ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
February 13, 2004
University of Oregon

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Attending: Sara Beasley, Bonnie Parks, Susan Hinken, Elaine Gass Hirsch, Pam Horan (recording), Julia Longbrake, Caroline Mann, Carol McCulley (by telephone) Joni Roberts, Ruth Vondracek, Heather Ward.

Housekeeping and Updates:
Minutes from December 30th were reviewed and approved.

Career Fair:
The fair is on April 7th. Julia, Pam, Bonnie Parks and Ruth V. will arrange and man booth.

OLA Conference:
March 1st is deadline for changes to print program.

Nominating Committee:
Two Board members need to suggest and solicit nominees for two candidates for VP- President Elect, and two candidates for At Large positions on the ACRL Board.

The Board has to accept the slate, ballots must be out by May 1st for election results by the end of May. The results need to be announced by June 15th.

Carol McCulley and Bonnie Parks volunteered as the Nominating Committee, and will, if possible, use Orbis’ Zoomerang for the balloting.

Possibilities for nominees were suggested by Board members.

ALA Legislative Day May 3-4 in WDC:
ACRL budget is $1000; the State Library is coordinating the Oregon library group schedule, a concerted lobbying effort to Congressional delegations.

OLA related Information (OLA Board report):
In the legislative session years, OLA has a librarian from a public library as President; academic librarians are selected in years where there is not a legislative session.

Anne Christie is chairing the OLA Nominating Committee and asked that the board brainstorm names for OLA president.

• Emporia Intern possibility
• ACRL By-laws: Proposal for by-laws change to accord with OLA by-laws on voting by proxy (has to be a designated proxy).
• OLA Legislative Committee report (Heather) on strategies for coming legislative session.
• ALA and Patriot Act: Washington Office Action Alerts and talking points.
• Oregon Academy of Sciences – good idea for librarian to be involved

Menucha conference planning.

Themes, format, speakers discussed:
Scholarly communication was the main focus as a theme, including:

• Institutional repositories and access to these
• Issues related to use and content
• Campus portals – regional resources
• Incorporate technology into Portals: access, authentication, policy issues
• Potential change in scholarly communication
• How to get faculty involved re: high cost of journals
• Possible speakers: UW Scholarly Communications Libn
Faculty liaisons to library; Univ. of Kansas Provost Schillenburg??
• Tyranny of Copyright – NY Times
• Professional society pubs
• Elsevier absorped lots of society pubs
• Peter Suber – Earlham college
• Serials pricing
• How effective have boycotts been?
• How to get faculty involved
• Legislative update
• Copyright removal and “copywrong” movement (open access injurious to small schl publications)
• Open access
Ruth V. will talk to OSU task force/work group to find out who is involved, who is doing what, etc.

Good speakers, possibilities from the West Coast: Janet Webster, Mike Boock (Tech services); Larry Landis (Archives), Laurel Kristick (Science), Anne Christie

Ruth V. and Bonnie P. volunteered to review the scholarship applications.

Possible Fundraiser
Discussion of a possible fundraiser and promotional: produce an ACRL Librarian/cat calendar. Ruth V. and Heather volunteered to investigate the possibility.


Reported by Pam Horan