15.062 Proposed changes shall be presented in writing for the purpose of discussion to membership through mail or the email discussion group three weeks prior to the Division's annual conference.

15.063 By-laws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the members present at the Division's annual conference or a simple majority of members voting, if approval is to be decided by a mail-in or e-mail ballot.

15.064 By-laws revisions and amendments shall be submitted to the OLA Executive Board and the OLA Parliamentarian for acceptance and for inclusion in the OLA Procedure Manual.


Last amended May 9, 2024