ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
August 15, 2003
University of Oregon

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Attending: Sarah Beasley, Elaine Gass Hirsch, Kris Kern, Heather Ward, Julia Longbrake, Carol McCulley, Joni Roberts, Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, Carol Resco

I. Introduction: This is Heather’s last meeting as President—great job, HW! She thanked the rest of the board with yummy treats.

II. OLA Board Update: our request that division affiliation be represented on OLA membership cards was approved and the procedure is in process. Heather reported that the children’s Summer Reading Program was joining in consortial program, across several states. Sarah reported from the OLA board retreat that next year’s conference focus heavily on the academic because the national PLA conference will be in Seattle prior to the OLA conference. Predict a smaller public library contingent. Heather is becoming the legislative liaison between ACRL and OLA.

III. ACRL National: Heather distributed the annual report 2002-03 that she submitted to OLA and to the national ACRL office. We discussed the proposal to bring the 2009 ACRL conference to Seattle. Sarah will write a letter of support for the proposal based on costs, number of librarians in the Pacific Northwest and on the west coast, the balance of locations around the country, and the appeal of Seattle for attendees from other parts of the country. Tyrone Cannon, ACRL President 2003-2004, is beginning a study to examine reasons why academic librarians do not join ACRL national. We will want to look at the results to answer some questions we’ve had at the state level.

IV. We briefly examined the budget, which was distributed with the annual report.

V. We discussed at length ideas of finding an interested party to send to the Lawyers for Libraries conference in October. Heather is contacting Dave Fidanque of the local ACLU chapter to see if he is interested or if he has named of potential candidates. We are also contacting the law schools at Lewis & Clark, UO, and Willamette for names of recent graduates with an interest in intellectual freedom, civil rights, freedom of speech, privacy, intellectual property, and copyright. Because of the what the conference is trying to encourage, we decided it was not appropriate to ask law librarians or students in law schools who don’t yet have their J.D. or those who haven’t passed the bar.

VI. OLA Conference April 14-16, 2004: Proposals are due by Sept. 15. The theme for the 2004 conference is “Diversity.” Regarding preconferences, Carol R. reported that OLA wants a bigger slice of moneys brought in, so divisions should not plan to make many dollars from them. Also, because of costs, it is unclear if Internet access will be available to presenters. We decided to submit proposals for six programs and one preconference, and who on the board would work on each proposal:

a. Political action for everyone: getting over the intimidation and taking action (preconference, maybe with PLA): Heather.
b. Lawyers for Libraries follow-up (maybe with IF committee): Sarah
c. Image digitization and management/newspapers indexes in Oregon: Heather (Robin Paynter)
d. Diversity research resources (inc. Intercultural Communication Institute): Kris
e. Virtual reference/Is reference dead in academic libraries?: Ruth (and/or Joni)
f. Children’s literature of the Lewis & Clark expedition (maybe with CSD): Elaine
g. An instruction topic (with LIRT): Julia will contact Torie Scott or LIRT to discuss.

VII. Next meeting: Pack Forest: Oct. 23-24
Meetings for the 2003-04 year: (Noon to 3 p.m.)
December 12: Linfield, McMinnville
February 13: UO, Eugene
May 7: PSU, Portland
August 13: Willamette, Salem


Reported by Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon