ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
December 1, 2006

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Attendees:  John Repplinger, Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, Theresa Yancey, Dan Kelley, Lori Robare, Eliz Breakstone, Stephanie Michel, Robin Paynter, Barbara Valentine .  By phone: Maureen Kelly.

Minutes submitted by Eliz and approved with corrections.  Barbara noted that handbook suggests posting minutes within a week of meeting. This is so both those not attending can see what we did and so those who did attend can remember what they agreed to do!  Also, once the minutes are approved, they should go to John P. (communications king)  to post to ACRL-OR website.

Janeanne submitted two-year budget to the board.  This new plan is to help with longer term budgeting that covers both Menucha and non-Menucha years which can be quite different.  She added more to our reception expenses at OLA – this event will be catered this year by the hotel since we were not allowed to bring in our own food and drink.  She also slightly increased annual program expenses, scholarships, and travel costs for president to attend ALA meetings. 

Membership is about even at 110.  Increasing membership is a recurring issue, but we don’t seem to change that much.  Memberclicks may be able to help, so we can look at that.

Menucha program review:
Did not have evaluations at this meeting, but Janeanne will email them when she gets them from Robert. 

People felt generally positive about it.  Program and panelists good.  Generated good discussion, especially last day.  Worked better than breakout sessions which can serve to break up rather than foster discussion.  Having keynotes spend nite and then participate in discussion next day added to richness.  Liked the balance of audience, young and mature library types.  Liked that some speakers outside academic library setting, faculty (Anthony & Shawn).  Wondered if Washington participants mixing with Oregon also why Menucha does not attract library heads.

Decided we should have a formal speaker contract.  Stepanie and Lori may have samples. [put in handbook appendix? – see Wiki discussion later]

Agreed sponsorships provided by Robin were awesome.  Her secret was Greg Doyle since he helped get a target list of academic library vendors who would not be also giving to OLA.  Robin will send an example of letter she used with her “levels’ concept included. [put in handbook appendix? – see Wiki discussion later]

Party – fabulous.  People liked the book swap, we had a lot of stuff to eat and drink, good company.  Whoever on program committee next time should plan to coordinate food and drinks for party with breaks of program.  Maybe can afford to cater more?  Amounts of alcohol in appendix of handbook.  Maybe drop the pumpkin carving part.

Talk about getting Powerpoint for presenters on ACRL-OR site after conference.  May have to look at some legal issues.

OLA conference April 18-20:

John showed us the programs.  The ACRL-OR preconference is coming together.  Deborah Ringgold, Management prof at Willamette, will speak 9-12.  We will get an ACRL toolkit person for the afternoon.  Suggestions for advertising include announcing just before OLA announces conference registration, advertise via memberclicks, acrl-nw, libs-or.  Costs of preconference about $65 for the day and lunch.  John R. will take care of technology.  May have to pay lodging travel for ACRL part, but Ringgold needs no remuneraton.

Federated Searching program:  Mark Dahl (Lewis&Clark), possibly Reese from OSU on panel.  Will also ask Paul Frantz UO . Want all panelists to speak  15-20 minutes, then time for questions.  Program approx 1.5 hours.  Dan will moderate.

Will try to get Powerpoints put up on OLA conference website.  John R. has asked about this on OLA conference board, but not optimistic. Ask John P. to contact Rachel (webmaster) to see if we can do this at least on ACRL-OR site.  John R. could “collect” them from presenters.  Janeanne will ask at OLA board meeting if OLA can do this for the whole conference.

Marketing program ideas – send emails to lists, flyers in packet, get ACRL national to pay for postcard to ACRL-OR members.

OLA/WLA 2008
Lori mentioned that TSRT already has preconference planned, but they would be great support if ACRL would sponsor preconference on the evolution of the online catalog interface.  Will invite the TSRT chair to our meeting in Bend May 18. –

Kate Rubick is ACRL program rep to the 2008 conference..

We need to look back at our OLA evaluations from last year for programs recommended by attendees (John R.?).

ACRL National
Kate Gronmeyer, appointed to be Emerging Leader to ACRL, will also act as Legislative Representative from ACRL National to ACRL-OR.

Maureen agreed to write about Menucha for Chapter Topics newsletter due by Dec. 8.

Janeanne will go to ALA midwinter and ACRL national.  Dan will go to the chaper meeting at ALA summer.

Reviewed current handbook.  Barbara will modify slightly and send to Stephanie, who agreed to set up wiki for handbook and  appendix examples.  More on that later.

OLA Board
Talking about new paid position (part-time) for a newsletter, webmaster, memberclicks person.  ACRL board expressed hope this person would be paid enough to want to do all that.


Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Valentine