ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
August 13, 2004

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Attending: Julia Longbrake, Sarah Beasley, Joni Roberts, Carol McCulley, Pam Horan, Bonnie Parks, Barbara Valentine, Heather Ward, Caroline Mann

Minutes: The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and there were no corrections.

Sarah presented gifts of wine to the Pam, Julia & Heather for their service to the board. Barbara Valentine was welcomed (back) to the board for another term of service.
At Sarah’s request, Pam agreed to serve another term on the board as the State Library Rep.

OLA Retreat : Sarah reported on the OLA retreat. Leah Griffin in the new OLA VP. Maureen Cole from NW Christian is the new OLA president. At the retreat the Vision 2010 strategic plan was reviewed and happily, many goals of the paln have already been realized.

OLA legislative day will be January 27, 2005– Sarah encouraged all the board members to participate. OLA 2005 occurs on the same dates as the National ACRL meeting which might present a challenge in terms of board participation since many ACRL chapter members will be attending the national meeting.

Sarah announced that Rose Jackson from PSU will represent ACRL on the OLA conference program board and will attend ACRL board meetings as necessary to report on the progress of OLA annual meeting planning.

Sarah passed out copies of the ACRL strategic plan for members to think about in planning activities for the coming year.

Sarah passed around a list of ALA members who are also ACRL members and most board members were not listed. We think this may be due to some privacy restrictions in sharing membership lists since many members do believe that they are current members of National ACRL. ACRL will pay the chapter $5 for each new member sign up that the chapter provides.


Betsy Wilson will be the keynote speaker on Thursday and will speak on emerging trends in Scholarly communication.

Karen Williams, who is considered an expert in the area of open access, has been asked to speak but may have a conflict. (NOTE: Sarah will call the week of Aug 16th and get a firm answer from her)

Isabel Sterling, Head of Public Services at UC Berkeley will also speak on Thursday and will speak on scholarly communication from an instruction point of view.

We’ve reserved 70 beds at Menucha at a cost of $64.50 each in Wright, Ballard & Habitat.

Much discussion on the theme which came down to:

(R)EVOLUTION! Scholaryly Communication at a X-roads
(big inspiration by Bonnie on this one)

Possible schedule for the 2 days (much of this taken from the outline of the last meeting)
11am –noon Registration

Noon-1:00pm Lunch

1:30pm – 4:30pm (or 5)
Betsy (overview)
Isabel (Repositories)
Open Access speaker

Each would speak for about an hour with Q & A which should cover Thursday afternoon.

5:00-6:00pm break for most people; Meeting with group leaders for Friday to give them their “mission”

6:00-7:00pm – dinner

7pm –8pm – Oregon/Washington Board Meetings

8:00- Party


8:00am-9:00am Breakfast

9:00am-10:00am Panel – what institutions are doing

10:00-10:30am Break & room checkout

Breakout sessions
Reconvene/Wrap up

Panel discussion reacting to the Thursday speakers and address more what they are doing at their institutions. Possible panelists include Faye Chadwell, Camille Wou, the scholarly communication librarian at UW Other possibilities: Corey Harper (a metadata specialist from UO)

After the panel Sarah proposed that we have breakout interest groups who are assigned a task to come up with next steps (something like 3 things they’d proposed to do next). Joni stressed that to make this work we’d need group leaders who were excellent facilitators. It was proposed that on Thursday at 5:00pm there be a meeting with the group facilitators to give the track leaders their charge.

Unfinished item: Who ARE the group facilitators? The panelists?
Possible topics for the breakout sessions:
Marking & faculty buy in
Advocacy for open access for publicly funded research

Barbara will call Camilla
Heather will call Faye
Sarah will call the UW scholarly librarian
Sarah will also call Karen Williams & get a yes or no on speaking

Publicity for Menucha: Sarah & Bonnie
Fund Raising:
Thursday night party: Susan (food). We’ll all supposed to think about the entertainment
Registration & Local Arrangements: Caroline, Pam, Julia
Web Page – Bonnie

Scholarships to Menucha for Library students. Bonnie & Ruth have the info all ready to go. They’ll target the libs-OR list and Emporia. Applications will be due by September 15th.
Meeting was adjourned at 3:30pm

Submitted by Caroline Mann