ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
February 4, 2005
Linfield College


The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Present: Pam Horan, State Library; Kris Kern, PSU; Barbara Valentine, Linfield; Susanna Flodin, Clackamas CC; Bonnie Parks, OSU; Ruth Vondracek, OSU; Sarah Beasley, PSU; Carol McCulley, Linfield; Joni Roberts, Willamette U; Susan Hinkel, U of Portland; Caroline Mann, U of Portland; Jean Caspers, Linfield, guest.

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as prepared.

OLA Conference – ACRL-Oregon is co-sponsoring seven programs. This may mean helping with speaker fees, lunches, equipment, and registration for non OLA members. Susan will explore what expenses to expect and contact the other Board members about equipment needs. Pam and Kris will talk to Rose Jackson and Torie Scott and work out introducers for the programs. Ruth will send a list of OSU folks attending the conference. (ACRL national conference conflicts with the OLA conference.)


ALA Midwinter. Susan attended the ACRL Chapter Council meeting. Chapters introduced their activities. Susan came away proud of our smaller, spread out chapter. ACRL chair candidates gave presentations. A dues increase will be proposed. The surplus has decreased $1,000,000 in a year due to a huge decrease in ad revenues. ACRL stays in ALA because it provides office and IT support. There is information on the website about the dues increase. It is important to have a representative at ALA meetings.

Carol McCulley moved and Bonnie Parks seconded that ACRL-Oregon pay for registration and a per diem of $75.00 for three days for a representative to Chapter Council to attend ALA Annual and Midwinter meetings. The motion passed.

OLA Board. Susan attended and brought up the issue of the OLA website. An ad hoc committee on technology issues is meeting in February. ACRL has concerns about registration and the listserv. Susan will contact Maureen after the February 11 meeting. L-Net: the number of libraries participating is small. There is a cost-benefit concern. Now there are teams being established, including marketing. The goal is 1,000 hits per month by April. Pam noted that L-Net is funded through June and likely beyond. The Executive Director of presented to the Board about a literary arts festival on April 12-14 in Portland. There will be events, free and for a fee, during the festival.

Legislative Day. Legislators are annoyed with Kulangoski’s pledge of no new revenue. Not many academic librarians participated in the Day. There isn’t any critical legislation now, but there will be on government documents and filtering. Librarians were introduced on the floor. The ceremony on the 27th was religious in nature. ALA is developing a list of 100 books, from each state. Sometimes a Great Notion is an adult book from Oregon. There will also be a children’s book. There was a discussion about developing a book table for legislators with academic books, similar to the children’s book table organized by Sandy Olmsted. It might be possible to talk to university presses. How many colleges and universities are there in each district? Would this project dilute the children’s effort? Sarah and Joni will explore this idea further.

OLA/OEMA Collaboration and role of academic librarians. Jean Caspers reported on her involvement with an OLA/OEMA committee. There is the question of a need for an academic librarian, i.e. a representative from ACRL-Oregon, on this committee. She reported that OEMA is shrinking and needs support. The Department of Education has funds for literacy. It was agreed that Jean would continue to represent ACRL-Oregon on the ad hoc OLA/OEMA committee for this year and report at the end of the year to the ACRL-Oregon Board. It was discussed that the issue of working with teachers and school librarians is a possibility for a conference program.

Career Day. This year’s Career Day is April 7, that conflicts with ACRL and OLA conferences so we will not participate this year. We will ask to remain on the mailing list for next year.

NIH Letter. The letter reached draft stage at which time NIH changed its position and volunteered to publish research on PubMed. Therefore it is unclear what to do with the letter now. Ideas discussed are to poll faculty on awareness of open access publishing; explore any faculty senate resolutions pertaining to copyright or scholarly communication; look for advocacy role librarians have taken such as the OLA Intellectual Freedom surveys about filtering. Carol and Kris will work on sending a survey to collection development librarians at institutions to maintain interest and provide a resource.

Elections. Going off the Board this year are Sarah Beasley, Bonnie Parks (OUS representative, appointed), Caroline Mann (College representative, appointed), Carol McCulley (Member-at-Large), and Ruth Vondracek (Member-at-Large). To be elected are a Vice Chair and two Members-at-Large. Appointed will be the OUS and private colleges representatives. Sarah and Joni will be the old/new election people. The cost was $100.00 last year. Survey Monkey was used for elections and Sarah will find out if PSU has this program. The officers who are the Past, Present and Future Chairs must be members of ACRL, ACRL-Oregon and OLA. Especially encouraged are men, members from other parts of Oregon, and for chair, someone from a public institution since the last two chairs will have been from small private colleges. Board experience is helpful for the vice chair to have. There are new librarians at OSU and PSU who could be possible candidates. Please send lists to Joni. Also needed is a list of past Board members.

Handbook. The need for a handbook came up several times during the meeting. Among items to be included are the schedule for elections; Career Day; Legislative book table; chair’s meeting requirement at ALA Midwinter and Annual.

Next meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for Oregon State University’s Valley Library.


Respectfully submitted,
Kris Kern
ACRL Oregon Board Meeting
February 4, 2005
Linfield College