Chapter 44 - Partnership and Sponsorship Policies



44.011 Evaluate the potential sponsor for suitability of match between commercial product, OLA and targeted audience.

44.012 Determine if there are any OLA policies or state statutes that might affect with whom the association may or may not do business.

44.013 Specify needs during negotiations. Articulate OLA's expectations. Specify that any proposal does not require individual libraries to participate.

44.014 Determine which OLA entities (eg. Public Relations Committee, Children's Division, etc.) will be affected or involved, and survey them

44.015 Determine which OLA entities will be affected or involved and survey them.

44.016 Create a proposal which addresses what each party is prepared to offer. Put everything, including a timeline of activities, in writing to prevent misunderstandings and protect the association's interests.

44.017 Proposal must be presented to the OLA Executive Board for final approval.

44.018 Contract or letter of agreement outlining the expectations of each party will be signed by the appropriate OLA representative as designated by the Executive Board.

44.019 Each project shall be reviewed at its completion.

44.0110 The Public Relations Committee will publish a list of OLA approved sponsors annually.


44.021 Definition of an Outside Group

44.0211 Any group not officially established as part of the OLA Executive Board, an OLA Division, OLA Round Table, OLA Committee or OLA Task Force as represented in the most current version of the OLA Bylaws.

44.022 Purpose of Working with Outside Groups

44.0221 Alliances with Outside Groups will be considered by OLA, or representative OLA units, for the purpose of creating or doing work that supports the work of OLA or any of its Units as described below:

  • advocate for Oregon libraries and library personnel;
  • support programs of Oregon libraries or programs for Oregon library personnel;
  • facilitate statewide communication among Oregon libraries and library personnel;
  • sponsor educational programs to support and develop Oregon library personnel;
  • represent Oregon libraries and library personnel to entities outside the state.

44.023 Parameters of the Partnership

44.0231 Support given to outside groups can include software tools and the Association  Manager’s time for assisting with some of these software tools for setting up conferences, workshops, and managing advertising for an event on the OLA website.

44.0232 A charge will be attached to the use of OLA’s Merchant Account for credit card registration submissions and potentially the Association Manager’s time, if used.  Money to pay expenses will be generated by the event of the Outside group or will be covered by the allied OLA group should event revenue fall short.  Money in excess of expenses for an event may be managed by the OLA Association Manager for future events.

44.0233 Credit for support given by OLA or a unit of OLA should be given in any article, report, or presentation that may result from using the services, software, or support of OLA. Please send OLA or the appropriate OLA unit the work so it can be shared with the membership, as possible.

44.024 Reporting to OLA

44.0241 OLA or the unit of OLA creating the alliance must report to the OLA Board about the status of this relationship annually.


Last amended February 3, 2011