ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
August 3, 2007
Western Oregon University

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.


Attending: Janeanne Rockwell-Kincannon (chair), Robert Hulshof-Schmidt (recorder), Eliz Breakstone, Dan Kelley, Maureen Kelly, Bill Kelm, Stephanie Michel, Robin Paynter, John Repplinger, Lori Robare, Garrett Trott, Barbara Valentine

Absent: Anne-Marie Dietering, Theresa Yancey


All attendees introduced themselves.

Special welcome to incoming members Anne-Marie Dietering, Bill Kelm, and Garrett Trott.

Janeanne offered special thanks to outgoing members Maureen Kelly, Robin Paynter, John Repplinger, Lori Robare, and Barbara Valentine.


Minutes were distributed and approved as submitted.


Since Sept. 1, 2006

  • Income: $11,526

  • Expenses: $ 8,707

  • Net: $ 2,818

  • Balance: $17,445

Requests for reimbursement from ACRL (national) are due by August 15, 2007.


There are three vacancies that need to be filled: OUS Representative, Private Colleges Representative, and Communications Chair. The Board agreed that Stephanie should contact the appropriate candidates from the recent election to see if they are interested. If that does not fill the openings, the Board will recommend candidates by email.

Janeanne will verify with Theresa if she is interested in returning to the Board in January or if her position will need to be filled.


The Board reviewed a number of requests for sponsorship or co-sponsorship and drafted four new program ideas. Results are as follows:

  • Rejected three proposals from Chris Peters on RSS Feeds, Intranets, and Self-Paced Learning.

  • Agreed to co-sponsor a proposal from Chris Peters on Authority and Legitimacy in the Online Environment.

  • Agreed to co-sponsor a proposal from Chris Peters on Gaming with a request that the program include information relevant to an Academic audience.

  • Agreed to sponsor a request from Sue Phelps.

  • Agreed to sponsor a program on the Impact of Instruction on Reference from Garrett Trott.

  • Rejected a request to co-sponsor a program on Open Source Content Management from Darci Hanning unless she cannot find a sponsor and will address the needs of digital collections.

  • Agreed to sponsor a request from Mary Devlin, conditional on the participation of the speakers included in the proposal.

  • Drafted a program on Instructional Design Practices; Maureen will pursue.

  • Drafted a program by Brian Miyagishima; Janeanne will pursue.

  • Drafted a program on Collection Development for E-Documents; Robin will pursue.

  • Drafted a program on Non-Traditional Campus Outreach Programs; Bill will pursue.

Janeanne will respond to the requests for sponsorship.

John agreed to compile a history of ACRL programs from past OLA conferences for future reference.


The Board revisited the conversation from May regarding effective use of the high balance in our fund. We agreed that some form of scholarship program would be valuable; not all Academic library staff are eligible for reimbursement for training. After a conversation addressing a number of options and topics, the Board reached the following two conclusions:

  1. Scholarships to attend conferences (such as ACRL in Seattle, 2009) are valuable, but should be offered as they are relevant to the conference and not as part of a regular program from ACRL-OR.

  2. ACRL-OR does wish to offer a regular program of scholarships for online learning courses. Janeanne and Dan agreed to draft a proposal for offering 2 – 3 scholarships not to exceed $1500 for the upcoming ACRL program year.


Garrett and Eliz agreed to run the scholarship process for this year’s conference. The information from previous Menucha and Pack Forest scholarships is available on the wiki.


  • The ACRL-OR Annual Report is due September 1, 2007; Janeanne will complete.

  • Stephanie will investigate the ALA Emerging Leader program for the upcoming year to see if we want to sponsor anyone. She will wait for feedback from our last sponsoree, who had some specific feedback about the program.

  • ACRL-OR Reception at OLA/WLA 2008 - Because of the number of conflicting events during ACRL-OR’s traditional reception time, the Board agreed not to hold a reception in 2008, but rather to try to participate in whatever “Interest Group Meet & Greet” is available.


The Board agreed to clarify the duties of the Communication Chair to include harvesting and forwarding key messages from diverse email lists to ACRL-OR Board members and to the membership in general as appropriate.


Future meetings will be called by new Chair Stephanie Michel.

Minutes submitted by Robert Hulshof-Schmidt.