ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
April 1, 2005
Oregon State University

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Present: Kris Kern, PSU; Barbara Valentine, Linfield; Susanna Flodin, Clackamas CC; Bonnie Parks, OSU; Ruth Vondracek, OSU; Sarah Beasley, PSU; Carol McCulley, Linfield; Joni Roberts, Willamette U; Susan Hinken, U of Portland; Caroline Mann, U of Portland; Rose Jackson, PSU, Torie Scott, PCC

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as prepared.

Budget Report – Susan reported that we have $15,997 in our account. We’re in good shape financially having cleared several thousand from Menucha. Our spending has been down this year as well.

OLA Update: The OLA sessions are all covered with Board members to introduce: Rose will cover 4 sessions, Pam & Julia will cover 2 sessions and Kris will cover one. We discussed what the intro should cover regarding info given about ACRL and agreed we’d ask mention joining ACRL and volunteering to run for board positions and ask for program ideas for future ACRL programs (both at Menucha and OLA). Rose reported that the registration numbers for OLA look good and things the conference will break even. Kris will work on an evaluation form for our sessions. We will look for feedback on the program(s) and suggestions for future programming.

Scholarly Communication Survey - Carol passed out some ideas for items to include in the scholarly communication survey. We hope the results of the survey will help us see where to go next and to identify trends & possible presentations for the future. It could also be used as a possible networking source. Ruth suggested adding a question about whether efforts were being made on campus outside the library. Another suggestion was made to include specific examples of scholarly communication efforts because some might not realize that they are actually engaged in these activities.

Carol and Kris will construct a rough draft of the survey which will ultimately be sent to CD librarians at each academic institution. The survey will request that input be gotten from other library staff to insure that we have a complete picture. We agreed to poll Oregon Academic libraries first & then decide if we want to expand the survey. The survey will be sent out by mid May & will be open for a few weeks.

ACRL Elections - Joni & Sarah presented a slate of candidates for approval:

President Elect/President: Ruth Vondracek (OSU) Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon (WOU)

Member at Large:

  • Jane Nichols (OSU)

  • Robin Paynter (PSU)

  • Dan Kelley (LC)

  • Lori Robare (UO)

If Dan is unable/unwilling to run, John Repplinger (WU) was mentioned as a possible candidate. A suggestion was made to save the names of people who run unsuccessfully as possibilities for the appointed positions. Sarah asked that we vote on the experimental ballot by April 12th to test it out fully.

The voting should be open on Monday May 2nd and balloting should be completed and winners announced by June 15th. Susan will send Sarah the distribution list and Sarah will create an electronic distribution list for voting. As voting is occurring, Sarah will try to verify bad emails. Sarah will also see if voting can be restricted to one per IP address or email. The ballot will include a message that pops up after submission thanking the person for voting so it will be clear that the ballot was successfully completed.

A motion was made to approve the slate of candidates with the possible changes discussed. The motion was seconded and passed.

OLA 2006 – Susan mentioned that we should start planning for OLA 06 at our next meeting.

Menucha 2006 – Susan booked Menucha for October 26th-27th to insure that we got the needed space. The same buildings were booked that were used in the 2004 meeting. Board members should look at the Menucha website in advance of our next meeting. Should we reserve some smaller, alternative spaces and especially forego the Barn?

Board Meetings – The July 29th meeting was moved to August 12th (at UP).

Book Giveaway at OLA Legislative Day – Sarah followed up after the last meeting by speaking with Sandy Olmstead about the book giveaway at OLA legislative day. The giveaway is tied heavily to the Ready to Read program and Sandy’s daughter is a key player. After much discussion we decided that this approach might not be the best for ACRL and that it would make more sense to approach the OLA board to get ideas about presenting a picture of the role Academic Libraries play in higher ed. Susan will contact Mary Kay Dahlgren to pursue this further.

Next meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for May 20th at Portland State University’s Millar Library.


Respectfully submitted,
Caroline Mann