ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
February 9, 2001
University of Oregon

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Attending: Bonnie Allen, Charlie Piquette, Linda Larremore, Anne Christie, Barbara Valentine, Teresa Montgomery. By phone: Cat Finney, Sarah Beasley, Shirley Roberts.

Academic Division Fees:
Linda presented wording for a proposal broached at the Menucha board meeting to institute a $10 fee for membership to OLA Academic Division. Academic Division is the only division without a fee. The proposal was modified and will be included on the May 2001 ballot with a cover letter explaining the rationale.

OLA conference program plans:
Preconference: Sarah is moderating the Division preconference at OLA which is co-sponsored by OLA Support Staff Division and Technical Services Roundtable. E-Books from Selection to Circulation will interest both academic and public librarians. The program will covers delivery of E-Books, licensing, content, budgeting, etc. as well as Collection Development, Cataloging, and use in Public Libraries. The last hour will include hands-on time and talk with panelists. Barbara will re-advertise this program on ACRL-NW.

Conference sessions:
Janet Webster is moderating Librarians as Political Animals Friday afternoon. Panel includes Gail Warner, Deb Carver, Deidre Conklin, and Terry Rohe.

Sarah Brownmiller is moderating So You Want to Digitize. Anne Christie is handling Karyle Butcher’s program. Bonnie Allen and Barbara Jenkins are moderating LibQual: Measuring Service Quality. Anne suggested specific Division people be assigned to take notes in these sessions rather than using volunteers at time of program.

Poster Sessions:
Anne Christie said there are 10 poster sessions this year, a new addition sponsored by the Division and Emporia State University library program. Anne says $250 should cover cost of skirts for tables and display boards. The board approved this expenditure. Anne will see if Emporia can chip in to cover these costs.

Nominations Committee assignment:
Usually the nominations committee is selected from those leaving the board at year’s end. This year the ballot in May will include not only a slate of candidates, but also the vote on a by-laws change and fee proposal (noted earlier). As a result, all those leaving the board will participate on this committee. Sarah Beasley, Shirley Roberts, and Barbara Valentine will get a slate of candidates, Linda Larremore will finalize the fee proposal piece, and Anne Christie will include the by-laws change. Deadline for these actions by end of OLA. Ballot will go out May 1.

By-Laws change
As noted, the ballot will include a vote on by-laws changes. These are mostly modifications which bring the document up to date with current practices. The Board discussed several modifications. Anne and Bonnie will iron out the document and return to Board for comment.

OLA/WLA 2002
Be thinking of ideas for programs for the Joint OLA/WLA conference 2002 will be needed by March 2001.

Menucha 2002
Tentatively reserving rooms for 2001. New Creevy Building and Wright will give us 80 semi-private rooms. Discussed two-tiered registration for less private rooms. Agreed that might be complicated at registration. Dates Oct. 24-25, 2002.

Next meetings:
Social at Seaside
May 11 @ Western Oregon
July 13 @ Bend