ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
July 21, 2008
Corban College College


Present: Bill Kelm, Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon (minutes), Robin Paynter, Anne-Marie Deitering, Garrett Trott, Stephanie Michel (presiding), Teresa Yancey, Elizabeth Petersen.

Also present were incoming Board members: Vice President/President-Elect Rachel Bridgewater (Reed); At-large member Laura Zeigen (OHSU); At-large member Camila Gabaldn (WOU)

Absent: Dan Kelley, Eliz Breakstone, Janet Tapper, Robert Hulshof-Schmidt

1. Stephanie introduced and welcomed our new board members to the group, and she thanked our outgoing members for their service.

2. Robin moved to approve the minutes from the May 16th, 2008 meeting.  Bill seconded, and the motion passed.

Action: Garrett will fill the positions of State Library Representative and Community Colleges Representative.  Possibilities for the CC Rep: Richenda Wilkenson, Bryan Miyagishima, Tracy Scharn, Torie (Victoria) Scott.

Action: Garrett will set the meeting schedule for the upcoming year.

3. Budget: current fund balance is $15,943.38

4. OLA News

  • The State Library will cover the cost of K-12 schools’ access to the statewide databases if the Dept. of Education cannot.
  • OLA 2008 did OK financially.  The most common complaint about the conference was that the rooms were too small.
  • The proposed dues increase passed the vote of the membership.  This will help but will not entirely eliminate the anticipated shortfall.
  • A motion passed approving a letter addressed to Portland Public School Board Members and the Portlandd Public Schools Superintendent in support of K-12 schools having librarians on staff.
  • Stephanie asked the question of whether the Academic Division and other segments of OLA are able to add to the archives at the state library.  The answer was yes. The existing OLA Archives task force will be charged with determining the scope, process, etc. for OLA units to add to the archives.
5. ACRL Chapters Council (Garrett reporting)
  • Erika Linke’s theme is going to be Advocacy
  • There is a proposal afoot to shorten the ALA conferences by a day
  • There was a reminder that chapters cannot support political candidates, because such action would counter our tax status.
6. E-learning scholarships update (Janeanne reporting)
  • We only had a single applicant for our inaugural round.  There may be some confusion regarding the wording of the workplace reimbursement agreement.  It needs to indicate that, if successful, the applicant will not receive from his/her employer reimbursement for the same amount covered by ACRL.  But of course the employer could cover costs beyond what ACRL-OR can cover. 
  • We addressed the question of whether the scholarship can be used by a student in a degree program for a credit-bearing class.  We decided that these students and classes were eligible, but that we would consider them as secondary to applicants in the professional development mode.  We would not advertise this preference in the public materials, but will add to the wiki as internal procedure.
  • Since Janeanne wasn’t able to contact Dan as the second member of reviewing committee, and since there was only one applicant, Janeanne proposed that we approve the applicant for $750. There was agreement. 
Action: Robin & Stephanie will rework the phrasing on the application materials

Action: Janeanne will notify the applicant and copy Stephanie and Robin.  Stephanie will update the wiki to reflect that the selection committee notifies the applicants, similar to how we handle the Fall conference scholarship process.   Stephanie will also update wiki in regards to the student/credit bearing issue.

7. OLA 2009

Program deadline is late September, TBD at meeting on Aug. 8.    We reviewed the program suggestions provided in the evaluations from this year’s conference, and brainstormed other topics.  We also discussed 1) knowing what research and projects are happening among our membership, and 2) encouraging possible presenters to seek ACRL-OR sponsorship early in the process rather than as a rushed afterthought.  To these ends, we decided that we would send an announcement to the typical lists shortly after the distribution of the general call for proposals from the OLA Conference Program committee, in August.  Our announcement would state that the board was seeking programs to sponsor, that the board may be able to help shape the proposal, and that we were especially interested in programs on statistics/ analytics, technical services topics, first-year student orientations, and on what works in Web 2.0?  The announcement would also encourage people to fill in the personal profile information at NW Central.  NW Central can serve as a clearinghouse of information about what research and projects our members are working on. 

  • In August, Stephanie will compose an announcement regarding ACRL-OR sponsorship of OLA 2009 conference programs, and about NW Central personal profiles.
  • At Menucha, have an available laptop for attendees to update their personal profile on NW Central.  Following the conference, send email to attendees with link to evaluation survey and with reminder about NW Central.
OLA 2009 program proposal development assignments:
  • Robin and Janet: evidence-based practice, perhaps including Todd Hannon & Andrew Hamilton from OHSU
  • Stephanie: panel on recreational reading in academic libraries.  Linfield, UP, Chemeketa
  • Robin, Laura: open forum/birds of a feather session on a research collective and/or the standing of libraries within the whole realm of information seeking experiences
  • Bill: open-source institutional repository
  • Anne Marie: panel on marketing & outreach of reference & instruction.  OHSU mobile lab, WOU’s Robert Monge (YouTube, tutorials), a community college?
  • Garrett: Corban’s ongoing but rapidly-moving stages of incorporating information literacy into curriculum.  Faculty input, since conference is in Salem.
  • Rachel: open source software overview
8. Award for Excellence (Robin & Bill reporting) 

We reviewed the draft award specifications.  We decided to strike “libraries” from eligibility to keep it focused on either individuals or groups/teams.  We also decided to make it for a “recent” accomplishment rather than specified to a time frame.   We determined that the past president will chair the selection committee.

Action: Stephanie will clarify the needed timeline (of nominations & selection) with the OLA HAS committee. 

9. Menucha Planning 

Registration needs to open in mid-August.  Camila knows that features have been “discovered” since we created that first form in 2006.  Because of the change in the way the contract is this year from previous years, we should warn attendees that they are less likely to “luck into” having a semi-private room.  If they are counting on that, they should sign up for Creevy.   The registration form will include all special diet options.  We will not distribute a printed attendee list in packets, but will have a few available at the registration table for those who want them.

  • Stephanie will ask Steph Miller to give MemberClicks access to Bill and Anne Marie.
  • Rachel will join Elizabeth on the Fall Conference scholarship committee.
  • Janeanne will look for interesting swag.  Ideas from the committee include umbrellas, pens, water bottles, and flashlights.
  • Laura and Robin will be party mavens.
10. Membership survey (Robin reporting) 

We reviewed the draft survey, the purpose of which is to determine the perceived value of ACRL-OR membership and what members want out of the organization.  It will be a non-login survey. 

Action: Robin will add a demographic question related to type of library, and will add a question regarding the quality of the academic content at OLA.

11. Letter of Support Request (Camila reporting)

Camila presented the request from WOU’s dean, Allen McKiel, for a letter supporting an LSTA grant proposal he is writing.  The project goal is the creation of a framework for ongoing cooperative creation of information literacy tutorials. 

Action: Stephanie took the full proposal and will write a letter of support.

Meeting adjourned at 4 p.m.

Submitted by Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, Western Oregon University