ACRL Oregon Board Meeting
August 6, 2010
Oregon State University

Present: Rachel Bridgewater, Diane Sotak, Anna Johnson, Emily Ford, Joan Petit, Jennifer Nutefall, Michele DeSilva, Tracy Scharn, Camila Gabaldon, Steve Silver, Margaret Mellinger, Kate McGann, and Jane Scott
Meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m.

Introductions: Each person in attendance introduced themselves and indicated their current or forthcoming position on the board. New board members in attendance were: Anna Johnson (VP/President Elect), Joan Petit (Member at Large), Jennifer Nutefall (Member at Large), Michele DeSilva (Community College Representative), and Kate McGann (Oregon State Library Representative)

Approval of the May Minutes: A quorum was not present.  Minutes were approved by those current board members in attendance and will be sent out to board members not in attendance for approval or correction.



OLA Quarterly: Diane Sotak requested articles for the OLA Quarterly Winter Issue on behalf of Tricia Juettemeyer. The winter issue will be about libraries and librarians "Doing more with less: Creative Strategies in the New Economy." Article proposals are due to Tricia by August 31st at [email protected]  OLA Quarterly author guidelines are available at and articles are due by November 1, 2010.



Award for Excellence: Nominations closed and the committee of Rachel, Garrett, Robin, and Tracy reviewed the nomination.  A public announcement will be made soon and the designee invited to Menucha to be recognized as well as to the OLA Conference in April to receive the award citation and plaque.

OLA 2011: The OLA conference is the financial engine of OLA.  Garrett Trott is the Conference Chair for OLA 2011. At May’s meeting we discussed the responsibility of the divisions and round tables to sponsor programs for OLA of interest to their respective communities of staff and librarians.  Garrett noted at that time that it would be helpful if we as a board were proactive in soliciting programs that would appeal to the academic community.  A call for proposals was put in the Blog in June and has also been posted in Libs-Or.  Rachel is investigating a pre-conference idea and two proposals for conference offerings were affirmed as well.  It was noted that pre-conferences are usually good sources of revenue for the ACRL division.  It was also suggested that any proposals for lightening talks that would be good programs be steered in that direction as well.

OLA Retreat Update: The executive board of OLA has a retreat the first Monday and Tuesday of August.  This is a time for both the current board and the incoming board to be present and report on the prior year and formulate goals for the coming year. Both Rachel and Jane attended.  Rachel noted that the blog and liaison program as well as the free e-learning opportunities were applauded by the OLA Board as creative and responsive to membership.

Rachel updated the board on Vision 2020 noting that at the October membership meeting, we as a board will need to respond with how we will be incorporating Vision 2020 in our year’s goals.  She also brought the board up to date on the need for more people to be involved in OLA and the difficulty this past year in finding a second person to run for president.  Currently the presidency of OLA rotates between an academic and a public librarian.  There has been discussion about OLA having an executive director as well as a president much like what is done with the treasurer’s position.  OLA has a treasurer as well as an association manager.  There are some round tables that are currently not active because they do not have people to run them.  The reference round table is a good example and would be well served by someone from an academic library.  The current investigation of OASL becoming a division of OLA was discussed as well as the OLA Conference.   Rachel suggested that one way we could become more visible is to invite the staff of the hosting library to join us for the social hour of our meetings for cookies and a time to meet the board.  

Blog and Liaison Program: Diane reported on the blog begun in October, 2009. She showed statistics for page views based on Google analytics indicating new posts create spikes in use and the top viewed page is the “Home Page” followed by “Meet the Board”. Blog posts are contributed by board members as well as liaisons from academic institutions.  The liaison program currently has 27 institutions represented. Suggestions for contacts at institutions not yet represented were given as well.

Her plans included having a handout or ½ sheet about the blog and liaison program for the packets at Menucha.  She said one of the things we haven’t yet used the liaison program for is pushing information to schools.  Thus far we have been using it as a way to get information from schools for the blog. She also reminded the board the blog and liaison program need to be tied to a board position.  Perhaps these functions should be tied to a Member at Large position.

E-Learning: The E-Learning programs within the Live Webcasts group of e-learning opportunities through ACRL National have been successful.  There are two left in the purchased series. The webcasts are archived for a period of time and available through password.  Contact Rachel or Jane for the password

  • September 14, 2010: The Not-So-Distant Librarian: Online Library Instruction to Engage Students and Faculty Location: Southern Oregon University
  • October 19, 2010: So You Want to Create an Interactive Information Literacy Tutorial? Location: Chemeketa Community College
Margaret Mellinger said she would investigate writing an ad or small article for the Winter OLA Quarterly since the goal of doing E-learning in this fashion rather than through the scholarship program was to spread training dollars farther. She was hoping to solicit quotes from attendees and show the value of both the program and the networking available during the discussion time. Thanks to Robin, Margaret, and Laura for making this happen.  Rachel noted that the board should think about a board position to be responsible for E-learning seminars in the future.  Perhaps this could be a job of one of the Members at Large as well.

Allied Groups: Rachel indicated the board needs to formalize how it wishes to support and sponsor activities of Allied groups such as IL Summit and RIG (Research Interest Group).  IL Summit has a de facto member who attends some board meetings and acts as the liaison to that group so that there is an ongoing established relationship and a person through which information about funds and the use of memberclicks is directed.  The board should address codifying the protocol for allied groups and include it in policies and procedures.


MENUCHA  (Twitter Hash Tag = #Menucha 10)

The majority of the meeting was spent continuing to plan the Menucha Conference.  Final planning will be done via email.  Committee assignments made or reviewed during the meeting were as follows:

  • Registration: Anna Johnson and Steve Silver
  • Technology: Margaret Mellinger
  • Publicity: Robin Paynter
  • Party Committee: Robin Paynter and Miriam Rigby – cake? 35th year anniversary
  • Contact Washington Board: Rachel Bridgewater
  • Sponsorship: Jane Scott
  • Scholarship: Joan Petit and Emily Ford
  • Speakers: Rachel Bridgewater
  • Conference Swag: Margaret Mellinger, Jane Scott, Anna Johnson, Emily Ford, and Rachel Bridgewater - Name tags, folders, paper pads, pens, seeds, conference program, conference map, list of attendees, 3 colors of index cards, 2 big baskets.

New Board Transition: Rachel thanked all board members for their year of service. Rachel gave Starbucks Gift Cards as tokens of appreciation to those board members whose term was complete.  Jane welcomed all the new board members present and thanked them for their willingness to serve.

Housekeeping for Board Transition:Rachel – Listserv update to Jerry Curry at Oregon State Library and pbwiki invitation to new board members. Jane- Update OLA website, wiki, and Board page on Blog

The next meeting will be the membership meeting to be held on Thursday night, October 28th at Menucha. 

Meeting Adjourned at 4:05p.m.
Respectively Submitted
Jane Scott