ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
May 12, 2000
Oregon State University


The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Report from the Nominations Committee

General and profuse commendations to the committee for developing the candidate roster. 177 ballots were sent with one returned due to missing label. Anne C. to check ACRL NW and LIBS-OR mailing list archives to assure posting of reminder announcement about return of ballots by voting deadline.

Budget for election comes from the $1 contribution per national ACRL member that we get from national ACRL.

Review items from 2/11/2000 Minutes

Anne C. working on getting the monthly update of the membership list so as to facilitate communication with all members. One use of the list, compare against ACRL NW  listserv subscribers.

Alternatives to Menucha

We will need to decide at that July meeting whether we will plan to hold the Fall 2002 conference at the Menucha facility or elsewhere. Menucha bookings (and especially the newer, fancier digs) fill up early.

Sub committee of Sarah B., Anne C., Heather W., and Bonnie A. to investigate alternative conference facilities and survey of membership to determine level of satisfaction/dissatisfaction with Menucha and willingness to pay for more comfortable/convenient/flexible conference facilities.


Current balance $7,169.56 but expenses still outstanding from OLA conference and Anne C's ALA mid-winter travel.

Lynda L. proposed an expense reporting form which provides for easier tracking of expenses.The form was adopted for use and will be available through the web site.

OLA Conference

The conference sessions we sponsored went well and were well attended. Discussion of the conference generally: size of rooms didn't match the popularity of programs (e.g. popular program, tiny room, huge overflow) and that the programs of academic interest tended to be scheduled in the same time slots.

Suggestion that OLA registration form provide a session selection chart allowing planners to gauge interest in particular programs.

Suggestion that perhaps OLA should investigate contracting out registration functions.


In general, the OLA conference planners face an increasing number of pre-conference proposals while space for pre conferences remains limited. Discussion of equitable distribution of the pre conference opportunity (interesting programming and fund raising): -- Should OLA guarantee the divisions a pre conference slot and then remaining slots be awarded through a jury process? Should all spots be award through a jury process? The board's consensus hovered at divisions guaranteed a slot and remaining slots awarded by jury.

Poster session

Some mix up this year in scheduling and follow through in notification of accepted poster proposals; decision to continue with the poster session idea for next year's conference. For OLA 2001 at Seaside, the conference center lobby has an available space for posters; in subsequent years in other venues, it may be necessary to pay for a space in the exhibits hall.

Social Hour

Should continue some form of this event; low attendance this year attributed to "Portland factor".

Menucha 2000 "Consortial Cooperation Key to the Future"

Conference planning committee: Christie, Fox, Valentine, Roberts Registration: Lynda Larremore
Social Hour
: incoming board members
Thursday afternoon's speakers
: Bernie Sloan, ILLINET; Sue Medina, Network of Alabama Academic Libraries.
Friday morning
: John Helmer (ORBIS) moderating a panel of local consortia players.  Will include Jeanne Crisp (Washington State Library); John Popko or Tim Jewell (PSAILS (?) and OCLC Northwest Regional Consortium); possibly Leslie Riester (PCC).

Anne C. will develop a budget and apply for funding from ORBIS, PORTALS, III and the winner of the Statewide Database Licensing contract (Ebsco).

Library Development/ OLA Legislative Committee

There is a need for academic reps on the OLA Legislative committee.  Also the OLA committee has developed a list of districts with identified library reps from each type of library.  Anne C. will report back on roster for this.

GPO Appropriation Bill Resources for contacting members of congress re cuts in funding to GPO (and especially the FDLP) are available at On behalf of the organization, Anne C. will fax letters to the Oregon House delegation prior to the May 18 vote.

OLA Academic Division/Oregon ACRL Bylaws

Review and revision proposals for bylaws (many of which are procedural in nature) will occur at July meeting.  Bylaws are available at: 


Discussion of ways that board should pursue organizations goals, specifically "foster communication among academic library personnel": Idea to send letter about organization, invitation to join and participate to all academic library staff in Oregon. Anne F. will develop a proposal for methods of distributing letter.

Also in relation to the goal, "promote the development of Oregon's academic libraries" and in response to national ACRL's request that we support the national conference, ACRL Oregon will provide support for someone attending the Denver 2001 ACRL conference. Bonnie Allen will develop selection criteria and process by July 2000 meeting.

Next Meeting: Friday, July 21st -- Pacific University


Reported by Sarah Beasley