ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
February 23, 2007
University of Portland


Present: President Janeanne Rockwell-Kincannon (WOU); Vice-President Stephanie Michel (UP); OUS Rep Maureen Kelly (OSU-Cascades); Private College Rep John Repplinger (Willamette); Members-At-Large: Robin Paynter (PSU); and Dan Kelly (Lewis & Clark).

By conference call: Past President Barbara Valentine (Linfield); Members-At-Large: Lori Robare (UO), and Eliz Breakstone (UO).

Absent: College Rep Theresa Yancey (CCC) (maternity leave); State of Oregon State Library Rep Robert Hulshof-Schmidt; and ACRL-OR Communications John Pollitz (OSU).


Meeting Called to Order by Janeanne at 12:15 p.m.


News from Board.

University of Portland is in negotiation to purchase property adjacent to campus below the cliff. One idea is to move the baseball field to this new area and build a new library on top of the current baseball field. They are also looking at ways to thin their collection. Willamette University is renting space from the State of Oregon State Library in a process to weed their collection. Eliz has recently changed jobs to the University of Oregon Law Library where she is the Law Collections Librarian (congratulations Eliz). Theresa is currently on maternity leave from CCC due to the arrival of Helen Claire (congratulations Theresa and Doug). OSU recently switched their IM service to Chatango, and both UP and Willamette have recently switched from Trillium IM service to IM.


Meeting Minutes.

There was a motion to approve the minutes for December 1, 2006 by John R. and seconded by Dan. The minutes were unanimously approved by the other members.

New ACRL-OR WIKI. Stephanie set up the ACRL-OR Handbook at This is a private web site that only ACRL-OR Board members can access and modify, and is password protected (see Stephanie for details). It currently includes the ACRL-OR Handbook, plus appendices:

  • [ACRL Organizational] Relationships

  • Useful Web Sites

  • Board Members 

  • Meeting Mechanics

  • Menucha Planning Tips

  • OLA Conference Planning Tips* (John R.)

  • Legislative Day* (Janeanne)

  • Meeting and Planning Calendar

  • Appendices


  • Appendix A: Letters for Sponsors

  • Appendix B: Scholarship Letter* (Lori)

  • Appendix C: Speaker Contract Form

  • Appendix D: Sample Evaluation Form* (Robert)

  • Appendix E: Menucha 06 Notes

  • Appendix F: Sample Thank You Letters* (Janeanne)


  • Appendix G: Thank You Letters to Program Leaders* (Barbara)

  • Appendix H: Sample Annual Report submitted to OLA Board at the end of August

Evaluations from Previous Programs:

  • Menucha 2006 evaluations*

*These items still need information. People who have the information to update things are listed with the respective items. Each board member should review the WIKI to see if any other documents should be included.


Nominating Committee.

Maureen & Barbara were appointed to be the ACRL-OR Nominating Committee this year. The people rotating off the committee in August are:

Vice Pres/Pres/Past Pres

  • Barbara Valentine

 Members at Large

  • Robin Paynter

  • Lori Robare


  • Maureen Kelly ( OUS Rep)

  • John Repplinger ( Priv Coll. Rep)

Barbara suggested that part of the Past President’s responsibilities could include being on the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will solicit suggestions for possible candidates from ACRL-OR members--suggestions from the Board are welcome (please send to Maureen or Barbara). According to the bylaws, there must be two candidates per position, and the Board must accept the slate of candidates.  The election process starts May 1 st and will be handled for the first time through MemberClicks. The results of the election will be announced by June 15 th. Three current suggestions are: Elizabeth Peterson (UofO), Steve Silver (NW Christian College), and Garrett Trott the new librarian at Corbin College.


Brief Budget Report.

Balance $18,890.06 12/31/06 $18,438.65 reported 10/31/06

Activity 9/1/06-12/31/06: Total Inflows 10,135.00

Total Outflows -5,871.48

Net Total 4,263.52

Janeanne said that she will submit reimbursement expenses from the ALA Winter Conference, so there will be some budget outflow in the near future.


National Legislative Day.

The National Legislative Day in Washington, D.C. will be held May 1 & 2. The past president either attends or someone else is appointed to attend. This year Barbara Valentine declined to go, and Robin Paynter was appointed to attend. The first day attendees are briefed on major issues of libraries, and the second day attendees visit Oregon legislators or their representative staff. The State Library pays for the registration fees, and ACRL-OR will pay up to $1,000 for travel, room and board. The Board should find out whether Kate Grunmeyer is still interested in being the conduit for academic libraries.


OLA 2007.

Dan Kelley talked about the Federated Search program. He says that Paul Franz (UofO), Terry Reese (OSU), Mark Dahl (Lewis & Clark), and Adrian Lim ( Portland State University) are speakers for the Federated Searching program. Dan will moderate the program.

John R. said that the conference programs & pre-conference are all coming together. There are currently three people signed up for the ACRL pre-conference—this is good since the registration has only been up for a little under two weeks. Our goal is to have 25-30 attendees.

Nancy Davenport offered the ACRL-OR Board a deal:

- If Nancy looses the election for ALA Presidency, ACRL-OR will pay her an honorarium of $500 for being an OLA pre-conference speaker.

- If she wins the election and becomes the 2008-09 ALA President, Nancy will wave the $500 ACRL-OR. She would like ACRL-OR to donate $1,000 for professional development travel funds (details can be negotiated). The arrangement with Nancy is only for a one-time gift of $1,000.

One of Nancy’s goals as ALA President is to create a permanent professional development travel grant, and the board thought this is a positive cause which will benefit ACRL members (preferably ACRL-OR members). Lori motioned to accept Nancy’s proposal, and Stephanie seconded the motion. The Board voted unanimously to accept the proposal. There was further discussion by the Board to use this opportunity to explore the level of funding, purpose of the grant, who can apply for the grant, the types of programs it might be geared toward, or leaving how the money would be spent to the discretion of the applicant, and possibly making this an annual activity. Other ideas included asking applicants to blog or give a brief report about their experience, and/or publish this in the OLA Hotline publication. It may increase membership activity, and will hopefully provide significant professional development opportunities to ACRL-OR members.

The deal lead to a discussion about making how the ACRL-OR dues are spent more transparent to its members. The Board should consider posting a general outline of how their dues are spent on the ACRL-OR web site.

Janeanne will email ACRL-OR members directly through MemberClicks to send a short promotion of the ACRL sponsored programs. This will be in addition to the emails that John P. has sent out to the Libs-Or & ACRL-NW email lists.

Janeanne volunteered to create a web page of this year’s ACRL sponsored programs to post on the ACRL-OR web site.

John R. will coordinate Board members to introduce OLA programs & perform head counts.

John R. will coordinate efforts with Board members to invite attendees from the other programs to attend the social hour/reception; all conference attendees are welcome to attend.

Robin volunteered to create a poster for the social hour/reception that will display all of the ACRL sponsored programs.


OLA/WLA 2008.

The program proposal deadline for the OLA/WLA joint conference is this August, so the Board should begin to brain storm ideas for programs. TSRT may want to cosponsor some programs with ACRL-OR, so the TSRT Chair will be invited to our next Board meeting.

Since this is a joint conference with WLA, it is possible that there will be more programs submitted for the same number of spots. It was pointed out that the Washington Chapter of ACRL has nothing to do with WLA; they have their own annual conference, and do not have representation on the WLA planning committee. This means that there will be no formal ACRL-OR representation on the 2008 conference programming committee. Kate Rubick was asked to be the liaison for ACRL, but now serves the OLA/WLA Conference Committee in different capacities due to the different arrangements.

Menucha. Robin offered an idea to increase social interaction between Oregon & Washington ACRL members: include a brief description of the title/ main responsibilities of attendees in the name tag. This will allow people to connect more easily with each other if they know what the job of others—they can relate more easily.   Janeanne will request the Menucha evaluations from Robert to share with the rest of the Board. 

Janeanne will place a reservation with Menucha for 2008. The Board decided to hold the fall conference the week before Halloween Oct. 23/24.


OLA Board.

Oregon will celebrate its 150 th anniversary in 2009. The OLA Board is working on the “One Book Project” and the book  Stubborn Twig: Three Generations in the Life of a Japanese American Family by Lauren Kessler has been suggested by Jim Scheppke of the State Library.

OLA is working together to hold a joint conference with OASL and OLA in 2010. This will be the first conference for these two groups to be held together, and discussion of having the conference in March or April.

Maureen is now serving on the OLA nominating committee, and says that while it is difficult to get volunteers for OLA positions there has been a few volunteers already. She anticipates the positions to be filled in the near future.

OLA has launched an MLS scholarship program, in which $17,000 will be given to someone who wants to pursue an MLS degree. We are encouraged to send students who are interested to the OLA web site (

ALA will now allow information of individual members to be shared with ALA divisions & local units. In the past ALA has prevented the sharing of personal information of individual members, but a new feature will be added to the ALA membership renewal form that will ask members if it is ok to share info with ALA divisions & local units.


Other Business.

Robin told the Board about the potential closing of the Oregon Historical Society. There was discussion about what would happen to the collection if it were to close.


Upcoming Meetings.

March 23, 2007—12-4 p.m. ( Tentative) If the board needs to discuss anything prior to OLA, we’re keeping this time open for a conference call. Janeanne will call for a virtual meeting if needed.

May 18, 2007—12-4 p.m. OSU-Cascades (Oregon Virtual Reference Summit moved to June 1)

Meeting Adjourned. Janeanne Rockwell-Kincannon adjourned the meeting at 3:15pm.

Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by John Repplinger.