ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
April 14, 2006
Portland State University

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Present:President Barbara Valentine (Linfield); Vice-President Janeanne Rockwell-Kincannon (WOU); Past-President Susan Hinken (UP); Community College Representative Theresa Yancey (CCC); Private College Representative John Repplinger (Willamette); OUS Representative Maureen Kelly (OSU-Cascades); Members-At-Large: Robin Paynter (PSU), Kris Kern (PSU), Lori Robare (UO), and Joni Roberts (Willamette); Communications Coordinator Torie Scott (PCC)

Absent: State Library Representative Robert Hulshof-Schmidt

1. Meeting Minutes minutes of the February 17th meeting were approved.

2. Budget Report– currently in spending more than taking in, but this will change.

3. Elections - Kris Kern reported the membership list has been generated and a notice had been sent to OLA publications to advertise the opportunity to run for office. The slate should be finalized by May 1 when elections begin.

Elections Committee reviewed elections procedures and updated/changed as needed, including: examples of how elections have been done in the past,  standard biographical statement format, and regularizing voting rolls so only current members eligible to vote

Slate approved as of 4/14/06:

Vice President/Chair-Elect:John Pollitz and Stephanie Michel

Board Members-At-Large: Eliz Breakstone, Cynthia R. Cunningham, Kirk Howard, Dan Kelley

4. Oregon Library Association Conference Report: John Repplinger reported ACRL sponsored session evaluations, scales and comments, and recommendations for improving next year’s conference.

Discussion ensued, with following suggestions for OLA:

  • Don’t require/ask participants to provide their own equipment
  • Have powerpoint presentations available on OLA website before or after conference.

Suggestions for ACRL-Board:

  • Write up procedures to smooth process regarding Board approval of programs for sponsorship
  • Create ACRL-Oregon website content describing the kinds of programs past participants have suggested as topics of interest

Pre-conference report: it is unclear yet whether the pre-conference made any money or not. Robin Beerbauer will send the final totals

ACRL Reception

  • Roughly 30 people attended the reception this year
  • Wine or water sufficient for drink choices
  • The President’s Suite was a nice venue for the event
  • Posting the notice in the elevator good practice
  • Stand at entrance and announce it is about to happen also helps channel people to the reception
  • Emphasize in future the ACRL welcomes all OLA participants, don’t have to be ACRL members
  • 5:00-6:30pm a good time to have it to maximize attendance

5. OLA report: Memberclicks worked well for conference registration; will work on doing the membership renewal process through Memberclicks next.

  • Will there be a form to fill out at Menucha to become a member of ACRL-Oregon?
  • Currently, for people to become members they tick a box on the OLA membership form, with Memberclicks will it be possible to have our own form?
  • What kinds of renewal notices will be generated to make sure members continue?
  • Can use Menucha as a vehicle to publicize ACRL-Oregon (10 reasons to join flier)

6. Menucha report– Robin Paynter gave an update on vendor list to approach for financial support. Keynote address: 2 speakers, current potential speakers who could speak on the current 18-22 year old generation and technology, include: Rachel Bridgewater, Jessamyn West, and Anthony Bernier.

Other potential topics:

  • Instant Messaging
  • RSS feeds
  • Blogs (Shaun Houston at WOU uses blogs in his geography classrooms, potential guest speak)
  • Podcasting
  • Gaming

Discussion on conference title, suggested titles:

  • Next generation: guess who’s coming to college
  • Meeting halfway: Academia and the next generation
  • Decided on: Resistance is Futile: Academia Meets the NeXt Generation