In 2013/2013, OLA President, Michelle Burke charged the Advocacy Task Force to develop a recommendation on how OLA could more formally incorporate advocacy into its activities. Recognizing that the Library Development and Legislation Committee focuses on legislation, this effort was intended to explore non-legislative work as well as structures to support that work within OLA. Recommendations of the Task Force were presented at the February 7, 2014 OLA Executive Board meeting. Materials may be found at :

Members of the Task Force included Michele Burke (Chair), Candice Watkins, Kim Read, Jane Corry, Nancy Sullivan, Korie Buerkle and Arlene Weible.

OLA Definition of Advocacy

Library advocacy is speaking out for libraries. It is an active and multi-pronged process that utilizes partnerships, networks of support, and marketing to raise a clear voice that advances the position of libraries. Successful library advocacy integrates the bedrock of library values into swiftly changing societal trends, highlighting the enduring importance of libraries for free and equitable access to information in a democratic society.

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