ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
February 17, 2006
Western Oregon University

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Present: President Barbara Valentine (Linfield); Vice-President Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon (WOU); Past-President Susan Hinken (UP); Community College Rep Theresa Yancey (CCC); Private Colleges Rep John Repplinger (Willamette); State Library Rep Robert Hulshof-Schmidt; Members-At-Large Robin Paynter (PSU), Lori Robare (UO), Kris Kern (PSU), and Joni Roberts (Willamette).

Absent: OUS Rep Maureen (OSU Cascades); Communications Coordinator Torie Scott (PCC).

Meeting Minutes - minutes of the December 9 meeting were approved.

Next Meeting – moved from March 31 to April 14.

Budget – Barbara circulated the balance sheet for member information. No action needed.

Legislative Day – Board discussed the practice of sending a representative to Legislative Day. Past practice has varied, but it was agreed that general practice should be to give first right of refusal to the Past President. Susan will go this year.

Career Day / Job Fair – date this year conflicts with OLA, which is a clearer priority for the organization.

  • We will not participate in the job fair this year.
  • OLA will be looking into broader opportunities for participation in job fairs and will work with the various units on those opportunities.

OLA Planning

  • Barbara will email Board members a copy of the last OLA board minutes as an FYI. Questions or clarifications should be directed to her.
  • Registration for OLA in April is now online via MemberClicks. ACRL may be able to use this system for Menucha registrations.
  • Board reviewed equipment needs and room assignments. Each person who is in charge of a given session will be responsible for speaker introductions and timing as needed. Robert will provide a projector for the preconference.
  • Susan will draft and circulate publicity for the preconference by the end of February.
  • John will email an evaluations template to all responsible parties; they will distribute at each session.
  • The ACRL reception will be Wednesday evening from 5:30 – 6:30 in the President’s Suite. Janeanne, Susan, and Barbara will set it up.

Nominations – we need to have elections completed by May 31, 2006. This year we are electing two Members-At-Large and a Vice-President.

  • The nominating committee will be Kris and Robert.
  • The Board brainstormed a number of potential candidates for each position. The committee will review the list and prioritize it.
  • Robert will investigate using open source survey software at the State Library to conduct the voting.
  • Board will finalize slate of candidates and methodology at April 14 meeting.

Menucha Planning

  • Board discussed setting a theme and settled on the broad concept of Internet Learning Trends with some connection to faculty involvement
  • Potential first day speakers are Lee Rainey and Rachel Bridgewater; Barbara will check with them and ask for recommendations if they are unavailable.
  • For the second day, the Board discussed a panel or series to discuss practical applications of Internet trends, including collaborative projects. Possible use of “break-in” sessions between series or panelists was discussed to minimize the disruption of traditional break-outs.
  • Board members should bring session ideas to the April meeting to finalize a proposed program.
  • Work on assembling the program will be distributed; assignments will be made in April.
  • Robin is looking at the OLA vendor list to identify possible sponsors and giveaways. Umbrellas were suggested.

Reported by Robert Hulshof-Schmidt