ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
February 21, 2003
Western Oregon University


The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Attending: Ward, McCulley, Resco, Middleton, Roberts, Beasley, Rockwell-Kincanon, Gass-Hirsch, Horan, Brownmiller, Kern, Longbrake

I. ACRL-OR Budget
Balance currently (or estimated to be by end of year including estimated costs for OLA reception, division election, contributions to Freedom to Read, and income from new memberhips) $13,590.25

Discussion of declining membership and impact of charging dues. Membership was 185 in ‘01; 118 in ‘02, and for ’03 currently stands at 103. Questions about this situation included:

investigating trends in OLA membership (Ward will request this info from the MacCauley’s)

determining what our potential membership is (defined as professional librarians in community, college, university and research libraries). Pam Horan will look into available State Library stats on this. A second idea for obtaining a number is to calculate it from staff numbers reported in the ALA Directory

Comparison of previous membership list w/ current list and informal survey of ex members to ascertain reasons for nonrenewal.

Since the organization has funds, does it make sense for us to try to support someone (~$1000) for attendance at the ACRL National Legislative Day, May 12 in Washington, D.C? General agreement that this would be a good idea assuming the local membership has opportunity to contribute to the issues agenda and attendee is mindful of what benefits will be brought back to the local members.

Idea to send Janeanne Rockwell-Kincannon.

II OLA Business

OLA Board requesting divisions to contribute $250 to ALA Freedom to Read to support anticipated $1.m+ costs of CIPA suit. Agreed.

Items for OLA Hotline, Middleton suggested that we brainstorm a list of topics that we would frequently want to post about and organize an annual calendar and dummy blurbs on those topics.

OLA intending to cooperate w/ UW in an IMLS grant to improve recruitment.

OLA has established a new award for Distinguished Service (more a lifetime achievement kind of award than Librarian of the Year).

III OLA Conference

Introductions for our programs: Ward will introducing Digitizing the NW (Friday pm.)
Sarah will introduce M-Web program (Friday am)

Cheryl will surface the program evaluation forms that we used for our programs last years.

Gass or Kern will make sure we have name tags. Ward will take care of flowers and flyers. Middleton will look again for the ACRL banner.

We should encourage attendance at the banquet Thursday night.

IV Nominating Committee

Joni Roberts and Carol Resco have volunteered. Suggestions for president elect and two at large positions should be sent to them. Roberts will post to Hotline and ACRL NW requesting nominations and volunteers.

Ward will send copies of the current membership list to Resco, Roberts and Beasley.

Roberts will investigate Zoomerang as a platform for a web-based voting.
Rockwell-Kincanon will work on a members email list.

V ACRL National Chapters Council

Promotional materials for academic libraries related to the @your library campaign were discussed.

Ward meet Larry Hardesty at Chapters Council and discussed cost of ACRL conference as barrier to participation. Not much recognition that this is an issue.

Brownmiller suggested that ACRL Oregon provide a scholarship (covering the member conference registration) for Oregon librarians. Scholarship shouldn’t be limited to beginning librarians only. This would be good PR for the state organization and good for encouraging professional participation. Criteria for selection to be developed.

As the national ACRL conference and the Oregon-sponsored state ACRL conference are in opposite years, someone suggested that we sponsor two library school students to attend the Menucha conference. Cost would be ~$300 per year.

Lawyers for Libraries program – ( Board recommends that we co sponsor sending a lawyer to this workshop. Scheduled in October in the Bay Area. Ward will talk with OLA president, Connie Bennett, about how to make this happen.

VI Political Update

Ward sent letters to the editor of several papers in support of Measure 28, but didn’t see that any of them made it into print.

Reauthorization of Museum & Library Services Act
Contact congressional delegation to encourage support bill.

OLA Legislative Day
Ward found it useful and educational, although she felt she could have used some training or more coaching beforehand. Event was not well-attended possibly due to short notice. Doesn’t occur at same time every session, but is generally early in the session. Generally plan on this event in February of odd years.

VII Business

Letterhead – Beasley will work on finding someone to do a mockup. Ward will send details.

Pack Forest dates: 10/23-24, 2003

Promoting organization and profession: Ward mentioned idea from Chapter Topics, the Louisiana chapter president attends university career fairs to encourage students to consider librarianship.

Member discounts at independent bookstores. Annie Bloom’s in Portland has agreed to offer a 10% discount for ACRL Oregon members. Suggested to approach Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association to secure similar discount at all member bookstores. Beasley will follow up. In order for bookstores to be able to determine our members, the OLA membership card will need to have an ACRL logo. Ward will follow up to determine mechanism for this to be done.

Ward investigating OLA policy regarding archiving of their materials. Horan investigate State Library’s holdings of OLA stuff.

GPO Letter – Beasley will work on this. Focus of letter should be our concerns regarding scrubbed web sites. Intended audience should be legislators, policy makers, faculty, etc.


Reported by Sarah Beasley