ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
February 20, 1998
Oregon Graduate Institute

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.
Present: Janet, Anna, Arlene, Anne, Loretta, Kit, John and Laurie(on the phone), Sue Kopp, Dale, Rushton

1.Info Sharing

Anna - SOU Teresa Montgomery will be interim during Fall and Winter terms while Sue Burkholder is on sabbatical; working on tech center

OSU - faculty concerned about cut to continuations and monographs, as are grad students;  president putting $200,000 from other budgets, and $100,000 from Campbell Fund; spend in next 3 months; pay back IS deficit from library materials and student fees

Janet - in charge of gov info at OSU remotely and maps for the time being; not hiring at supervisory level; two other retirements in Forestry, etc; reassignments as a result; upgrade support staff at main reference

Kit - interviewing for science libn; preservation and archivist postion 
being interviewed; CPS is up

Nancy - OGI up for accreditation; a survey of students done

Sue - looking for a director starting 3/1/98; move to Innovative and ORBIS; 
going to Evergreen and  St Martins in Olympia, WA

Arlene - Willamette has a budget decrease in upcoming year; concerned about periodicals

Dale - still bringing up WebPac

Lori - getting ready for program review; self-study similar to accreditation; reviewers coming this spring; budget problems-another cut and a hiring freeze on openings 

John - UO not a lot to say until budget ironed out; ORBIS/PORTALS joint 
task force on collaborative efforts, and may result in a merger; still outlining issues; ORBIS Council retreat in early March to discuss this; Deb and John to Coalition of Library Constortia in Atlanta; Jim Kopp there from PORTALS looking at Lexis-Nexis; talking with OGI, Marylhurst, Pacific and WA state for membership

Anne Fox - WOU has a position that closed; User/Distance Ed to hire by 
summer: building-on to contractor who just finished COCC building; move in by Fall, 1999

Janet - looking at Innovative Interfaces, and into contract negotiations

Rush - several vacancies: 1) head of Talking Book and Braille Service; 2) 
new Electronic Services Librarian position; 3) retirement of Alden Moberg, 
Oregoniana Librarian; Ernest Perez is in China for 6 weeks on an exchange 
through the State Library Foundation 

2. Nominations
Loretta & Sue - See list.

3. OLA Conference Logistics
Sue - LITA Membership Chair; things that might apply - interest groups - see email for budget for social hour Monday 5-7pm
Janet - how much do we want to spend and how much is recruitment?
Anna- how do we want to deliver invitations? target Emporia (last yr and 
current) and LSSRT
Kit - do invitations; it is a change of pace from breakfast; ask for RSVP
Sue - makes it more personal and formal
Arlene - why not both?
Anna - will do both; RSVP could be a phone call 
Loretta - put extras at preconferences
Kit - past class of ESU are members; 
Loretta - Safeway, and Eugene Hilton will do ice; 
Janet - add cups and napkins
Anna - a door prize;  drawing for free attendance at Menucha, and put that 
on invitations
Janet - budget about $400; any room to go to $500? yes; Anna and Loretta 
are in charge
Sue - add beer and seltzer and soda
Anne - hosts
Kit - add name tags
Janet - ACRL Board attendance not required;
Loretta - ID for Board name tags
Janet - recorders for each session; 
Loretta - recorder for Faculty Connection
Janet - recorder for preconference
Anne - recorder for Licensing
Lori - can ask people for AACR2; send to Chapter Topics, deadline is 4/13/98
Sue - will make a flyer of programs; and have them at social hour
Lori - Web pages will be up next week for flyer; 
Janet - preconference, conference and social hour; AV requirements - let 
Sheryl know, even for basics; Faculty Connections-Assignments in 
Information Technology; focus on how to use it in instruction; Ann 
Messersmith at OSU in Nutrition
Sue - any announcement for next OLA? Seaside in 99; 
Kit - contracts 3 years ahead; 
Janet - in 2000, back in the Valley
Anne - how can we prepare speakers for numbers? all speakers were full at 
joint conf.
Janet - need evaluations; need someone to collect, preferably the recorder
Sue - say on bottom of evaluations what to do with them;
Lori - does ACRL reimburse for handouts and transparencies?
Janet - yes; give form to her; also be sure to submit for reimbursement 
expenses, such as travel for president

4. Membership
Sue - LITA Membership Chair; things that might apply - interest groups; 
Arlene - do not have to be a member of national to join state
Sue - target new people in state; pick up from newsletters 
Dale - target federations for new people
Rush - talk at SOLF
Kit - problem is year starts in September
Janet - rolling membership year keeps stallng on renegotiating contract
Sue - work with OLA Membership
Kit - but they have not met this year
Anne - 1st year at low fee
Kit - we would have to pay management firm more to do it
Lori - could send out announcement in fall to listservs
Dale - put it out now because budgets are being formed now
Sue - have brochures at programs; Web site address
Kit - need an efficient way of getting new staff announcements throughout 
the state
Janet - OLA list; send names to list so  as to be able to recruit to ACRL; 
also target ACRL national who are not state members; do at time of Menucha mailing
Dale - Janet will generate letter and Kit will send it out
Sue - also send to OLA Membership Committee
Anne - need to be sure that it is new hires in academic libraries
Janet - have connections to other committees from ACRL; what about a pitch paragraph? How does OLA explain various membership options? 
Nancy - give them a paragraph to put on OLA page
Kit - put up material on "selling" various memberships
Janet - is OLA form effective on the Web? if it just sits there, then not 
Nancy- will draft something
Arlene- need to clarify links

5. Legislative Updates
Janet - ACRL Legislative Network; Barbara Jenkins was it last year; 
Copyright legislation is most important right now; table with email 
Arlene - advocacy programs say do not send email, because of the way other groups use it; encourage a printed letter on letterhead
Janet - Congress does filter by district; ALA a preconference on advocacy; 
ALA Legislative Day on 5/5/98;
Arlene - will be there in April for Documents conference
Kit - go anyway on off-time, and talk to staff
Janet - will check with Jim on talking points; delegation will be public 
libraries for May

6. Publications
Lori - made revisions to OLA conference page; will add information to Fall 
conference page on Menucha; OLA has established Web style guidelines; add 
OLA logo to page; a link to OLA page on ACRL; on internal page, have link 
to OLA page;  put ACRL logo in left corner, and OLA logo in right; also 
link to pages on anyone's server, rather than on OLA server;  prefer to 
have them on OLA server, because of links; 
Arlene - you can become Webmaster for life, so keep pages with OLA; Are 
there OLA Web police?
Lori - should keep with up with style guidelines
Arlene - have 50 files for DIGOR, and think it is unncecssary to add so 
many links;
next submission to Chapter Topics is due 4/13 and focus on conference 

7. Menucha
Anne - at a standstill, because of speaker and Maureen Sullivan situation
Janet - Maureen does not want to be a talking head after dinner; could be 
used for a preconference next year at which time she could do  a full 
Arlene - some question of how to do this 
Anne - do not find her publishing in the literature; not a clear picture of 
her activity, other than library reorganization
Arlene - I am not sure we want to  see her normal managment agenda on 
reengineering; her strengths do not match our interests for Menucha
Anne - I am not  sure we want a preconference on team management
Arlene - do we know she will be funded to come?
Janet - yes
Anne - should she come in October or April?
Janet - we could make money on preconference
Sue - could Menucha be considered a preconference?  It is still a workshop
Anne - she could do whole thing, depending on the  topic
Janet - next step to have a more in-depth conversation with Maureen 
Anne - Arlene and Anne will have a conversation with her about Menucha and the Virtual University; 
Janet - Chronicle  2/6/98, pp21-24 article on Western Governors University; California will have its own;  John from CSU, Monterey Bay is interested Anna - two suggestions 1) Roy Tennant from Web4Lib as a speaker;  2) Tom Delaney from Colorado State Univ, who has done ILL requests; they had a 
flood who knocked them out for 6 months, so he had to do a virtual university Arlene - are we talking about virtual libraries or virtual universities?
Janet - both; 
Dale - Glen Wilde, Dean at Utah State University would be a possibility 
Arlene - does not fit Menucha; what are management issues? are we 
Kit - what about recruiting, retention?
Janet - track Emporia grads?
Arlene - how do you integrate new people into team?
Anne - have virtual become OLA preconference, and team stuff become Menucha;
 switch event topics;
Sue - we want her in April, but prefer October for Menucha
Arlene - Maureen's presentation style may be better suited to Menucha
Anne - morale in the face of downsizing or team management; 
Nancy - what about a longer Menucha?
Janet - people seem to like current format; need for insurance
Nancy - will check on insurance for Menucha
Sue - from Pack Forest; have a box of kleenex, tables, cough drops
Janet - may have to not put up as many  seats
Arlene - interactive nature will influence setup

8. Next Meeting
7/31/98 1-4 Newport; 5/29/98 - Corvallis 1-4

Childrens Librarians are very concerned; will split PNLA expense 4 ways; 
new PNLA rep will be from Children's ranks

10. ALA Midwinter
Arlene - bylaws change to give round tables representation on Council; 1200 
members on GODORT, which is more than some divisions
Janet - Initiative Funds grants; could apply, but deadline is in March; 
wait for ACRL funds rather than apply for these funds;  ACRL Detroit in 99; 

Kit - encourage going to ACRL national
Janet - call for participation went out, so submit poster session or 

Nancy - OGI would be interested in participating in State Library 
Foundation staff exchange;
Anna - think about SOU- they have a librarian from China on staff
Dale - their library is very different, so take a swing through state;

11. OLA Awards
Janet - librarian of the year; submit to Shirley George; 


Reported by Janet Webster