ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
August 12, 2005
University of Portland

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Present: Kris Kern, PSU; Barbara Valentine, Linfield; Ruth Vondracek, OSU; Sarah Beasley, PSU; Carol McCulley, Linfield; Joni Roberts, Willamette U; Susan Hinken, U of Portland; Caroline Mann, U of Portland; Torie Scott, PCC, Lori Robare, UO

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as prepared.


  • OLA Retreat: Susan, Barbara & Ruth reported on the OLA retreat

  • The board is working on a solution to the problems with maintaining the OLA web page

  • The 2005 conference in Portland did not make as much money as usual (timing & venue problems)

  • Next year’s conference is slated for the Salem convention center
  • Only 6 preconferences will be scheduled for OLA so we need to firm up ideas to make sure our choice(s) get picked

  • OLA is working on developing processes to get more names brought forth for nominations
  • There was no nomination for librarian of the year but this may be due to confusion about the criteria & qualifications of the award
  • Vision 2010 – most goals have been reached with the exception of the statewide library card. The basis for this was to have been a shared catalog so there are still issues technologically that have to be solved before this goal can be reached

  • L-net – Half of the use if by K-12 students

  • OLA & OEMA merger – discussion over issues of the merger; many issues are still not totally worked out

  • Medicare Prescription program enrollment is coming up & public libraries have been asked to provide enrollment forms. Academic libraries may also be asked to provide the forms

OLA Conference Program

  • Cataloging for the 21st Century – a full day pre-conference – has been proposed and would be presented by Bonnie Parks & Jian Wang. There was discussion about making sure the scope is broad enough to appeal to public services

  • M-Web program. Bonnie Parks will give a presentation on a program she wrote to allow subject librarians (non-catalogers) to enter and choose controlled vocabulary to describe web sites that will be shown in the online catalog. This was presented at OLA before it was fully implemented so this would be an update.

  • Scholarly Publishing – Carol McCulley and Kris Kern will present a program on the survey they conducted earlier this year on what libraries in the state are doing in the area of scholarly publishing

  • Publisher Panel – Possibility of asking Bonnie Allen to lead a discussion, similar to one she did at Timberline. Susan will work on this.

  • Tricks of the Trade – This is envisioned to be an open mike or brown bag where participants will present quick ideas on “what works.” The focus will be on instruction. Sarah Beasley will work on this.

  • Protocols every librarian should know – Adriene Lim has agreed to present

  • Conference Bloggers – panel discussion on various uses of blogging in libraries; Barbara V. will organize. Several names of librarians with Blogs were mentioned as possible panelists: Karen Munro (UO), Kate Rubick (LC)

The proposal forms should be out shortly and we should have them back by November at the latest. The individual coordinating the program will take responsibility for writing up the proposal and getting it in.

ACRL president is visiting the Northwest for Pacific’s dedication of their new library. Ben Wakashige has invited the ACRL board to have lunch with them on Sept. 16th before the dedication. Susan will firm up details. Board members are asked to attend if at all possible.

Scholarships for Pack Forest

  • We sent 2 last year to Menucha; the scholarship covers registration (which includes room & board); Joni & Lori will coordinate.

Funding Issues

  • OLA is thinking of purchasing Webclicks, a tool for online conference registration, member records, email mailing lists, etc. Cost is $2500 and OLA may ask chapters to share the cost

  • OEMA is sponsoring a literacy conference in the Summer of 2006 & is asking for seed money. We agreed to give them $200 but wondered what the status of the conference was. Susan will contact the OEMA rep & get more info on this.


  • Barbara & Susan met & organized the handbook. Included is information on the composition of the board, our relationship to OLA & other organizations, a meeting & planning calendar, board meeting minutes and a record of decisions made.

Tentative Meeting Schedule

  • Barbara will email out a list of meeting times for next year basically following the same pattern as this year but with one extra meeting schedule in September/October for final Menucha planning.

Board Transition

  • Outgoing board members were presented with parting gifts of bottles of wine. After discussing possibilities for filling the private library slot it was decided that Barbara should invite John Repplinger to serve. John is liaison to the OLA conference committee and was to have been invited to attend board meetings in that capacity.

October Board Meeting

  • Next board meeting will be at Pack Forest, with Barbara as Chair.

Respectfully submitted,
Caroline Mann