ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
December 10, 1999
Oregon State University

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Present:  Anne Christie, Shirley Roberts, Sarah Beasley, Bonnie Allen, Anne Fox, Lynda Larremore, Ernest Perez, Barbara Valentine. 

The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Anne Christie.

1. ORACRL List 

There had been a recent problem in messages getting to members of the board, particularly at OSU, Anne Christie is investigating.

2. Review of the notes from the Pack Forest (10/99) meeting

The minutes will be posted on the web and will be emailed to the list.

3. Finalize future meetings

All meeting times 1-4 p.m.

  • Feb 11, 2000 Portland State Univ.

  • May 12 Oregon State Library, Salem

  • July 21 Pacific University, Forest Grove

4. Filling Board vacancy vacated by Meg Buchanan

According to the by laws, the Board needs to approve an appointment. Anne C.nominated Arlene Weible, the Board voted approval. Christie will contact Weible.

5. Proxy information

The question: Can another board member attend OLA Board meetings and vote in proxy for the ACRL-OR Chair. The answer is NO. Only the Chair can vote.

6. ACRL Chapters Council at ALA

Meeting scheduled on Jan 16th 8:30-11:00 a.m.

Anne Christie proposed a change in procedure for representation at the Chapters Council meeting held at ALA.She proposed that the incoming President attend the Chapters Council meeting at the summer ALA instead of the President so that the incoming president can be involved with national ACRL planning at the start of the term of office.

The Board approved.

7. Information sharing

Linda Larremore
Pacific has decided on Innovative Interfaces for it library system.

Anne Fox
WOU Library is under construction and can be viewed on web-came, move in is scheduled for next summer .  A head of Tech Services position is opening at WOU

Bonnie Allen
OSU anticipates 3 librarian positions to open,  positions being defined.

Shirley Roberts
Eastern Oregon Univ is adding 6,000 history books resulting from the OSL withdrawal program.  In the past two years $25,000 in books have been added at EOSL from this program.

Sarah Beasley
PSU has extended the search for the Head of Public Services

Anne Christie
OSU has Carl Uncover Gateway in test.

Barbara Valentine
Linfield has two positions open (Distant Ed Librarian and a 9-month/3 year contract Reference librarian)

8. Financial report

Assets as of August, 1999: $8,655.56
Continuing question regarding the revenues of the 99 OLA Conference.
Information needed:

  • What deposits were made

  • More specific break down of expenses

ACTION:Anne Christie will follow up with the OLA treasurer.

9. OLA 2000 Conference Program Costs

Wednesday April 5 1-5: Pre-conference, co sponsored with DIGOR. Each group pays $400, share revenue. With maximum registration revenue can be $2,400

5:30? Social Hour-Food and drink costs

Thursday April 6: New Learners New Library--AV cost for overhead

Other costs: non -OLA speakers: travel, food and lodging. Registration if the speaker chooses to attend other conference meetings.(NOTE:advance registration is underway, some conference meals are available with advance registration only, in order to have meal reservations and badges prepared speakers will need to be registered.)

Moderator responsible for:

  • introduction of speaker

  • assigning a Recorder to take notes on the content of the presentation for Chapter Notes.

  • Notifying speaker that content notes will be published

Suggestions for speakers:
Outline of talk in PowerPoint could be posted to the web easily and

Evaluations for each session:
Recommend evaluation for each session and ID the librarian type.

10. Menucha 2000

Facility booked, deposit sent for OCT 26/27,2000

Topic: The proposed concept for the program topic is the Pro/Con of Consortia.

Sub committee for program planning: Anne Fox, Barbara Valentine, Anne Christie and Shirley Roberts. The subcommittee will draft a program proposal for consideration at the February meeting.

11. Elections

Guidelines for Board Nominations/Elections were distributed.

ACTION: February meeting appoint nominating committee (typically outgoing Board members Linda Cochran and Darcy Dauble)

Prepare job descriptions for President elect and officers.

12. Communications Coordinator Replacement

ACTION: need a replacement for Heather Ward on the next Board

13. Role of ACRL/OR

Promoting libraries and library services for our profession in Oregon.

Needs identified:

  • more active connection with membership

  • mentoring

  • reduced funding to state institutions means reduced resources

  • call for virtual collections to become a reality

ACTION: Topic for February meeting
Ernst to generate an ORULS list sorted y # of copies available 

February Meeting Agenda topics

  • Discuss membership marketing: current membership in ACRL/Or is 176 out of
    199 academic librarians

  • Menucha program proposal

  • Financial report: 1999 OLA revenue questions

  • OLA program planning

  • Election

Reported by Bonnie Allen