ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
April 5, 2002
Western Oregon University

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Attending: Sara Brownmiller, Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, Heather Ward, Charlie Piquett, Carol McCulley, Cheryl Middleton, Bonnie Allen, Kristine Kerr, Teresa Montgomery, Carol Resco

ACRL Chapter Meeting at ALA Midwinter

Heather Ward attended this meeting and gave a report:

UCITA--this did not come out of committee in the Oregon legislature but ACRL says watch for it and fight it if it does.

A reminder that passports for foreign born Americans will be required at the ALA conference in Toronto in 2003

If the Oregon chapter shows that it has made an effort to recruit new members for ACRL national, the chapter will receive a "kickback" of $10/ person. To qualify for this, the efforts made to increase membership need to be documented in the annual report of the chapter. That report must be filed by August 15.

Barbara Jenkins of UO is chairing an ACRL committee that is examining funding options for chapters. No initiative funds will be granted to chapters until this committee has finished its work. The main thrust so far seems to indicate that chapters must tie their request in with the ACRL strategic plan at

A side discussion to this reports was on strategies for getting new members into ACRL. Is there a place for ACRL Oregon within the national plan? Could ACRL-Oregon look at the Vision 2010 document and see how that relates to the goals of academic libraries?


ACRL-OR has a balance of $10,572.44.

The only activities during the last period was a deposit to Menucha. $190 was received because of renewals by 19 members since the institution of the $10/year fee. We should keep a look out to see if the fee addition has an impact on renewals.

OLA/WLA Conference 2002 Reception

ACRL-OR's reception will be Wednesday evening, April 17, from 6pm to 7pm in the OLA President's suite.

Flyers will be prepared by Janeanne and Heather to announce the reception . An attachment to the flyer will ask for suggestions for Menucha conference topics.

The reception will include drinks and snacks. Sara will pick up the drinks and Janeanne will purchase the snacks and paper goods. Other members will bring bowls. Bonnie will bring her CD player and discs for background music.

We anticipate 40-50 attendees. Members of the board at the conference on Wednesday will help set up for the reception. Right now this includes Carol R., Carol Mc, Janeanne, others?

OLA/WLA Conference 2002 Program

Bonnie reported on some of the initial attendance figures. The surprise was that 114 people had expressed an interest in the "Director's Panel." Bonnie will prepare the evaluation form for the 5 programs and will include on this form a request for suggestions for conference topics. It may also include some of the topics already in mind and query people as to their interest in these. Sara will see that a box is available at the registration table for deposit of these evaluation forms as well as the survey form prepared by Heather and Janeanne.

Responsibility for bringing evaluation forms and introductions are as follows:

Bibliotherapy--Cheryl (distribution and tabulation)
Directors'--Sara (distribution and tabulation)
2yr/4yr--Bonnie (distribution and tabulation)
Saving the Forest--Sara (distribution and Teresa tabulates)
New Breed--Sara (distribution and Heather tabulates)

There will be no internet access for programs but we are all set up with equipment and facilities for the programs.

Nominating Committee

Cheryl Middleton and Charlie Piquett are the nominating committee. They are still working on candidates and some discussion on possible candidates took place. Board members serve for a term of September through August. The final list of candidates will be to the board by April 29. The ballot will go out May 1 with a voting deadline of May 15. The bylaws require that the election results be announced no later than June 15.

Janeanne will have her students work on a file of email addresses of the ACRL-OR members. This file will be given to Cheryl/Charlie and the ballot will be sent out on email this year. If no email address is available, a paper ballot will be sent.

Future plans for running elections involve asking if space can be made on the OLA web server for development of a webform ballot.

Menucha Conference Oct.24/25 2002

A lot of discussion centered around the planning for the annual OR/WA ACRL conference at Menucha. Thus far the board is on track in terms of planning calendar.

Decisions made and tentative conference agenda:

Day 1 Session I:

Kathlin Ray: The Postmodern Library 1:30-3PM
Allow for Ray's presentation and ask two people to react to her presentation and give her a chance to respond to the reaction. Sara will contact her immediately to see if she is available!

Break : 3 -3:30pm

Session II Reaction by non-librarians and large group discussion 3:30-5pm

5pm-6pm Break

6pm Dinner

Chapter meetings after dinner

Day 2: Session III

Small discussion groups with facilitators that deal with specific issues brought up in the previous day--probably can handle only 3 issues. (no times assigned to this session!)

Session IV

Learning Communities: Sarah Beasley and Don Frank in reference to their article and also John Holmes from UW on UWired.


Assessment issues with Steven Hiller (again no times for this).

The thought for the second day was the need to bring "closure" to issues or ideas brought up in the first day's discussions.

Next meeting: Friday, June 7th in Eugene. noon to 4pm. This is a "changing of the guard" meeting so new board members will attend.


Reported by Carol Resco