ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
June 3, 2005
Portland State University

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Attending: Susan Hinken (President), Sarah Beasley, Pam Horan (recording), Kris Kern, Carol McCulley, Barbara Valentine, Susanna Flodin, Bonnie Parks, Joni Roberts.

Minutes from April 1, 2005 meeting were approved.

Miscellaneous: Informal discussion about ACRL archives, and where they ought to reside, and whether they should be weeded.

1. Report and review of ACRL programs at OLA.
Evaluations for all programs were good.
Suggestions for next year: include a check-off for type of library on eval form.
Also, 2006 Conference will be at Salem Convention Center and the facility will accommodate many more programs.

2. Report on ALA Legislative Day (Bonnie Parks).
Very successful, Washington ALA and OR Congressional staff interested and responsive.
Library reps from Oregon : Jim Tindall (OEMA), Bill Sullivan (State Library Board Chair), Jim Hayden (OEMA), Jim Scheppke (OSL), Molly Rafael, and Leah Griffith(OLA).

3. ACRL-OR Election. 

Electronic voting went very smoothly and well, and was very close. 59 votes total, with 47 responding in one day.

Results: President Elect/President Janeanne Rockwell-Kinkannon (WOU); Members at Large: Lori Robare (UO) and Robin Paynter (PSU).
Susan H. has notified some candidates and is still trying to reach other candidates with results.

4. ACRL Scholarly Communications Survey. 

Carol McCulley reported on the survey she and Kris Kern sent out, and passed out a results summary. About half of those surveyed responded, with a good distribution between types of academics (public, community college and private universities/colleges). Almost all comments on the last question (what they are most interested in learning about scholarly communication) were from public universities.

Discussion of ways to use survey as a follow-up to sustain impact of the 2004 Menucha program on Scholarly Communication.

Next steps: Present results in some way at Pack Forest? (theme has been announced as “Realities of Academic Librarianship”.) At OLA?

5. Menucha Program 2006. 

The Board has talked about a different model for Menucha – rather than the Board seeking out speakers, would have a call for papers.

After some discussion, the board members agreed on a hybrid – a theme, with a good keynote selected by the Board, along with a call for papers related to the theme for day 2.
Need to start planning timetable early – it’s not too soon!

Possible program themes:

  • New ideas in librarianship

  • Millennial students

  • Child and brain development (David Willis)

  • David Levy might be good keynote as well.

6. OLA Program Proposals
"Cataloging for the 21st century" full day pre-conference:

  • Bonnie Parks and co-presenter Jian Wang (TSRT has agreed to co-sponsor)
    M-Web program. Bonnie Parks will present with Terry Reese

  • Scholarly Publishing – Carol McC and Kris K
    Publisher panel – perspective on emerging business models (possibly Bonnie Allen as moderator – Susan Hinken will call her)

  • Tricks of the Trade: Interactive Instruction Perhaps co-sponsor with Instruction Round Table (Anne Marie Dietering OSU) Sarah Beasley will facilitate, and invite presenters, including Dale Vidmar.

  • Protocols every librarian should know: Adriene Lim (PSU Systems Librarian):
    Conference bloggers (Bonnie Parks)

  • Ben Wakashielge iii person? Keynote? – would be a good OLA banquet or keynote person – film clips

Next Board meeting will be at Noon on August 12, 2005 at U of P. New Board members will be invited, and old board members will attend.