ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
February 20, 2009
Oregon State University


Present: Rachel Bridgewater, Jerry Curry, Anne-Marie Deitering, Camila Gabaldon, Bill Kelm, Stephanie Michel, Robin Paynter, Elizabeth Peterson (by phone), Tracy Sharn, Garrett Trott (presiding), Laura Zeigen, Janet Tapper.

Meeting was called to order at 1pm.

I. Approve Past Minutes

Minutes from the December , 2008 minutes were approved as submitted.  Rachel Bridgewater made the motion to approve and was seconded; the motion carried.

II. Budget discussion

Balance of accounts is available on the ACRL-OR Board wiki. Bottom line the organization makes money when we host the conference at Menucha and do not make as much during the Pack Forest conference (hosted by ACRL-WA) year; hence moving to a two year budget cycle.

  • ACRL-OR has over $17,000 in its coffers.
  • Robin Paynter suggested additional access such as video conferencing for less cost as a way to help libraries stretch budgets during recession for next Menucha.
  • Stephanie Michel countered that regional conferences may have more appeal than national conferences as travel budgets are restricted.
  • Discussion of interest earnings on bank balance. Some options not available due to balance amount and need for liquidity.

III. Chapters Council: Midwinter Report from Rachel Bridgewater

  • Candidates meeting
  • Information packet on what chapters council legislative advocate position is
  • Packet encourages participation
  • Building program
  • Reimbursements from national organization to state chapters raised from $1.00 to $1.50 per state chapter member also a member of national ACRL.
  • Discussion to use these extra funds to finance group registration fees for virtual conferences.
  • Lesson was given in how to fill out the chapters report. Rachel encouraged Garrett to look at form now and begin to track required data, rather than wait and have to reconstruct data at end of term.
  • Robin P. asked if it can be revealed who in our state are members of ACRL national. Stephanie M. replied yes. Robin suggested that the ACRL funds to chapter be used for outreach such as a direct mail campaign to close gap between ACRL national memberships and ACRL-OR. Also noted that ACRL-OR membership is Willamette Valley centralized and outreach to Eastern and Southern Oregon would be a good idea.
  • Virtual Conference is getting better.

IV. OLA and the ACRL-OR reception

  • ACRL-OR reception will be held at Bentley’s in Salem which is adjacent to conference facility and hotel on Wednesday evening April 1st.
  • Jerry Curry is liaison for reception and he brought menu and there was a general discussion about menu and liquor choices.
  • Jerry C. will be sure to ask for vegan items and a cheese platter
  • Jerry will go to pre-conferences and send e-vites to attendees, Robin will send invitation to reception through the list-serve and Garrett will have invitations ready for the registration table.
  • Volunteer assignments for taking attendance and making introductions were taken and Robin P. will send the assignments to the group prior to the conference.

V. ACRL-OR Election

  • Nominating committee composed of Janet Tapper and Anne-Marie Dietering will find six candidates by April 24th, 2009, to fill 2 member at large positions and the VP/ President Elect. Members at Large need to be members of ACRL-OR and the VP/ President Elect must be a member of both ACRL national and ACRL-OR. Candidates will need to submit a short biography with the VP/ President Elect to also submit a position statement.
  • Discussion of proxy to represent at OLA.

VI. OLA Legislative Committee to have ACRL representation goes to the OLA Executive Board and will be reported back at next meeting.

VII. Menucha Conference is set for Thursday and Friday, October 28th and 29th, 2009. 

Deposit to conference facility has been made and there will be no ACRL-OR board meeting prior to the conference.

VIII. Academic Excellence Award was approved

  • Requires a change to by-laws.
  • Agreed that the nominating committee would be made-up of President and Past-President and two additional board members.
  • Presentation of award will be made by Past President

Next meeting to be held at OHSU, May 15th, 2009. Laura Zeigen will arrange for tram passes for board members attending.

Meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm

Submitted by Janet Tapper