ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
February 29, 2008
Western Oregon University

Present: Bill Kelm, Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, Dan Kelley, Robin Paynter, Steph Miller, Anne-Mariet Deitering, Garrett Trott (minutes), Janet Tapper, Stephanie Michel (presiding), Teresa Yancey, Eliz Breakstone, Elizabeth Petersen

Absent: Robert Hulshof-Schmidt



Steph Miller was with us to show us web-clicks and some of the changes being made to the OLA website and the ACRL-OR website.



Reviewed minutes from the 1/4/2008 meeting.  Elizabeth Petersen moved to accept the minutes, Elizabeth Breakstone seconded.  Motion carried.


Budget Update

Our budget continues to have a healthy bottom line.  Current balance (as of 12/31/2007): $17,850.40


Information from ACRL Chapter Council Meeting at Midwinter

a. The people who were running for ACRL offices gave speeches.

b. Julie Todaro spoke, talking about ACRL Insider Blog.  This is supposed to complement the ACRLog, covering issues such as association business.

c. Julie Todaro also talked about recruitment and retention for librarians.  She has created a wiki for this issue.  The question arose as to whether or not retention is really an issue; recruitment seems to be more of an issue for librarians.<,/span>

d. There was a proposal to create interest groups within ACRL.  ACRL tends to be slow when responding to particular issues.  An interest group could develop with a certain number of people interested and could dissolve just as easily.  An interest group would not have to go through the “red tape” that it takes to develop a division or section.

A lot of librarians at small schools wear many hats and it is difficult for them to be involved with a single committee, when it only speaks to part of their responsibilities.    These interest groups could assist in providing avenues of professional networking, while not taking on involvement in another committee.

These groups would be given $150 seed money to assist in their development.

This was going to be voted on at ALA MidWinter to be on the spring ballot.

ACRL Chapters meeting gave a brief overview of this, but they were unable to answer many of the questions that arose.

OLA News

The OLA board has proposed a dues increase. Stephanie gave a handout.  This dues increase will likely come up at the OLA/WLA conference in April.

A few changes in the dues were noted:

i. Company Rep (which was changed to Sustaining Business Partner) increased substantially (from $30-$200).

ii. A new income category of $70,000+ was added.

The last increase was 2001 and OLA needs the extra income.  This is primarily because the conferences tend to be a primary source of income for OLA and the 2008 conference will not bring in the funding necessary because it is a joint conference.  With that and the fact that most of the money that OLA has comes from memberships, a dues increase was seen as necessary.

A few clarifications were asked for:

i.  The category of friend/trustee will include retired librarian, a student, or unemployed.

ii.  The institutional membership/sustaining library does not cover staff.  It covers board members, friends, etc….

The question “will services increase as dues go up?” was brought up.  One of those services that was brought up was perhaps offering a “corporate” membership, where one fee could cover all the staff at an institution.

Stephanie said that offering a “corporate” membership will likely be brought up in the future

It was asked if we could get a list from ACRL National of ACRL members and thus potential ACRL-OR members.  This might provide an opportunity to reach out to potential members.  Last time there was a dues increase, there was as a substantial ACRL-OR decrease.  How can we be proactive with this so the dues increase doesn’t hit ACRL-OR as hard?

Database Funding

Oregon Department of Education cannot support the funding for the OR database package.  There is a lot of concern regarding what’s going to happen.  They are at an advocacy stage where they are trying to get money from other organizations.  The Oregon State Library cannot provide funding by itself.  Oregon did receive an LSTA grant.  LSTA paid the first year, OSL picked it up after that.

Upcoming Conference

  • Oregon Reads will be selling extra copies of “Stubborn Twig” – this is a time to buy less expensive copies if interested as the copies that are coming in the near future will be more expensive.
  • Powell’s will possibly provide a reception – much of this is still up in the air.
  • No tote bags!  They may provide a portfolio.  This is still under discussion
  • Past presidents of OLA will be giving temporary tattoos – mudflap girls or mudflap boys, for $3.00.  This money will be going to OLA scholarships

MemberClicks demo

a. New OLA webpage will go live before OLA/WLA conference

b. Steph Miller explained here title/responsibilities with OLA

  • She has about six hours a week to devote to the OLA webpage
  • She is creating new templates for OLAweb
  • Current website has been like it is now for 10 years
  • She encourages nagging

c. ACRL-OR used memberclicks for ’06 conference registration

d. The home page will have rotating images.  Kevin Moore at PCC is collecting these pictures

e. All updated information is due on 3/15.  Between 3/15 and 4/1 all olaweb will be updated

Questions asked:

  • Can we pull up a list of ACRL-OR members?  Yes in the narrow search feature of Memberclicks
  • Can we see who dropped out?  Kind of – Steph Miller can see it, but we will not be able to specifically see ACRL-OR.  Steph was going to take a look into this.

ACRL-Oregon web site update

a. Robin is adding content for the new ACRL-OR website, working with Steph Miller

>b. There is a nice form aspect of memberclicks.  Robin will look into using forms to update ACRL-OR website.


  • Should the ACRL-OR news link on the new web page be changed to just listservs?
  • The “10 reasons to become an ACRL-OR member” has not been updated recently.  It should be updated to include scholarship possibilities.
  • Should we develop a Menucha logo?  Using multiple logos for a single organization can dilute identity.  Menucha does not need its own logo.
  • Add a link for ACRL-OR board members to the ACRL-OR wiki

OLA/WLA Annual Conference

a. Maureen Kelly was liaison to OLA/WLA conference, what should her responsibilities be?

We were the only division that had a representative on OLA/WLA board and ACRL-OR was represented on the board via Robert Hulshof-Schmidt.  Maureen has no official responsibilities on the OLA/WLA board.

b. Board members are needed to give a brief introduction, take a count, make sure the evaluations are filled out, time notices, etc….

  • Dan Kelley - OSU’s Interactive Course Assignment Pages – Thursday, 2:15-3:15
  • Garrett Trott – Practical Assessment : Gathering, Evaluating and Using Data – Thursday, 4:15-5:30
  • Janet Tapper – Serials Decision Databases – Thursday, 2:15-3:15
  • Stephanie Michel – New Modes of Campus Integration – Friday, 2:15-3:15
  • Robin Paynter – Providing Information Literacy Instruction to Graduate Students – Friday 3:30-4:30

c. Are introductions needed for Pre-conferences? Janeanne will introduce Anne-Marie’s “Tutorials 2.0

As of 2/29/08, nobody was registered for “Dynamic Systems Model.”  This pre-conference was at risk of being cancelled.

  1. Not clear that this session is IL related, sounds more techie
  2. OLA/WLA committee will meet sometime on the week of March 3rd.  They will decide if this pre-conference will be cancelled or not.
  3. Robin will re-post this session on ACRL-NW and LIBS-OR
  4. Other board members will get word out about this pre-conference to others who may be interested, but do not get access to the listservs.
  5. It was noted that individuals can register for just pre-conferences

d. OLA/WLA asked us to verify program descriptions.  Stephanie will send out e-mail to other presenters to double check.  Must be done by 3/7.

Joint OLA/WLA reception

  • Janeanne got e-mail from OLA/WLA.  She read it
  • This would be a good opportunity to advertise ACRL-OR
  • They do not know if there will be a raffle/bingo at reception.  If they do have reception, ACRL-OR will participate.
  • Action items: 
  1. Make approx. 250 bookmarks with “Top 10 reasons” on one side and Menucha ’08 on the other.
  2. Anne-Marie will provide a laptop for the slide show at table
  3. Add a bowl of candy.
  4. Table will be staffed.  Stephanie, Janeanne, and Anne-Marie will all be at the reception.
  5. If reception does happen, Stephanie will get $50 gift certificate for Powell’s

Planning for ACRL-OR Conference

Keynote Speakers

Tim Daniels from Georgia Pines said yes.  He is giving a pre-conference at OLA/WLA

Kyle Benergy – have not heard back from him yet.

Andrew Pace – have not heard back from him yet.

  1. Can not find contact information on OCLC website.
  2. It was recommended that we contact OCLC Western to try to connect with Andrew Pace.

Panel Speakers

Mark Kibby from University of Washington.  He thinks he is interested.  Will pass it on to others at UW if he is unable.

Julie Zagon – OHSU budget is under scrutiny.  The project that she was participating in that related to our conference them was put on hold.

Laura Berrit and Anne-Marie Davis are interested.


Can keynote speaker stay until Friday?  If they can, Friday might be a good time for Q&A and/or reflection.

Other ideas

  • Think of someone to talk about library with a limited budget – how they can participate in next gen cataloging?
  • Open source options – what are they? 
  • Possibly include Aaron Schwartz in this conference.  He designs open source software for libraries.  This might be what smaller libraries are looking for.
  • If Andrew Pace does not work, this might make a good key note speaker.  Can we afford it?

Action items:

  • Stephanie will try to follow through with Andrew Pace – if not, she will contact Aaron Schwartz
  • Next meeting, we will need to start working on other planning for Menucha – registration, etc…
  • Dates of Menucha (10/23-10/24) will be placed on bookmark to be handed out at OLA/WLA conference.

Name for conference:

  • Next-Gen Cataloging
  • Cataloging 2.0.
  • 2.0 is an ambiguous term - response: we need a concrete and catchy title.
  • Current state of discovery - response: this title is not descriptive.
  • ILS – What’s Next? - response: the term ILS is the antithesis of “jazzy”
  • Out with the old in with the new
  • The once and future catalog - response: this title is pretty vague, but we really don’t know exactly what speakers are going to be talking about yet. 
  • Subtitle can wait until we know what speakers will be talking about.
  • The picture of a sword sticking out of a card catalog may be a good image for this.
  • Robin will put this on the ACRL-OR website.

Scholarships for E-learning proposal

See handout

“2 Scholarships will be rewarded not to exceed $1500”

  • This was changed to a minimum of two scholarships as $1500 is a lot for e-learning.

This scholarship is for upcoming e-learning opportunities.

  • The idea behind this is to encourage colleagues to do e-learning.
  • If it we did offer retro-reimbursement, we would simply be reimbursing learning that has already taken place and not necessarily giving them incentive to consider an e-learning opportunity.
  • People often times only find out about e-learning workshops a few weeks in advance.  This typically is not enough time to fill out an application.

Action item: 

  • post on LIBS-OR a link to a listing of ACRL web workshops.  They have them scheduled out till July or August.

Applicant will need to re-apply if not rewarded.  All applications are “dead” is not rewarded at time of application.

We could make an application form for this in Memberclicks.

Funds will be flexible – spend/give as needed.

  • This will be put into funding annually
  • This should be sustainable for several years
  • Good opportunity to promote membership

Review time (i.e. the time between committee receives an application and applicant is notified) will be short.

This will be announced at OLA/WLA conference.  Janeanne will create an application form.

How could we use this scholarship for PR?  On application it should note that by applying for this scholarship you give permission for your name to be posted on ACRL-OR website.

A proof of attendance will be necessary for reimbursement.

  • Registration confirmation
  • Certification of completion

We can use this to pay for a partial reimbursement also.

Janeanne and Dan will be subcommittee for scholarships.

Oregon Reads 2009

Stephanie contacted Oregon Reads.  They do have an academic contact at PSU.  This contact will notify Oregon colleges of this program

Stephanie agreed to co-sign this contact with Oregon Reads

Committee has a difficult time understanding what exactly ACRL-OR can do for Oregon Reads.

  • It is not favorable to tell faculty what books they should assign
  • Academic Libraries have not been as big a promoter of reading as public libraries.

ACRL-OR could brainstorm ideas to pass off to students/faculty, instead of implement Oregon Reads full throttle.

  • Student life has typically been a good group to work with on issues related to this.
  • Other groups to work with:
  1. 1st year programs
  2. Ethnic groups
  3. Residence Halls
  4. Incoming students/admissions
  5. International students
  6. History Club
  7. Agricultural Clubs

Kim (head of Oregon Reads) could create a form letter that library directors could send to campus.  This would save work on behalf of the director


Next Meeting:

May 16, 2008, 12 noon – 4pm

Western States Chiropractic College

Portland, OR


Submitted by Garret Trott