ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
May 14, 1999
Southern Oregon University

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Budget Update

No budget information from the conference is yet available. As of March 22, the Division's Budget was $9, 628.65. With healthy attendance at the pre-conference, the Division should have made some money from the conference.

What's New

A large number of Board members participated by phone. Members introduced themselves and gave updates of their libraries' activities.

Linda Cochran - Chemeketa CC
The move to the new library building is complete. Use has been up 50% since the move.

Rushton Brandis - State Library
The Fund Development position has been filled by Betsy Frye, and they hope to have the Government Documents position filled soon. The building is still being remodeled; major moves will be happening at the end of May, which will effect computer servers and phone service.

Meg Buchannan - OIT
Library Director Tom Leonhardt has been appointed to a campus-wide task force for information technology. They are also revamping their program for freshman orientation.

Kit Dusky - PSU
Hired a new Business Librarian, Dee Magione. Positions in Government Documents, Serial Cataloging, and AUL for Public Services are still open. There is optimism about funding coming available for remodeling soon. The goal is to have a centralized reference desk by 2001.

Janet Webster - OSU
Hired AUL for Technical Services, Collections, and Access, Bonnie Allen. AUL for Public Services, and Maps position are currently open. Orbis borrowing is set to begin soon. The Valley Library was also named Library of the Year by Library Journal.

Heather Ward - UO
GIS position is currently open. There is hope that the hiring freeze may soon be lifted. There also is now some money to replace furnishings in the library building.

Anna Beauchamp - SOU
Library Director Sue Burkholder will be an interim Dean rather than return to the library after her sabbatical. She will return in Sept. 2000. Teresa Montgomery continues as acting director. The library is short staffed right now, and a temporary Reference position is now open.

Arlene Weible - Willamette U.
After a reorganization of the administrative structure at the University, the Library is now reporting to the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. The library will soon be subscribing to the ISI product Web of Science, thanks to the negotiations of the Oberlin group consortium and pledge of support from the university's administration.

Anne Christie - OSU
The Valley Library's formal dedication will be on May 28th. The library will soon be bringing up an UnCover gateway to provide direct document delivery for faculty and graduate students.

Anne Fox - WOU
ILL position is open. Workstations in Reference area require students to login, but also now account for printing. Each student gets 250 pages of printing for free each term.

Conference Wrap-up

Evaluations summary from the pre-conference will be distributed to the Board via email. Comments were positive. The Social Hour was successful, although there were leftovers. Anne Christie will make sure that the OLA Hospitality Suite can be used again for the next conference. The summaries of conference programs on the web page are very helpful.

Legislative Update

The State Library budget has been passed. Still waiting to hear about the economic forecast. This will determine what the budget will look like. OLA bills will start moving again once more budget information is available. A bill about US West rebates for building infrastructure in rural areas is also being considered.

Traditionally, the Past President of ACRL attends OLA Legislative
Committee meetings. It is important that the Board stay in contact with the Committee's activities.

Vision 2010

This OLA initiative is to build a strategic plan for library development in the State, in order to anticipate future needs. A consultant will be hired to conduct an environmental scan, which will provide an overview of the community in Oregon, and of Oregon libraries.

ACRL needs to provide a vision statement of excellent library service from the academic perspective. This should be from the point of view of users. A brainstorming session produced the following ideas:

  • More statewide database purchasing to provide broad access to core resources and take advantage of the financial power of cooperative purchasing.

  • Cooperative collection development in serials with attention to both formats and access.

  • Information literacy standards, with the goal of information fluency.

  • Copyright issues and the impact on access and ILL. How to get fair use written into electronic resource licenses.

  • Electronic preservation

  • Open access - such as a statewide library card

  • Library support for distance education; finding a balance between competing institutions

  • Adequacy of base budget for all libraries

  • Encourage cooperative efforts with other states

  • Encourage geographic partnerships among libraries, as well as those by type of library

  • Where should library resources be in the State. For whom? Kids, teenagers, adults? Libraries need to know what the Oregon population will look like.

  • Digital library concept, promoting ideas like a core collection, preservation, unique local collections, state documents, technology standards.

  • Education issues include establishing standards, marketing library services, life long learning and working with alumni

  • Address recruitment and retention issues now that we are an aging profession. Work more with library educators.

  • Organization of electronic resources, developing metadata standards

The Board decided to gather more input from the listserv and web page. Also, Board members should encourage their libraries to convene discussions at the local level. ACRL could support by providing funds for refreshments. Janet and Arlene will work up notes from this meeting. Board members should get comments back to the listserv by July 15th.


Discussion of the number of candidates running for member at large. Suggested that it be cut from 6 to 4. Not every volunteer should necessarily run, especially since balanced representation from all the state's institutions is desired. Suggestion about appointing more non-Board members to projects. Kit also recommended using heavier paper and/or envelopes for ballots.

Anne Christie will appoint a chair for Menucha, OLA conference and poster session.

ACRL Initiative Grant

Anne Fox sent in an application to national ACRL. The proposal was for a one day workshop, including Washington, on the topic of consortia. An outside speaker would be brought in. It is possible that this could be done as an OLA pre-conference, or on its own. $1800 dollars was requested. We should hear back about this by the end of May.

Future Programs

Pack Forest (Washington ACRL meeting) - do not yet know what the topic will be. Suggestions from Menucha evaluations were shared with them.

Ideas for OLA Conference Programs

The Technological Future CIM/CAM program that was canceled How to improve customer service - maybe someone from the business world Evaluation methods for web pages Census for beginners - in anticipation of the 2000 Census. Could co-sponsor with DIGOR Poster Session - during Social Hour, should be informal and not just about research, also descriptive of innovative programs.

Next Meeting: July 23 at Chemeketa CC


Reported by Arlene Weible