ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
August 11, 2006
Linfield College

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

President Barbara Valentine Linfield
Vice-President Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon WOU
Past-President Susan Hincken    UP
Community College Representative  Theresa Yancey CCC
Private College Representative John Repplinger Willamette
OUS Representative   Maureen Kelly OSU-Cascades

Robin Paynter   

Kris Kern

Lori Robare

Dan Kelley




Lewis & Clark

Communications Coordinator  John Pollitz    OSU
Member-at-large     Joni Roberts Willamette
State Library Representative    Robert Hulshof-Schmidt  OSL

Minutes of the June 2, 2006 meeting were amended to state that Menucha Conference Center does now have Internet connection.  Minutes were approved.


Budget Report:

At the OLA conference 2006, ACRL-OR sponsored, in name only, a preconference for the Oregon Chapter of SLA (“Surveys Made Easy”) since they are not an affiliate of OLA.  John R., who continues to be our liaison to the conference committee, will ensure that 2007 conference program committee will reject proposals that do not have pre-arranged sponsorship from a division or unit.  The proposals will be sent back to the originators, who will be told to contact an appropriate unit chair.


National ACRL has a program through which the chapters can receive $1 per member for reimbursement of specific types of expenses, such as mailing and printing.  John Pollitz will look into the requirements and the process.  Perhaps the cost of some Menucha freebies can be reimbursed.


Menucha update:

The program is set with keynote speakers Anthony Bernier and Jessamyn West with response from Rachel Bridgewater.  Friday morning panelists will be Shaun Huston, Anne-Marie Deidering, Annie Zeidman-Karpinski, and Eliz Breakstone, speaking about their use of various Internet technologies in educational settings.  We have a total of three hours Friday morning, including a 20 min. break.  Each panelist can have a 20 min. presentation and a 10 min. Q & A time.  That leaves 40 minutes wiggle room and wrap-up time. 


Action:  We should consider how we might restructure the day if we have any speaker problems (transportation, medical issues).



Action:  With Creevy in the housing mix this year, Janeanne will be monitoring registration for those rooms closely.  We will take extra names for a waiting list.  Keep it open long enough that we can match roommates.


Issue of attendees not being members of the chapter & encouraging them at the meeting to pick up the membership next time they renewed OLA.  Robin suggests we have some sort of membership form at the meeting so we can take their $10 add them in to the membership.

Action: Janeanne will discuss with Camila G., Membership committee chair, how this could work.


Content for the conference packet:

Action: Theresa will develop the attendee list

Action: Barbara will present the results of the Fall conference Accommodations survey we did this spring/summer


Party ideas:

White elephant exchange with gently used books

There was not a groundswell of enthusiasm for hiring live music this time around.  Board members can bring music

Action: Barbara will determine whether Menucha party room has a sound system (what if we do use Creevy common room?)

Action: Send announcement through Memberclicks to registered attendees regarding the exchange and bringing games for the party.


OLA Programs

Kris Kern and a partner have a preconference-length program on emergency preparedness, which SSD has asked to cosponsor; however, we can only submit one proposal for a preconference. 


We reviewed the results of the program interest survey done by John R.  

ACTION: Dan Kelley will pull together an 1.5 hour panel program on federated searching.


The new advocacy toolkit from ACRL also has potential to be the basis of a preconference.  (The Power of Personal Persausion: Advancing the Academic Library Agenda from the Front Lines.)  Does ACRL national have a presentation that could form the basis of a preconference?  We are looking at the idea of a day marketing, day advocacy preconference, with the ability to attend either or both.

ACTION: Lori Robare will discuss the feasibility of the toolkit aspect with Barbara J. at UO. 

ACTION: John R. will find out more information about the recent PNLA marketing preconference.


Other items

ACTION: Janeanne will place on the membership meeting agenda (at Menucha)

Program ideas survey results 2008 OLA/WLA conference program ideas & solicitations 

  • Thank you to Kris, Susan, Joni, and Torie for your service on the board!


Submitted by Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon