ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
December 12, 2003
Linfield College


The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Attending: Julia Longbrake, Elaine Gass Hirsch, Carol McCulley, Joni Roberts, Pam Horan, Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, Bonnie Parks, Ruth Vondracek, Sarah Beasley, Susan Hinken, Caroline Mann, Heather Ward (via phone)

Housekeeping & Updates:
Pam Horan brought a birthday cake to celebrate Susan Hinken’s birthday. Board members shared news from their local institutions.

A discussion was held as to whether to hold the OLA reception in the hotel or attempt to move to another venue. It was agreed that the reception would remain at the conference hotel this year and that we would provide some sort of vegetable and cheese trays along with wine & beer. The reception will be held from 6:00pm-7:00pm on Wednesday, April 14th.

The draft conference grid was reviewed and coordinators were identified. Ruth sought input for panelists for the “Report of my death…” panel on 4/15. The goal is to provide points of view from different types of library & reference situations. Several names were mentioned as good possibilities: Ruth Hutto (Reed), Nancy Huling (UW) and Caleb Tucker-Raymond with Answerland.

Final arrangements are being decided regarding the preconference. The time will be 10:30am-3pm & cost ($50) will include a boxed lunch. Because the preconference begins right at the time of a conference break, Sarah felt we needed to contribute to the costs of the break refreshments.

Sarah asked for a volunteer to write a “chapter topics” for the June issue of the OLA Quarterly. The piece should cover one or more of the sessions that take place at the OLA annual meeting. Susan volunteered to take this on.

Do we want an exhibit table at OLA? The board agreed that it really wasn’t worth the effort of putting together (and staffing) a table though members felt it would be good to have ACRL brochures at every sponsored session. It was also suggested that ACRL ribbons be provided for members to make the chapter’s visibility higher.

Career Fair:
It was agreed that last year’s participation in the career fair was a great success and that we’d like to participate again this year. Julia, Bonnie & Pam will work on this and find an MLS student to participate as well. They’ll try to find some give-aways to have at the table as well as a list of professional and paraprofessional open positions.

Sarah raised the issue of Menucha costs – the charge is $74 per bed. The last Menucha was $94 so we’d like to stay close to that figure. One change we might make to lessen the cost is to eliminate the final lunch on Friday since so many people leave early anyway. It was agreed that we’d approach vendors for contributions in May – before they’ve committed their funds for the year. Topics for the meeting were briefly discussed. One idea that the group was interested in was the idea of the changes in scholarly communication and the resulting impact on libraries. Some related topics mentioned were:
• open access
• changes in the tenure/research process

Susan mentioned the broad appeal of such a topic and the fact that we might draw in more Technical Services people.

OLA Board Meeting:
Pam reported on the State Library issues presented at the OLA board meeting. Currently the State Library is preparing their upcoming budget. They are assuming that the LSTA funding will remain steady. A plan is being worked on for state depository libraries to accommodate electronic documents.

The PNLA leadership Institute will be held on Oct 24th-30th at Dumas Bay, Washington and will have 36 attendees: 4 slots per state plus 8 open positions. Cost will be $800. The dates are in conflict with Menucha but it was agreed that the impact should be fairly minimal.

The statewide database license RFPs should be issued by mid January and vendors will have 6 weeks to reply. Academic libraries should contact Faye Chadwell (the academic rep on the committee) to provide input into the decision making process.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00pm.


Reported by Caroline Mann