ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
December 11, 1998
Willamette University

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Present: Anne Fox, Kit Dusky, Heather Ward, Janet Webster, Anne Beauchamp (phone), Meg Buchanan (phone)

1. Minutes

We briefly discussed the purpose of meeting minutes and decided to keep action minutes

2. Menucha Wrap-up

Evaluations and final budget were reviewed. The evaluation will be kept for future planning. Additional suggestions were added: different registration fee by room type; no snacks Friday morning; BYOB for social event.

3. 1999 OLA Conference

Pre-conference: Managing a Web Site: Who Does It?
Wednesday March 31, 9-12
Coordinators: Sarah Beasley, Sara Brownmiller
Speakers: Librarians' role/ Sara Brownmiller (U of O), Donna Reed (Multnomah County)
Technical administration/ Mary Swanson (OSU), Dan Kelley (Lewis & Clark)
Registration: $35

Program: Evolving Roles of Support Staff in Academic Libraries
Friday April 2, 1:30-3
Coordinator: Anne Beauchamp
Speaker: Frank D'Andrea
Authorized expenses: up to $700

Program: New Learners, New Libraries
Thursday April 1, 10:30-12:00
Coordinator: Meg Buchanan
Speaker: Diane Claus-Smith
Authorized expenses: up to $200 (mileage, lunch, photocopies)

Program: Metadata and Web Resources
Friday April 2, 10:30-12:00
Coordinator: Janet Webster and Lori Robare
Speakers: TBA
Authorized expenses: up to $200

Social Hour:
Coordinator: Janet Webster
Still need to identify time and place
Authorized expenses: up to $500

There's a possibility of a poster session during this if space allows. It would dovetail with the afternoon pre-conference, Reference with a Small r.

4. Budget and future planning

The budget is still in okay shape.  Janet will reconcile her numbers with the official ones.  We should consider an ACRL Initiative grant in the next cycle.  Anne will pursue.

5. Make-up of Board

We had a wide ranging discussion on this topic.  Possibilities suggested include these:

  • Explore our relationship with the State Library and whether we need a designated slot for a State Library representative.

  • Invite speakers to spring and summer meetings to discuss specific topics.

  • Designate members-at-large to fill certain roles (support staff, for example).

  • Always have a slot for a non-MLS person.

  • Use appointments to get non-MLS representation.

6. Nominations

Kit agreed to chair the Nominations Committee with Anna and Nancy serving on it.  Janet will send the list of names proposed last year.  A call for interest will be posted in January.

7. Communications

Heather sent the Menucha report to Chapter Topics and will post to the web.  She will post the OLA program blurbs as soon as she received them from the coordinators.

8. State-Wide database licensing

Rather than along discussion on the future of state-wide database licensing, Janet will ask Loretta to expand on her concerns and send them to the entire board.

9. Next Meeting February 11 in Portland


Reported by Janet Webster