ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
May 9, 2003
Lewis & Clark College

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Attending: Sarah Beasley, Elaine Gass Hirsch, Pam Horan, Kris Kern (Recorder), Carol McCulley, Carol Resco, Joni Roberts, Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon.

I. Updates. Elaine reported that Lewis & Clark has finished for the term. The school is also pulling out of PORTALS. Janeanne reported that three academic support units are merging into two. Instructional media is dissolving into the library and computer services. The audio-visual collection will be incorporated into the library. As a result of a serials review, more money will be available for acquiring monographs. At Willamette, Joni noted that classes are finished. The school will be planning and searching for administrators. There were no serials cuts. The library offers a for-credit information literacy class. Sarah Beasley reported that PSU is undergoing a serials review process. There are also a number of retirements and ongoing librarian position searches. At OH&SU there will be cuts, 7% for the library. Carol announced that filters had been placed on employee workstations without notification. Discussion ensued on a role for ACRL in this development. Pam will talk to Mary Kay Dahlgreen about publicizing this action. Mary Kay recommended verifying the facts: who made the decision, which computers are blocked, what is the product. Bring up the issue at faculty senate, contact AAUP, if applicable, contact Faye Chadwell, Cara List or Karyl Butcher. Carol R. will ask the OGI Dean. Pam also reported that the State Library does not know its budget yet. Jim Scheppke is optimistic. There was discussion on developments at the State Legislature. An outcome was a possible idea for the OLA conference of how to track a bill. Carol McCulley stated that July 15 is the moving date for Linfield’s library, which will be open for use on August 4 and hold an opening in November.

II. OLA Conference Reports: The reception was a success with 50 or so attendees. “Digitizing the Northwest” was an excellent program, particularly the UO and SOU presentations. However the late Friday afternoon session was not well attended. Possible to request the academic programs be scheduled for Thursday next year? The M-Web program was also good. (Cheryl Middleton submitted a report to the Board via email.)

III. OLA Board Update: OLA has archives guidelines. Janeanne and Carol M. will send their old documents to Sarah. Comments on the USA PATRIOT Act response can be sent to the Multnomah County Library dedicated page. Lawyers for Libraries: ACRL-Oregon wants to send someone if they can be identified at a cost of $2,000.00 for two people, a librarian and a lawyer. We don’t agree that it is only a public library issue. Sarah will explore and disseminate information on the PNLA Leadership Institute. It would enrich the leadership of academic librarianship.

IV. Budget. Heather will update on the budget at the next meeting.

V. ALA Annual and ACRL Chapters Council. Sarah will be able to attend the ALA Annual and ACRL Chapters Council.

VI. Career Fair. Thanks to Carol M, Pam, Elaine and and Ann Marie Detering for working at the Career Fair. They noted that 46 people stopped by the booth, a lot of male, Reed students. It was an opportunity to learn how participate in a career fair. Next time bring candy, display boards, give aways, a list of current job openings, job line information. This was a yearly event. Elaine will make a list of institutional fairs. It was suggested to keep a cache of material for these events. Pam suggested developing a strategy to connect with career offices and counselors. Pam and Janeanne (?) will explore a career/academic advising group to approach.

VII. Political Discussion. Pam will keep us updated on HB3101, the filtering bill. Sarah remarked on the Eric website developed by Kate Corby. Janeanne will ask the legislative committee to work on the “cheat sheet” format. ACRL can help with responses and distribute them to its constituents. There can be preformulated information for letter writing, contacts, legislators on state and national level. Members can send (legislation) information messages at work and request that others take the information home to work on, rather than attempt to construct a list of personal email addresses. Since ACRL-ALA National Legislative Day did not work out this year, we will plan for next year.

VIII. Membership Benefits & Designation. There was a discussion on membership. Pam Horan identified 185 academic librarians. There were 106 ballots sent out. OLA membership is required for ACRL membership. Ideas for membership development included Board outreach to new hires; talk membership up; make others feel welcome to attend Pack Forest and Menucha; send out Janeanne’s brochure on LIBS-OR once a year: “each one reach one.” The new logo drafts were reviewed. Sarah will ask the designer, Kerry McQuaid, for the #2.1 sample in gray scale and in a small rendition.

IX. Election Status Report. As of May 9, there were 74 out of 106 ballots returned. Carol R. sent one reminder. Carol noted her concern using the NW Medical Librarians account since it is easy to delete surveys. It costs $19.00 a month for Survey Monkey. The election ends May 11 at 5:00 p.m. Carol will send the results to Heather who will announce results and make calls.

X. Colleen Bell’s Instruction Suggestion. After discussing Colleen Bell’s instruction suggestion, it was agreed to communicate to Colleen that the ACRL-Oregon board supports the idea, but it probably belongs in Orbis-Cascade. If earlier action is desired, the board would like a more complete understanding of what is envisioned: the number of people, program, space required, how much time, and costs.

XI. Scholarship. Cheryl and Carol M., with help from Joni and Kris, will develop scholarship criteria.

Reported by Kris Kern