ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
February 11, 2000
Portland State University

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Present: Bonnie Allen, Anne Christie, Linda Cochrane, Anne Fox,  Lynda Larremore, Ernest Perez, Sarah Beasley, Barbara Valentine, Heather Ward, Arlene Weible and Shirley Roberts (by phone)

Approval of minutes: Anne Christie said that there was one change to the December meeting minutes:  The financial report should read:  $8,655.56 for financial assets as of August 1999.  Minutes were approved as corrected.

Financial report

As of December 31, 1999:  Balance is $7,675.56.  According to the Transaction Report, the $780 disbursement to Anne Fox was for travel expense reimbursement.  Anne Christie said that she has not yet submitted her travel expenses for ALA Midwinter.

Anne Fox questioned the $1,260 gross income received from the April 1999 OLA conference.  Upon further investigation of the Transaction Report, the net income from the conference should be $1,056 ($1,260 minus $204 for food expenses).

Anne Christie clarified the deposits shown on the Transaction Report:

  • September 10, 1998    127.97          From Janet Webster

  • October 7, 1999       3,315.00          Menucha registration

Anne Christie said that according to the Bylaws the President is supposed to submit a budget in September; however, no budget is available yet.  She will prepare one soon.

Discussion was held regarding keeping better track of the income and  expenses incurred by ACRL-OR.  Lynda felt that the current Transaction Report is not sufficient.  Anne Christie and Lynda will devise a simple bookkeeping system and/or reporting system.

OLA Conference Programming: 

Anne Christie said that even though the materials was submitted by the deadline, some information regarding our programs did not make the preliminary program packet.  This has been corrected on the OLA web and will be correct in the final program.

Census Preconference Workshop

Discussion was held regarding cost distribution among the sponsors, BIGOR, DIGOR, and ACRL-OR.  Anne Christie will contact Andrew Bonamici for clarification of payment of plane tickets for the guest speaker.  Arlene will contact the McCulleys regarding payment of up-front expenses. She will also contact BIGOR and/or DIGOR to discuss cost distribution. (The speaker will be presenting a program during the conference as well.)

Tentative budget:

  • Honorarium    $300

  • Hotel              from 1- 3 nights

  • Equipment      Unknown at this time 

  • Registration

  • Meals             included in registration

  • Plane ticket     $600

The Preconference cost is $40 with a limit of 60 participants. Anne Christie will check with OLA to determine if the cost of food at the Preconference is an expense to ACRL-OR.

ACRL-OR had earlier agreed to commit $400 upfront to sponsoring the preconference. In reality, ACRL-OR will pick up the upfront costs and the  balance in expenses will be resolved  after the conference.  Bonnie asked whether the program should be canceled if there are not at least 30 registrations.  It was felt that since Michael Lavin will be presenting a program during the conference that the preconference would go on  regardless. The preconference planners are confident that there will be sufficient registrations.

Social Hour:

Anne Fox asked for assistance in planning the Social Hour. Sarah and Heather volunteered.  The Social Hour will be in the Presidential Suite.  Anne Fox will ask the OLA Conference planners the size of the room.

Librarians at Bootcamp: 

The InfoLit Immersion Experience:  Anne Christie said that Susan Barnes-Whyte is taking care of the program.

Needs Assessment: 

Bonnie said she is in contact with Steve Hiller and is waiting for a travel expense budget.

Collection Assessment:

The four speakers, Barbara and Anne Christie are meeting on March 6th at Chemeketa to outline the program. 


Anne Christie, Anne Fox, Shirley and Barbara submitted a tentative outline for Menucha, October 26-27, 2000.  The program will be on consortiums: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Discussion was held regarding the focus of the program.  Arlene will contact someone associated with the Utah universities to obtain information about their collection development program.  Barbara will contact John Helmer to see if he would like to participate on the program. Anne Fox will contact someone from the MOBIUS consortium.

Anne Christie will continue negotiations with Menucha.  Shirley volunteered to handle registration.  Heather was suggested as possibility to handle publicity.

The program still needs a title!

Nominating Committee:

Anne Christie will write a thorough job description for the President and Vice-President/President-elect positions..  She will ask Anne Fox, Janet Webster, and Loretta Reilly for input.  The job description will help the Nominating Committee to clearly explain the roles and expectations of the positions.

Names of potential candidates were suggested to the Nominating Committee (Linda Cochrane and Darcy Dauble).

Discussion was held regarding the possibility of electronic voting.  It was felt at this time not to use electronic balloting and voting methods.

Sarah asked about the impact the rolling membership has on voting.  Anne  Fox replied that what has happened in the past that ballots were sent to members who were on the list as a certain date.  The rolling membership shouldn't have an impact.

ACRL-NW listserv:

Discussion was held regarding whether to automatically subscribe someone to the ACRL-NW listserv when s/he joins.

Anne Fox suggested the possibility of sending an E-mail invitation to a new member informing them of ACRL-OR and to join the listserv. Anne Christie will obtain a monthly membership list from the McCulleys that could be used to send the invitations to.

Another idea was floated to send a letter to each library director to  encourage their staff members to join ACRL-OR.

Anne Christie will work with Barbara, listserv owner, to compare who are ACRL-OR members and who are on the ACRL-NW listserv.

ACRL Chapters Council:

Heather is on the ACRL Chapters Council Board.  Anne Christie announced that Blackwell is sponsoring an award for excellence in academic libraries. Chapters Council discussed the possibility of developing a brochure to explain the role of Chapters Council.  Anne Christie mentioned that Chapters Council will be having an orientation for new members.

ACRL Legislative Network:

Anne Christie will contact the OLA Legislative Committee to determine the  best approach in meeting the suggestions put forth by the ACRL Legislative Network.  A suggestion was made to have a representative to the OLA Legislative Committee. The Bylaws currently state that this is the Past  President. However, it is not clear how this is to be achieved.

ACRL National Conference:

Bonnie will develop a proposal and guidelines to sponsor someone to the ACRL 2001 National Conference.

Anne Christie will contact W. Lee Hisle, Conference Chair, to acknowledge receipt of his letter encouraging participation at the ACRL National  Conference as soon as the Board adopts Bonnie's proposal and guidelines.

It was also suggested as a possibility to give away a registration to the ACRL National Conference as a door prize at Menucha.

Alternative Conference Site:

Heather, Sarah, and Bonnie will investigate the possibility of alternative  sites to Menucha, keeping in mind cost, location, etc.  They will contact Menucha as well to determine if there is more "upscale" accommodations available.


Ernest Perez distributed a handout on ORULS and the various sorting and  limiting features it is capable of.  It was suggested  he contact the OLA  Program planners to see if he could do a poster session.  Bonnie will make  sure the information is distributed at the next ORBIS Collection Development Committee meeting.  Ernest said he plans to make a web-based tutorial as well.

Next Meeting:  Friday, May 12th, Oregon State Library, Salem


Reported by Lynda Larremore