ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
December 13, 2002
Portland State University

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Attending: Heather Ward, Sarah Beasley, Elaine Gass Hirsch, Carol McCulley, Carol Resco, Joni Roberts (Recorder), Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, Pam Horan, Julia Longbrake.

I. Board Members Update.
Heather/UO—Library has been reorganized, science library is fully staffed for the first time in a while, 15% cut to the book budget this year and a serial cut next year, subtle soundscape playing in the library entry way.
Pam/OSL—New State Library Representative, Pam Horan, reporting. New group leader at OSL (Denise Davis, replacing Mary Ginnane), budget cuts so far $112,000 mostly from Ready to Read program, State Library Board approved the E-Ref proposal with some changes, Reference Link will continue through June, this may be the last year for the Net Lender program (proposal is for these funds to go towards the Oregon Database Licensing Program), half of the directors of public libraries have opted out of subscribing to LIBS-OR and there is some talk about creating an official list of announcements with an automatic subscription for all public library directors.
Carol R./OGI/OHSU—OHSU is supposed to have a balanced budget within three years, Carol still hasn’t been given her budget this year, it is a bad budget year and OGI is aggressively pursuing electronic access to journals.
Julia/Mt. Hood CC—New Community College Representative, Julia Longbrake, reporting. Mt. Hood also experiencing budget problems, proposing a tuition increase to help with some of the budget shortfall, they are going ahead with a search for a new director.
Elaine/L&C—College has budget concerns, library has a flat budget, they’re reinventing the library’s Web site and it will be available in January.
Janeanne/WOU—University suffering from budget woes but the current plan is to leave academics (including the library) alone, the library’s budget has been stagnant for years, and they’re in the process of a big serials review.
Carol M./Linfield—College is also experiencing budget problems but the library is holding its own, library will move into its new space in July.
Sarah/PSU—Library has finished remodeling and have consolidated reference, the library is reexamining its departmental budget allocations, reviewing serials subscriptions, searching for a history librarian, planning for an urban studies librarian, planning a distance education/electronic resources hybrid position, predicting an increase in student population from the current 23,000 to 35,000 by 2010 and pondering the possibility of partnering with a community college in response. Also, they are up and borrowing on Orbis!
Joni/WU—Library is working to keep our one-year appointment in the Science Librarian position. University has experienced budget trauma and the library had its budget cut this year by 2% but we’re doing okay.

National ACRL Chapters Council Representative—after some discussion re: the need for an official rep. it was decided to continue with the current plan of having the president of the ACRL-OR Board attend whenever possible or appointing an appropriate representative in the absence of the president.

II. Budget Report.
We made a profit at Menucha of $2350.69. The ACRL-OR budget is in good shape—we have $13,986.25 in our budget currently.

III. Menucha Miscellany.
Good attendance contributed to our financial success and the decision to use a regional, less expensive keynote speaker helped as well. According to the evaluations from Menucha, this year’s conference received very positive responses from attendees overall. We need to begin thinking about the next Menucha. If we stick to a similar schedule as this year (fourth week in October), Menucha would be held October 28-29, 2004.
Things to remember for next time:
We may want to consider using the more expensive housing option (Creevey Commons Complex). Offer the private room alternative up front so we don’t need to make exceptions. Perhaps we should take a straw poll to see if people want single rooms and would be willing to pay? If we choose to break out into small group sessions, allow more time and provide more guidance for small group leaders, perhaps getting the group leaders together for a discussion before Menucha? Folks did not munch much on the snacks provided at the social but we ran out of alcoholic beverages—spent $100 on beer, wine, and seltzer, increase to $150? Band was fun but we may want to rethink arrangement--not easy for those wanting to talk and socialize to find a space (crowded into the small snack area and had to stand). Perhaps consider trying to recreate an Irish pub atmosphere or coffee house with small tables? Consider funding scholarships for new librarians to attend the conference. Provide high quality yet inexpensive earplugs at the conference registration table. ACTION: Heather will write thank you notes to speakers, band, etc. She will look into creating ACRL-Oregon letterhead, too.

IV. ACRL-OR Membership.
Janeanne will update our membership list as needed. It appears as though membership in ACRL/OR has dropped. Maureen Cole (OLA Membership Committee) wrote a draft note to send to librarians, but we decided to compose our own. A suggestion was made that the membership committee ought to offer some sort of discounts (5% discount at independent bookstores in Oregon). ACTION: Write a promotional document re: OLA/ACRL membership and put it into OLA conference packet. Heather will look for her promotional document from last year and she and Janeanne will revise. Sarah will pursue the idea of membership discounts at bookstores. Carry over action item from our October meeting: Carol McCulley will investigate how ACRL-WA and National ACRL handle their conference scholarships.

V. OLA Executive Board Meeting—November 2002
Cheryl attended and sent Heather the following highlights:
Jim Scheppke reminded public employees not to lobby during work hours, OLA treasurer has come up with a new and improved budget form, OLA/WLA 2002 conference made a profit of approximately $39,000, OLA Exec. Board is looking at the possibility of an executive director for OLA, there is talk of a possible merger of OEMA with OLA, and OLA is creating a white sheet re: Measure 28.

VI. ACRL-OR Archives.
Carol M. found a box of ACRL-OR papers from the 1980’s. There are some papers at UO, too. We need to look at what our record retention for OLA documents should be and maybe the documents should/could go to OSL? ACTION: Heather will look into whether or not OLA has a record retention plan and then contact Pam about storing papers at OSL.

VII. OLA Annual Conference, April 23-25, 2003, Corvallis.
ACRL/OR reception will be Wednesday from 6 pm to 7 pm on campus. ACTION: Elaine will pursue catering through OSU for 40—light hors d’oeuvres and a hosted bar.

VII. Political Issues.
Measure 28—How can ACRL-OR support this measure? It doesn’t look promising for this to pass but it would be best if it didn’t fail by a huge margin. ACTION: Heather will contact Nan Heim, OLA Lobbyist, and find out talking points re: Measure 28. We can post this on the ACRL-OR Web site and encourage librarians across the state to write to their local newspapers in support of Measure 28.
US Patriot Act—A teleconference on the Patriot Act was held December 11 and broadcast from various sites in OR. Feedback from participants indicates that it was an informative, worthwhile broadcast. Tapes will be available in the not too distant future.
GPO Changes—Proposed changes to GPO threaten public access to government information. ACTION: Sarah will draft a letter from ACRL-OR to GPO.


Reported by Joni Roberts