Reference Round Table (RRT)


May 31: Oregon Reference Summit


Scholarship Program

The RRT offers scholarships to members to supplement professional development opportunities - including webinars, online courses, and conferences - available in the area of reference services. Learn more.

Upcoming RUSA Webinars

Upcoming Free Training

  • Apr 25: Using as a Tool for Citizens in Need (FDLP Academy)
    This webinar is an informational overview on how the resources and benefits available on can help citizens in need and how community advocates can leverage the website. As a librarian and community advocate, you dedicate your time to serving those in need of information. can be your key tool to help others. Participants will learn how to navigate the site to search a public database of more than 1,200 Government benefits.
  • May 21: Resources for the prevention of financial abuse and exploitation of older people (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will present a webinar that will review information about resources that the CFPB provides to communities to help prevent the financial abuse and exploitation of older people. A representative of the Elder Fraud Prevention and Response Network in Montana will discuss the experience of collaborating with libraries.  Other speakers include a librarian and one of their partners who works to raise awareness of elder fraud and exploitation in their community. There is no cost for participating in the webinar. To join: call 888-795-5920, passcode 997066, view presentation during webinar:


  1. To provide a practical framework for sharing information, fostering professional interactions, and providing continuing education opportunities
  2. To be a support system for library workers engaged in reference services in all types of Oregon libraries. 



Chair: Tamara Ottum, State Library of Oregon (503-378-6506, [email protected])

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